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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Mr. Motorcycle's word challenge game

I have a challenge for you.

Rules of the game. I pick the word, you get to tie that word into motorcycles in as few words as possible. The most creative one in fewest words wins bragging rights.

The word is Potato.

I'll go first since it's my blog.

"The sound a Harley makes while idling is Potato, Potato, Potato. "

(Of course I picked the easy obvious one! It's my game!)
However, this most likely guarantees me no bragging rights.

I'll do a poll on the best one after some entries are done in comments.

You'll have three days starting tomorrow morning.

Good Luck!!!!!


Lady R (Di) said...

Thanks for giving us three days. I can't think of one I'm happy with, so I'm going to ponder for a while.

Actually, I'm kind of stuck on the idling motor... potato, potato, potato! LOL!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Sweet Potato Motorcycle Rally

Unknown said...

Potato push!

(at bottom of page)

This is one of the most competitive games I've seen played. The women are VERY aggressive goin' after that tater!

Doug Klassen said...

In his regular job as a kiddie toy he was just "Mr. Potato Head" but on the weekends he was a bad ass biker who was known only as "Spud."

Big Daddy said...

I posted this earlier but I guess it didn't take.

Not knowing how a clutch worked Jhonny grinded the gear into a mashed POTATO

Ann said...

I love to stop for potato skins while we're out on the motorcycle. :)

Webster World said...

Friday night feeling good. I leave the green light just a crankin. Oh the sound as I shift. Spuuutato spuuutato spuuutato and I'm on my way. Love that sound.

Lady R (Di) said...

"Potato Haystack Motorcycle Game".

Actually, this is just another name for the same game Jocelyn already mentioned (Potato Push)

The Potato Haystack: Riders with passengers ride around in a circle with a haystack in the middle. Music plays... when the music stops,(just like musical chairs) the riders stop, while the passengers jump off the bike and dive in the haystack to find a potato. There is always, one less potato than riders in the stack, thus eliminating one at a time, until the last one remaining... wins.

As Jocelyn said, these passengers, (usually the women) can really get into finding those potatoes! Woo Hoo!

Lady R (Di) said...

BTW... How does a Cheese Head in Wisconsin know about Sweet Potato Rally's in Georgia? I was just getting ready to post that exact answer, when I read yours already there! ;b

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Lady R.,
I guessing the magic of Google searching Potato+Motorcycle or something along those lines! Or maybe he just knows! Who knows!

Lucky said...

Potato: Nature's Handwarmer. Stuff a couple in your jacket pockets and you'll be warm for hours, plus you'll have a handy snack later.

The same thing can be done with gas station burritos, though they don't stay as warm for as long in my experience.

Mastercheif said...

I used to ride so long that I got a Hemerroid the size of a Russett Potato!

Dean "D-Day" said...

How do I know about the Sweet Potato Motorcycle Rally???

I'm a well-traveled worldly individual.

"Joker" said...

I don't think I can beat Masterchief - my condolences by the way.

Does carrying a potato gun make me a 1%er?

Doug Klassen said...

Joker said "Does carrying a potato gun make me a 1%er?"

Be careful, you'll shoot an eye out!


fasthair said...

OK Mr. M I'll give it a shot. Is that a Potato in your pocket or are you just happy to see me! OK that sucks! It was Lady R's comment that made that pop in my head :)


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Submitting entries is now closed!
The poll is up. It will remain so for quite a while. Choose wisely on whom you vote for. You only get one, and please don't vote for yourself!

Stop by periodically to check the poll to see who's ahead!

Thanks to all who participated. This was kind of corny but fun!

Unknown said...

Riding is like meat and potatoes. A necessary and healthy staple of life.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you people have been cooped up for way too long without being able to get out and ride! is it spring yet?

Anonymous said...

It's just too easy. When I bought my V-star I almost bought a Potato Chip set from PCS, but then I cheapened up and made my own.