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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doing the Can Can (no not the dance)

I must admit, Cursing Mama and I are a bit "green". We're not complete tree huggers or anything like that, but we are very conscientious about protecting the planet so its as nice for our children, and grand children as it is for us today today. We try to use less plastics, try to recycle as much as possible, waste as little water as possible, etc. You know the usual, that I think more and more people are doing to these days. I think we recycle 2/3Rd's more than we throw away.

Enough about us. I bring this up as I believe strongly in recycling, etc... But is there not a point when you've gone way too far?

I see this guy 5 days a week as I drop off Princess to St. School each morning during the week. He is, I would guess in his late 60's. He wears a goofy ass bike helmet, and rides his bike to the school every morning, rain or shine, snow or sleet, 100 degrees F., or 50 degrees F below. It just does not matter. He goes into the school, and digs through the trash, then proceeds to go outside and dig through the dumpsters for aluminum cans and then puts them into the aluminum can collection trailer that the Boy scouts have parked in the back to deposit his findings. Usually he only gets 3-5 cans I'd guess by the small size bag I see. Not only do I find this odd, I find it disconcerting as he is going into a school, where children are. I've expressed this to the Guy who watches the kids when I drop Her off, and he said he would bring it up to the principle. I don't think he did, or the guy wouldn't still be hanging around right? Am I nuts for caring?

I think I should bring it up to the Principle myself. I Know this guy comes in before the principle arrives.


Dean "D-Day" said...

I would bring it to the pricipals attention. The man could be an over-zealous tree hugger or he could be some kind of weirdo. You can't be too careful these days. Not to mention, you'd feel pretty bad if you didn't say anything and then something bad happened to one of the children.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Dean "D-Day",

I agree. Thnx.

mala said...

i dont know exactly for whom i 've
to publish this.
but give a general comment on
pulsar mania.the pulsar was desiged
so creatively and its credit not even left in advertisement.i am crazy on this bike.Hopely, i buy this bike soon.My kind advice to Bajaj is recruit more creative people which the World needs.

Mr. Motorcycle said...


I think you left this coment in the wrong spot. Should have been attached to the pulsar mania video post, but that's o.k.. No problemo.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the blog. I appreciate comments from people who are not my regular commentors.

I totally agree with you on the creativity of the video. I've never seen a motorcycle add like this one before. It's like a united states superbowl commercial. Great coreography, and stunting.

As for th bike itself, I've nothing to go off of. I've never even seen one live.

Pop in and feel free to comment anytime you Wish!

Talk to you later.

Mr. Motorcycle