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My real name is Mark. For many years now my wife has called me Mr. Motorcycle. When I started my Blog I was looking for a catchy blog name, so I went with it. I'm happily married and I'm also a father of 6 children. I have two human offspring, one dog, two cats and one custom Harley. I believe that makes 6 children. When I'm not doing my real full time job, or going for a ride, I like to do art, custom paint jobs, and of course BLOG. If you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is phonetically spelled for avoiding spammers. (I actually do use the number 1 in the beginning.) 1mrmotorcycleATgmailDOTcom

*****This is my Bliss*****

*****This is my Bliss*****
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"Kenny" started life as a stock '97, 883 Sportster. It's been a work in progress since the day I bought it many years ago. Its mostly custom with a built, "slightly juiced up" 1200 motor.
The Metal Fabrication, bodywork and custom paint was done by me.

How the Hell did I come up with a name like Kenny for my bike you ask?...... Most people who name their rides, go with chick names. I of course had to be different. I think bikes look tough, cool and masculine; not feminine. Plus, my father "Ken" has helped make me who I am today. Therefore with a little twist on the name, my bike was named "Kenny".


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Q and A about complacency

What is worse that a complacent car driver not paying attention to a motorcycle rider?

That motorcyclist being too complacent to notice the complacent car driver not noticing him/her.

Complacency is one of the biggest dangers of riding a motorcycle.

Be aware.
Never forget how vulnerable we are out there.

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Edited ad on information per Big D.'s comment below
Now mind you, I had no idea this had just happened when I posted this.
Check out the accident details below.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everything Zen

Everything Zen is a song by Bush. It is the first thing I thought of the other day March 21st while riding my motorcycle with the tunes cranking from my I-Pod.

You see I now realize for the first time in over 20 years of riding motorcycles that I've been missing out. I know that lots of bikers with fairings and radios have already experienced riding while rockin, but sad to say last sunday was my first experience.

I have to wonder why I waited so long. It was like a DUH moment. I thought WTF. This is awesome! It made riding a completely different kind of experience.

Not only did the ear buds crank out the tunes, but they also acted as ear plugs to cut out the wind from going into my ears. I got those Skull Candy ones that have the soft rubbers that go in your ear. They were cheap. Like only 16 bucks! They also came with three total different sized ear pieces to choose from so you get the right fit and comfort.

I turned the music up loud enough to hear it over the rumble of the motor, but quite enough to hear if there was an emergency vehicle, or police officer behind me.

So this brought me to wonder how many other people out there ride with headphones on?

I know that it is technically illegal, but......

Moral of the story...
Everything Zen

Friday, March 19, 2010

Get out of the Car! senior moment

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Professional photography by Pegasus Photography.

New Speed Control Method?

Speed controls being used in Eastern Canada.
Don't know 'bout you, but it would slow me down! People slow down to try to straddle the pot-holes.
This is actually a speed control devise in use! It is cheaper than cameras, especially when moved around each day.

Look at the poor dude on a motorcycle.
To me, these look like an accident waiting to happen!
I can just imagine how many rear end collisions they have the potential to cause.

Friday, March 5, 2010

B & A Cylinder Head, an Honest Motorcycle Mechanic

I just want to put a shout out to B&A Cylinder Head for being straight with me.

Earlier on a mechanic I've used in the past (name not mentioned as I do not believe in defaming anyone), I was lead to believe that I needed lifters, or (Tappits). His business was out of commission while moving so I started looking elsewhere for some other opinions on what might be wrong with my bike. After talking to some other mechanics, I had got a few opinions that it might not necessarily be my lifters making the ticking noise I was hearing during idle after the motor warmed up. I guess you could say this was an honest mistake, and or misdiagnosis. The only problem is, that misdiagnosis could have, and would have cost me some serious dough to fix absolutely nothing.

Previously, when I had my motor built up a bit, I had my bike Dyno-tuned, so I brought it to the place that did that. It turns out after a trip to B&A Cylinder Head and a Dyno set up that the ticking sound I am hearing is just my motor doing what all or most Harley motors do eventually when they have some miles on them. There is one of several parts that is worn, or off by less than 1,000th of an inch. Not enough for the naked eye to see. He said he could replace those parts for the tune of about $1900.00, and then you would be sure you got which ever one it was that was making that tick, or knock. He also went on to tell me that the noise I am hearing is nothing to worry about and that if it was his bike he would just ride it as is. If I wanted to spend $1900.00 with him, let's have me save up the money versus charging it on my credit card and putting me into debt for nothing. He said later on I could put that money to better use and put some more horsepower between my knees rather than wasting it on chasing a noise that isn't hurting anything. By the way, the diagnosis fee including setting it up on the Dyno., was way less money than what it should have been based on the time he had into figuring out what was wrong with the bike, or in this case being certain that he could say that there was nothing wrong with the bike. But he gave me a figure, and he stuck to it. Did I mention that he came and picked up and delivered my bike to me with his covered trailer, so I wouldn't have to ride it back and forth to his shop in the winter? What Excellent service!

Honesty and word of mouth advertising is EVERYTHING in this business, so I felt it was only fair to spread the word that I have found someone I am willing to share as a good honest motorcycle mechanic. He could have told me that if I didn't spend that $1900.00, my motor was in jeopardy of blowing up, and I would have handed him my credit card.

Needless to say, I'll be saving that money. He'll be seeing more of me in the future, and hopefully more of my friends who ride too.