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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art Deco???

Just messin around with some computer art.....

Friday, November 27, 2009

I love me a NICE RACK! Warning this ain't about deer!

A perfect rack is always nice to look at!

Adding Biker shit to the mix just makes it sweeter.

Harley Davidson has got Balls!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shiny ass paint

Photo by Pegasus Photo.

sons Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 11 review

Last weeks episode was absolutely kick ass! I can't say enough about how much action they packed in and what was revealed. I was out of town and am far behind on posting so I'm not going to go into every little last detail about this one like I have in the past. Besides, only got two comments on the last review, so I'm guessing the posts reviews are getting too long to read.

Can you believe that Opie now knows? Wholly shit.
Can't believe he stayed in the club. Poor Tigger. He took his beating like a man, full knowing he deserved it. He's lucky Ope didn't kill him. I can't believe the club is accepting of all the shit going down.

Wow. is all I have to say.

Can't wait till the next one. Till then.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more stupid shit seen on the road.

Driving behind this, I felt kind of insulted.

"Hey, Who you calling a bimbo?"

Sons Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 10 (90 minute special) review

Looks like Jax is really going to go through with going Nomad. Clay said he didn't strike a match.
Jax is going to go through with it anyway. Jax finds Piney, and tells him of his plans. Jax said if he stays in the club around Clay one of them is going to wind up dead. Piney says, "and we both know who that should be."

Chibs is freed from the hospital, and finds out about what has been going on in the MC world while he's been on his hospital hiatus. He's in the van talking to Half Sack when he finds out about Cara Cara being burned, and about Jax going Nomad. He makes Half Sack take him to see the IRA. He makes threats, and runs into Jimmy O. Jax comes in, and they get out. Too bad the place is bugged, and FBI agent Stahl is listening in on the conversation. She now has proof that they are tied in to the IRA.

Stahl is waiting for Jax sitting in his house to pay a suprise visit. She confronts him and his reasoning for leaving S.A.M.C.R.O. Tara catches wind of this and is a bit pissed, but more hurt that Jax was making this decision without talking to her about it. Regardless, Jax isn't changing his mind. Stahl makes threats to Jax that if he doesn't give her some information on the Irish that she will come after him. For now S.A.M.C.R.O. and Jax are living in grace.

The Sons stumble across an amo making Indian Tribe as a result of a Repo they did. The vehicle is loaded with cases of home made ammo. Looks like SAMCRO will be adding to the list of what they will be dealing.

Jemma talks to Tara about how bad of an idea it is for Jax to go Nomad.

Chibs is confronted by the Feds to make some deals. Being He is a true line to Jimmy O'fallon, He is a prime candidate for the deal making needed by Stahl.

We learn about Chibs history with Jimmy O. He excommunicated him from the IRA and took his wife and daughter. Left him with his face scar as a reminder. Chibs has had to swallow a lot of pride to deal guns as a member of SOA whom is using the IRA as a pipeline to get the guns.

Jax tells Gemma about going Nomad. They talk. Gemma tells him how bad of an idea it is. Tells Jax that she doesn't think his father's death was an accident. She said that she thinks He hated his life, and let the road take it. She told him to read page 449. (Which is revealed later to talk about John Teller's struggle in his own mind if he should go Nomad).

Chibs has a meeting with Jimmy O. Jimmy O has a lot of balls and is truly a wicked fucker. Chibs said he doesn't need to help him. Jimmy say to Chibs, "Yeah you do, I banished you, I took what's yours. These are the facts. You'll do as I say." Chibs replies, "Go to Hell Jimmy." Through conversation we find out just how much of a scum bag Jimmy is. He makes sexual comments about Chib's daughter. Ultimately, to keep his daughter Cari-Ann and his wife Fiona safe, Chibs is forced to help restore the relationship of the IRA and the Sons.

Bobby tells Jax he doesn't think Clay had anything to do with Cara Cara burning.

Tara gets suspended. She got busted for keeping Chibs in the hospital with fake symptoms.

Bobby and Jax visit Juice in the hospital. Talk about Jax wanting to transfer. Informing about needing Juice to proxy his vote.

The Sons do end up making a deal with the Indian tribe. They are going to make ammo for the Sons. As part of the deal, They end up dealing some psychedelic mushrooms. To make sure they are any good. Clay has Half Sack and Tig try them out. They get truly fucked up. This is some hilarious shit. While Clay is trying to show the One Niners how good the shrooms are because they will be dealing them, they see Half Sack sitting with his legs in a mud pit. He says, "It's cool and warm at the same time. It's cwoorm." He has this stupid shit eating grin on his face and he starts singing cwoorm. Then we see Tig looking at the Indian souvenirs totally vegging the fuck out. I literally laughed my ass off. Seriously. I have no ass anymore. LOL!

Opie and Lila get it on. Did you know Opie actually has hair under that stupid hat of his?

Unser convinces Jax that it had to be a crew that torched Cara Cara. Couldn't have been just one guy. Not Clay. Jax talks to Clay and apologizes about accusing him for it. He asks Clay if he still wants him gone. He says, "Yes."

Gemma sees the conversation between Clay and Jax, but did not hear it. She walks out and talks to Unser who is walking by. She asks him to help protect the club.

The Club reluctantly votes a unanimous Yay to release Jax from the Redwood Charter, and allows him to go to the Nomad Charter. Jax takes off his cut and puts it on the table, and cuts off his charter patches right there and tosses them on the table right at Clay. Jax looks really pissed off and really hurt all at the same time, like he might cry.

Based on a tip that Chibs gave the Feds, they go on in and do some serious harassing of the IRA
Young one. Make some threats, a little black male, and get him to be a rat.

Gemma gets Jax, Tara, and Clay together with her. To help keep them together, She tells Clay and Jax what happened to her, that there was no car accident, that she was gang raped by Zobel's crew. While she is telling the story, we see all kinds of screen shots of all the different SOA crew and cops doing different things. They show Halfsack still sitting in the mud pit now naked pleasuring himself, and they show Tig still there, crying and saying, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." After Gemma is done telling the whole story, Clay embraces her and Jax and Tara get up to leave. Jax picks up his charter patches on the way out.

After watching this one, I thought this episode was the best one yet. But as you know, I was already an episode behind. I've already seen, as I'm sure many of you have episode 11 of season two. I think that even tops this one. If you haven't caught it yet, Hang on to your seat. It's a Hell of a ride!

Next Post of the last show Season 2 episode 11 coming soon.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Long rides can make you think of some pretty CORNY things.

Cruising down the road the other day, (It was a long ride), my mind started to drift. Looking at corn fields didn't help me keep my mind where it needed to be either. (On the road.)

You know in the corn fields how they always have those herbicide and seed signs like , Pioneer, Dekalb, Asgrow, Etc. Well, I saw some of them thar signs just like it.

Well, you know what they say; "All corn's good fer is fattenin up the pigs."

So as I'm cruising it dawns on me; If you eat too much corn on "DEKALB"........

it'll only make your "ASGROW" bigger?

Just a twisted thought I had.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 9 review

Clay tries to get Opie into the club deeper. The deeper in he gets, the less of a threat he will be, when and if he finds out that Clay had Tig try to execute him, and instead killed Donna.

Clay tries to shut down Cara Cara without a Club vote. Ain't gonna happen.
Him and Bobby are talking about it, and Bobby says Jax will make it go to a vote. Clay tells Bobby he doesn't give a shit about what Jax wants. "He'll handle the little prince."

Gemma finds religion.

Opie and Lila get a little closer. There's real kissing. Eeew.

A couple of the Cara Cara girls get picked up for prostitution. It was a set up. No one knows for sure whodunit.

Jax and Clay argue about Cara Cara. It turns into a verbal fight in front of the whole club house.
The exchange went like this....

Clay: "You had your little romp as porn king. You tied us to prostitution. You got one of our members Old Lady killed."

Jax: "You are really gonna stand there and lay the guilt of a dead wife on me?"

Clay: "You remember that promise I made?"

Jax pulls out his gun, cocks it, and says, "Let me make it easy for ya." & then lays it on the table in front of Clay. He opens up his club vest like her I am man. Just do it; then turns his back to Clay and holds his arms out wide like here's your shot . Of course Clay does not shoot Jax. Then Jax says, "You need a majority vote to shut down Cara Cara. We put it out at church tomorrow night." Then he walks outside, sits and has a smoke. Bobby follows Jax shortly after he walked out. He asks Jax what that dead wife shit was about. Jax tries to cover it up as best as possible with a bullshit answer. He said it was all about Luanne getting killed. Bobby confides in Jax, and tells him that he was banging Luanne. Me thinks that Bobby is catching on.

Hale gives Clay the address of where Darby is cooking crank and runnin prostitution.

I guess the guys did not really expect the old judge to be so strong willed, and surely didn't see the possibility that the judge didn't really give a rat's ass about his son either. So much for emotional leverage eh? Luckily they find pictures of the judges wife & her shrine of a bedroom They threaten to destroy it as leverage.

Darby wants revenge on SAMCRO for blowing up the meth lab. He talks to Zobel.
A.J. Weston and crew take Darby with to SAMCRO's porn studio and torch the place. Darby gets taken out just prior to torching it, and we can also assume that Chuckie might still have been in there too.

Jax is convinced that Clay had everything to do with torching the porn studio. He looks really really pisssed. He says to the guys, "This was Clay. Couldn't let me have it. Talk to Quin. Tell him I wanna transfer. I'm going Nomad."

Thus ends another kick ass episode of what is in my opinion, one of the greatest shows on air right now.

Can't wait till Tuesday night!

Here Kitty Kitty!

While doing an appraisal today, the owner's kitty decided to follow me up the ladder onto the roof. When the cat realized I saw it, he turned around and went back down the ladder head first!

I called the cat back up, and it came right back up onto the roof. When it was time to get down, instead of taking the ladder, he just jumped right off of the roof like it was nothing!

Cats can be quite amazing, and quite amusing!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 8 review

*Tara kicks this episode off by putting down John Teller's book on the table in front of Jax. She says, "I finished it." Jax says, "What do you want me to say? " Tara replies, "You keep saying you want to change things, but you keep repeating old behavior. You can't have it both ways." Jax asks Tara, "Is there anything you love so much you'd protect it no matter what the cost; or the damage it did to you?" Tara replies, Yeah, the child." Jax said, "That's how I feel about this club. Since I was five Tara, all I ever wanted was a Harley and a cut. Now look, change wont happen quick, or without blood; but it'll happen. It has to."

*Gemma decides she needs to have a "Family" dinner to try to hold the club together. It's what the "family" needs right now.

*Bobby starts talking to some of the guys about what Clay and Jax are fighting about. Bobby mentions he thinks it might be something about Donna. Tig says it ain't that. Opie says he'll talk to Jax about it. The conversation breaks up when Jax walks into the room.

*Elliot talks to Clay about protecting the town against Jacob Hale and his plans to take over the town. Elliot as much as Clay and the rest of SAMCRO want Charming to stay the way it is without new real estate development coming in. In exchange for SAMCRO's influence, Elliot will give a small piece of land to SAMCRO to use for what we can only assume, gun trade.

*A pretty funny moment happens when some of the guys are at the porn studio talking about going to Gemma's dinner. None of this is exact words exchanged here, but the general ideas is covered.... Opie mentions he want's to take Lila with. Jax says Gemma won't mind. They ask if he's "hittin it". He says no, and mentions that she's been a lot of help with his kids. Bobby says, You gotta hit that. She is a porn star. They guys ask Bobby, "What do you know about hitting porn stars?" They totally raz Bobby, and the stuttering and fumbling over his words was truly hilarious! Of course Bobby has never told any of the guys about him and Luanne.

*The porn studio gets broken in to. They stole the H.D. Camera and Luanne's laptop that had 3 rough cuts on it. The guard dog was also killed. In the guard dog's blood on the door was written, "dead bitch". They know it was Georgy, and Jax takes the lead with some of the guys and goes to seek revenge.

*Clay and crew meet with one of the Chinese, Lin, because he wants A.K.'s and will pay double for as many as SAMCRO can get. Remember Chuck? He's the guy who had an OCD jerk off problem? As a show of good faith Lin wants to give (the master baiter) back to SAMCRO. They "whacked off" all but his two pointer fingers. "If you can't grab it, you can't pull it." Reluctantly, SAMCRO leaves with Chuck. He can do some accounting. You only need two fingers for the calculator.

*Chib's "WIFE" shows up at the hospital. What kind of shitstorm will this bring?

*Clay and crew surprise visit the young Irishman's house. They ask where the Russian A.K.'s are. He says they were sold. SAMCRO leaves. They put Kip on first watch. They will find and get their guns.

*Gemma and Tara are in the hospital. Shortly after Gemma explains some history about Chibs' wife to Tara, Gemma asks Tara about how Chibs' insurance is holding out. Tara say's it's gone and he will have to finish his healing at another hospital. Gemma says, "That can't happen. Chibs and his wife have to stay in their sights". Tara says, "You see that redhead? That's Margaret Murphy, Chief Administrator. She's been up my ass about the club. I try anything, She'll be all over it. Can't happen." Margaret Murphy gets on the elevator, and Gemma hops in for the ride down as well. From the smirk on Gemma's face, you know she is going to start something.

*Tig and Clay talk. There is an interesting dynamic between these two. All along, we think of them as being kind of buddy buddy, but it's almost more of a father son thing; more of a doubtful that the son has the balls to do anything when needed, and disappointed father son kind of thing. Clay is doubting that Tig is the same guy he was before the whole Donna incident. Clay thinks Tig wont have enough balls to do what it takes to make a hard call anymore.

*While Jax and crew are going in to talk to Leroy from the One Niners, Clay and crew are trying to take guns back from the Irish and A.J. Weston. They Mayan's are at the One Niners club and a shit storm happens there. They almost get killed. This hold up is why they weren't able to answer their cell phones from Clay's calls to help get the guns back. With some fancy talking, they get out by the skin of their teeth. Any love between SAMCRO and the Mayans is dead. In the meantime, Clay and crew, while attempting to get the guns have really bad timing. Just as they start a gun fight to take the A.K.'s, more people show up to start in on the gun fight. SAMCRO makes it out with just a few of the A.K.'s.

*People are gathered at Gemma's for dinner. Tara confronts Gemma with a piece of paper. She say's what did you do? Did you threaten her? No, I just had a chat. The piece of paper was a hostile work environment claim filed against her and her proxy, filed by Margaret Murphy. Tara could loose her job over this. Tara shows that she is really really pissed off. Just then Tara turns to see Lila. And out comes some of the best lines I've ever hear in my entire life. "Perfect, Serving hand jobs for desert?" Then Tara talks to Jax. He asks her to ease up a bit on Lila. She says, "I know, She is just doing her best. Trust me, I keep hanging out with this family, I may be sucking cock to pay my bills to."

*Remember when Jax and company got revenge on Georgy? Just as the arguments are getting good, Hale walks in and they all shut up. He apologizes for interrupting. He informs them that they just found Luanne off of county 18 beaten to death. Clay asks Jax, "Did you cause this? Pay Back?" Then a huge fight explodes. Even a Comment about killing Donna is tossed in by Jax. Gemma silences everyone by slamming the dinner platter onto the table smashing it into bits. She is shaking. The episode ends here.

HOLY SHITake mushrooms, I did not know one could pack so much into one episode. They never cease to amaze me. Can't wait till tonight!