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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh Fu@k!

My bike's gotta go into the shop to have a new rear tail light/license plate mount fabricated. I've got to do something, and figure it out fast, if I want to ride in the state of Minnesota without getting a ticket.

As of August first, Minnesota legislation piggy backed onto a bill, that license plates now all have to be mounted and displayed horizontally. This kind of Sh*t really pisses me off! I can't stand it that they are allowed to tag things onto other bills. Each one should be individual. This B.S. passed, and I'm pissed!!!! What's next, I ask???

See http://www.dps.state.mn.us/dvs/PlBrochure/PlateFrame.htm for more details. I never even saw it coming until well after the law took effect. My friend told me three days ago. It was confirmed to me when I took my bike to Stormy's Custom Bike works yesterday to have Kenny checked out. Brad, one of the mechanics there gave me the e-mail address above that confirms it.

Had I got any prior notice of this, I would have feuded it guns a blazing!, O.K. maybe an Internet petition, and a letter to the State.

I wonder how this will effect other bikers visiting Minnesota, or just passing through. I wonder how hard they will push giving out tickets for violating this newly passed law.
Even though we don't have a helmet law here in Minnesota, when one of us Minnesotans are traveling through a state that does, and you ain't wearin one, You better bet your sweet @ss they won't give you a break, just 'cause you're not from there. Your gettin a big fat ticket my friend. I'm guessin they'll ticket anyone and everyone they can for this new violation here as well.

Fair warning my friends, fair warning... Don't say Mr. M. never told you so!

And to think, I just got my new low mount set up a short while ago.

And it's not as easy as just turning the plate. The mount backing plate is a piece of welded, polished stainless steel that I had to have custom fabricated, because no one makes good stuff for Sporters. Now not only do I have to physically make the change, and spend so more dough, It will change the look of the bike. Not for the better either I might add.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Lady R (Di) said...

Oh yes! They don't care how much money it's going to cost! I guess the authorities who may need to look at your tag and read it, can't tilt their head. Bless 'em.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there is such a law around here too, but it is rarely (if ever) enforced. It really sucks how they tagged it on the back of another bill!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Lady R.,
In lieu of "tilting their heads, I just posted a funny.

Mrs RC,
I hope rerely enforcing this is the case here too.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Joker, I know you did not comment here yet, but read my previous comment to Lady R, and Mrs RC.

I really can't spell either. I've got at least two errors that I realized i did a split second after i hit publish your comment. Actually I can spell, well I might add but I type, and hit publish before proof reading, and chceking for typos all the time. Maybe I'm the Wuss annonymous commenter on your site! Just kidding LOL. I'd at least have to kahoonas to say it was me trashing you, then we could laugh about it later.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

OOPs! forgot to capitalize "i" twice! See what I mean!

"Joker" said...

I guess the only way you could see the point of "the man" here is if you were some cop in pursuit of some guy on a bike with one of these plates, and were unable to read it. Then the SOB gets away. No plate #, no arrest. Initially you may say, "So what?" But what if that dude on the bike had just snatched your wife's purse or groped your kid?

I have to be fair. I try to look at things from a common sense perspective and not let my personal feelings sway me too far from reality. Honestly, every time I see one of these plates, I've always thought two things. Very Cool...and...I can't believe that it's legal. It does really look cool, no doubt. But, I do think it is difficult to read, and if I was a cop I know I'd hate them.

In your defense, the piggy back thing was dirty pool. For a change like this, motorcyclists should have been given ample notice and some sort of grace period for existing customs to be brought into compliance with the law. Also, the State should have been smart and just made a special plate for vertical mounts where the Reg. #s & letters went Top to Bottom instead of Side to Side. They could have charged extra for it, like a vanity plate. I'm sure bikers like you would rather pay the extra $ for the custom plate than redesign your mount set-up. Then, everyone would have been happy.

If I were you, I'd write and or call some of the appropriate people (DMV Boss/Pols) and suggest this. Perhaps you could spearhead a petition? Set up a booth at that State Fair you mentioned. I bet plenty of the brothers and sisters would sign it. If you're really pissed about it, don't let the government roll over you - fight back with a common sense solution.

You never know - they just might go for it.

Oh, and anyone can make a spelling mistake, including Mr. High and Mighty here. I just used it as another way to pick at that jerk. What can I say, I was an English major!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Joker, you bring up valid points, except I don't think it's hard to read either way. But that's just my opinion.

Too late for a booth at the fair, plus it'd cost a fortune.

I'm more pissed about the money, and lack of warning than having to turn it horizontal.

I like your ideas about a plate that works vertically though, but I bet they wouldn't go for it and revise the law.

Nothing hurts to try though. Maybe I'll look into it a bit.

As far as typos, and mispelling. I know what your intent was. I am totally on your side Bro! Juts having fun.

Ann said...

What a crappy thing to do...piggybacking that crap onto another bill! I hate it when they pull stuff like that! Grrrr!

We don't have a helmet law here, either, and when riding to other states, we have to remember to bring helmets. But it seems to me that if your bike is registered outside of MN, then this law can't apply. Who knows...maybe they won't enforce it too strongly.

Mr. Motorcycle said...


I'm not sure which way this one will turn, but it will be interesting to see.

As far as piggy backing SH*T onto a good bill and then getting away with it, and having the bill pass.......

Well, here goes nothing. I usually don't talk politics becuase I don't keep up on them enough to talk intelligently about them. When I do, I sometimes insert foot into mouth. But I'll give this one a shot. Hopefully, this won't be one of the foot in mouth times.

First, I'm not considering myself right wing, or left wing. I swing both ways, depending in the issues. If you don't, in my opinion your a closed minded fool with blinders on. There is too much gray areas in politics to go just one way all the time. This kind of piggy backing reminds me of a situation where there was a lot of political campaign commercials against someone for being wishy washy, and or flip flopping. Too bad they tried running a clean campaign, and did not have enough balls to defend why they were flip flopping on the issues. It really hurt them in the election. I have to wonder if the flip flopping was due to piggy backing. Hmmmmm. Here is something to ponder....an example, A bill is set forth to ban spanking your kids. Candidate #1 & candidate #2 agree this is good. A press conference is held regarding their stand on the new bill, and they both announce that they are for the new bill. Then later on before the bill goes for votes, some dick head piggy backs onto this bill that it is o.k. for minors to smoke ciggarettes, drink, do drugs, and it's O.K. to kick your child as hard as you want, but you just can't spank them. Now candidate #1 steps back, and no longer supports the bill. He does this silently. Candidate #2 plays dirty politics, and says that candidate #1 is flip flopping, because they don't support the no spanking bill anymore. See the pollital B.S. working here?

That's my view anyway.

IHG said...

Ok...enjoyed the post and agree with ya'll but Mr. Motorcycle...your bike is amazing! OMG...I am in love with it! Ok...wow...I'm ok really I just can't get over how HOT it is!

Ok...enough...I have officially just embarrassed myself in blogland but I don't give a shit!! LOL

Mr. Motorcycle said...


Thanks a ton. I'm very flattered. I really do appreciate the compliments on my motorcycle. I put my heart and sole into making it the way it is today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that Mr M, your bike looks really cool the way you have it set up. I'm curious as how this affects the Nightster which is a full production Harley Davidson that comes with the plate mounted like yours.
I recently rode with a guy who has his plate inset into the fender and covered by a smoke black plastic shield. You can barely see his plate. He gets stopped by the cops alot but there is no law here against it. He has the brake light set up the same way and you can barely see that either! Looks very cool, but not very functional in my book.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Road Captain,

Thanks for the compliment on my bike. I appreciate it.

Funny you should mention the things you did because I am currently exploring using the Nightster bracket set up on my bike. I'll have to find a different tail light set up if I end up going this route though. The Nightster set up is a low mount, "but higher than mine", and is actually mounted horizontaly, not verticaly. I'm guessing HD did their homework on this one due to other states that have the same law. Also HD has it set up with a release tab, so you can fold the plate inwards for storage, etc. My custom bike builder is looking at it to see if he can make it work on a 1997 Sporty without too much butchery.

Lastly, regarding the License plate being inset into the fender and then covered with a plastic lense: I've seen it a lot of times. It is a really cool, clean look, but I've found for most people, unless you have a low vibration bike (ruber mounted motor), or unless the bike is for show, this kind of body work around the plate will usually tend to crack over time, so I am avoiding it. My bike does not have a rubber mounted motor and is ridden hard.