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*****This is my Bliss*****
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How the Hell did I come up with a name like Kenny for my bike you ask?...... Most people who name their rides, go with chick names. I of course had to be different. I think bikes look tough, cool and masculine; not feminine. Plus, my father "Ken" has helped make me who I am today. Therefore with a little twist on the name, my bike was named "Kenny".


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Friday, June 20, 2008

Biker joke (Warning) "mildly explicit"

Three men, a Doctor, and Lawyer, and Biker were sitting at a bar drinking, and shoting the sh*t.
They got to talking about what they got their wives for their last anniversaries.

The doctor took sip of his martini and said I got my wife a diamond ring and a Mercedes. That way if she didn't like the diamond ring, she would know how much I love her because of the very expensive car I bought her.

The lawyer took a sip of his scotch and said I got my wife a pearl necklace and a trip to the Bahamas. That way she would know how much I love her, even if she didn't like the necklace.

The biker took a big swig of his beer, farted, and burped, and said I got my wife a Harley t-shirt, and a vibrator. That whay if she didn't like the shirt she could go "F" herself.



Lady R (Di) said...

ROTFLMAO! Priceless! I hope I remember this one! Thanks for making me blow coffee through my nose. LOL!

Dean "D-Day" said...

OMG! Too funny! I can't wait til some of the guys start showing up here at work so I can tell them that one.

Ann said...

LMAO! Hysterical! Can't wait to tell this one to Big D! ;)

B.B. said...

That is too funny! Thanks for making me laugh!

FLHX_Dave said...

Too funny. I needed a good laugh today.

Big Daddy said...

Of course if you want to really make her happy get her a harley of her own....just make sure she dosen't commandeer the ball's out ported and polished and cammed etc. bar rocket you wee buiding. Now after all that work I got to cork it slower so mama can ride it....Anybody want place bets on how long mama will put up with the detuned version..before I gotta uncork it. lol

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hey all, Thanks for laughing at me, oops, with me.

Figured this one would get a few laughs.

"Joker" said...

That's a good one. I'll have to send that one to Jackson and see if he'll use it at a meeting.

Camron said...

Saw a shirt at a local aftermarket shop the other day... My wife said I should get it. It said "If the Old Lady would let me ride her as much as I ride this bike, I'd be home right now"
I think I'm getting it for my birthday...
Ride Safe, Brother!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Let me know if it goes over well at Blackstone HOG Chapter. Maybe you can get a picture of Keeley laughing her shirt off, I mean ass off!

Sorry, I had shirt on my mind from reading Camron's comment below your's.

That's a great shirt. One you could wear proudly!
Thanks for the laugh.