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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Noah's Ark Animal Wellfare Association, Inc.

Remember way back about, Oh, I'd say..... exactly Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 when I posted Do You Feel Like We Do? http://01mrmotorcycle.blogspot.com/2008/04/do-you-feel-like-we-do.html

Well the theme of this post was a photograph of a dog with his head sticking out the SUV's window, and the dog was loving life riding in the wind. I figured that particular dog, and most other's who stick out their heads while riding in cars, can surely relate to the way bikers think and feel. There's a burning desire to be in the wind.

Anyway; Via the power of the internet, an organization called Noah's Ark Animal Wellfare Association, Inc., found my picture that I took of this dog, and e-mailed me to ask if they could use my picture for an upcoming newsletter that they were putting together. Of course I said, "Sure". "Use it how you see fit, and thank you for asking!"

Noah's Ark is a pet rescue organization. I feel strongly about encouraging people to get their pets from places like these. There are millions of animals that need good homes at adoption centers, and using these organizations to find a pet of your own is one way to help the fight against puppy mills. I'm not going to go into detail about how awful puppy mills are. You can find that out on the internet if you wish to.
As far back as I can remember, every pet my family has ever had since I was a child has been from the humane society, or an animal rescue center of some sort. My wife and I have kept that tradition going. Pet adoption is the way to go. There are even organizations that have specific breeds, if that's what you're into.

Enough preaching.
Check out my picture in their newletter. The link to the Summer 2008 Newsletter is the one including my photo. You will find it right on the front page! http://noahsarknj.org/ArkNews.asp

I'm proud to associate myself with folks like these. As a matter of fact, one of my best friends in the world, is a regular member, and volunteer at a dog rescue center, and I support him too.

For any local motorcycle riders - (Minnesota, Wisconsin); there is a charity motorcycle ride coming up to benefit the Home For Life Animal Sanctuary. http://www.homeforlife.org/ .
Details are as follows:
The 5th Annual Ride for Their Lives will be at noon on Saturday, August 23. After a delicious free breakfast for pre-registered riders or $5 dollars for non-registered persons no riding. The ride will depart from the Twin Cities Big Ten Tavern 4703 Highway 10 Arden Hills, MN 55112, and will be escorted through the St. Croix Valley and arrive at HFL around noon. (If you want to ride. You must pre-register!!!!) Cold drinks and a complimentary lunch will await all riders at the sanctuary. Drawing for trips and other fun stuff will follow lunch. All bikers participating in the ride will receive a t-shirt and pin. All bikes are welcome! Registration is $25 per rider. Pre-Register here. https://secure.visi.com/homeforlife/rideform.htm . If you aren't planning on riding, the Open House is free and open to the public, but RSVP is required (1-800-252-5918).
Read here for more specific event details: http://www.homeforlife.org/events.htm .


Dean "D-Day" said...

That is way cool that they wanted to use your photo. It looks great on their newsletter.

Good organization. I'm always a softie for an animal in need.

Ann said...

How cool is that?! I love that picture, too!

We always adopt our pets from pet rescue associations or the humane society. I can't stand the thought of these great animals being put down because nobody wants them.

Mr. Motorcycle said...


Its nice to have recognition, and use it for a good cause.

I knew you and Big D was good people. Oops, I mean good bikers!

B.B. said...

Great post, and congratulations on them using your picture. I would have gotten my pet from a rescue, but nobody really feels the need to rescue little 'ol snakes. Well, I'm sure somebody does, but nobody that I know of. Anyways, thanks for putting this out there.

"Joker" said...

Congrats on the nod from the newsletter, looks good. Sorry, but must admit I got my Yellow Lab from a local breeder. At the time, we really didn't know too much about pets, and were advised against the humane society. It was described to us as, "inheriting other people's problems."

Now, I don't really know still if adopting an animal has that much potential for problems. All I can say is you don't know my wife's relatives. She insisted on a pure bred pup we would be the first and only owners of. I will say at least that ol' Duke is an excellent dog. If I could have saved the $$ (pure bred Labs are BIG bucks) and gotten just as good a dog by adopting, I would have.

I'm glad there are plenty of others out there who aren't scared to do it, because like Ann, I also am not crazy about the idea of great dogs being euthanized because they can't be found homes.

Now, I was going to talk about rescuing old snakes (not necessarily little), but I think I'll just leave that alone!

Big Daddy said...

Heres an absolutely true story.
Rascal, one of our dogs who was rescued from the shelter[the black one in Ann's slideshow} was given a ride on the back of my good friends trike.
To this day.. he goes up to the trike frame I have in the back yard and then runs up nudges me while looking back. He will run circles around me then back over to the frame.
Now at this point your figuring Big D's gone nuts and is imagining things.
I have more than one frame out there and this is the only one he does it to.
P.S He also does it to Mama.....Just this one frame. Go figure

Lady R (Di) said...

Great story! We have a bike club here in Montgomery, called "The Predators" (I know, they're little scary, but not bad) and have a "Cruis'in for Critters" ride every year. This time over 100 riders participated and all the money they raised goes to the Humane Shelter. We missed it this year, but maybe I could do a post about it anyway. Great stuff.

I've had many animals in my life that I've rescued, and a few that were purchased. I just love animals and if I could live on a big farm and be independently wealthy, I would have many, many more!

FLHX_Dave said...

Awesome picture, worthy of being used for a awesome cause.

Sometimes I wonder if animals are much smarter than we are; they only take what they need.

Thanks for sharing brother.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Snakes.... They freak me out. I got bit by one when I was a kid. Never been the same since. It was non- venemous, but still the same, give me the creeps to this day.

The main thing is you gave an animal a good home. Just like adopting a child that is older, versus adopting one that is a baby, you do run risks, but good adoption agenceies will let you know what the pets issues are before you even consider taking them in. Their goal is to place the aimal in a loving home and keep them there. They want no suprises. There is an open door return policy if you are not happy with the animal for any reason at every shelter or adoption agency I've ever heard of. Furthermore, many have no issues to deal with. The owner's just could not keep them due to job transfer's , forclosures, being forced to move into apartment, not allowing pets, etc.

As far as B.B.'s snake, I'll leave that alone too.

Big D.,
That's really cool what your dog does. Gonna do the trike so you can give em a ride?

Lady R.,
I'd love to see you post about the ride.

FLHX Dave,
Smarter than us. Some maybe. But you should see two of my cats. I'm quite certain, not sooo bright!
Funny, After I posted this, I've heard of another local animal shelter ride. Seems to be a worth cause.