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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For at least 17 years (At least how long I've been married), I've had problems sleeping. Not problems falling asleep, or going back to sleep, but problems staying asleep once sleeping. Several years ago, my wife and I saw a show on the television regarding sleep apnea. She said not only do you snore like a son of a bitch, but I think you have this too. Sleep apnea is where you involuntarily stop breathing after you've fallen to sleep. When you brain realizes it is starving for oxygen, reflex actions take over. You brain jolts your body awake, and you gasp for air. Usually this takes place without the sufferer even knowing it. This, like I said went on for me for over 17 years, likely much longer. The problem is, that your body cannot reach R.E.M. sleep if this is occurring too often. You need REM sleep to get full bodily recovery from the day. Without it, 8 hours of sleep feels more like about 4. I did a sleep study, and they said 39 times in one hour, I had completely stopped breathing. They rated me at moderate to severe. Anyway, they got me this weird C.P.A.P. machine to wear while sleeping. It pumps constant air pressure into my airway. This not only illuminates my snoring, but my sleep apnea as well. It took some time getting used to but now I am sleeping better than I can ever remember. When I wake up, I feel refreshed. I never knew I wasn't supposed to go around feeling stoned my whole life. That is literally the closest thing I can think of to describe what it feels like to be deprived of deep sleep for this many years.

So you've got to be wonderin where I'm goin with all this huh?

Dream... I never used to.... not since I was a child. No one ever believed me either when discussing dreams, and I'd say "I don't dream." They'd say, "Yes you do, everyone dreams. You just don't remember them." My sleep doctor stated that "It is indeed likely that I rarely, to never dreamt at all for the last 17 or so years due to not reaching R.E.M. sleep." You need to hit R.E.M. to dream. This is where your body does all of the deep recovery therapy, and your mind just lets go.

I now dream. I have fanciful dreams. I dream of flying, like I did as a child. Not flying an airplane, or a hang glider, me actually flying. I guess this is why I love riding motorcycles so much. It's the closest thing I've found in my life to this euphoric feeling of flying where you are the one in complete control.

I love dreaming. I love riding. Dream on, Ride on!


Ann said...

Mr. M: That is very cool! I also have sleep apnea, though mine is a bit more severe. I have a CPAP machine, and what Big D calls my "Captain Whack-a-doo" mask. Yes, it takes a while to get used to, but you really feel better once you start using it! I didn't dream either, before I started using it.

However, I stopped using it about a year ago, because the mask was leaving a large red mark on the bridge of my nose. Now I notice I'm exhausted all the time again, and need to break out the CPAP again.

So glad you're sleeping well, now. Dream on!

Lady R (Di) said...

Your not alone here. Harley also dons his Klingon head gear before retiring for the evening. What's funny about it is this: if he opens his mouth at night while sleeping, all the forced air come out through is mouth and he sounds like Darth Vader! ASshhhhhhhh! Ask your wife, she'll know.

Here's to happy dreams!

Baron's Life said...

My brother too has to wear one of them CPAP machine when he sleeps. He's doing OK with it. It was required after he's had a stroke.
Whether he dreams or not....I'll have to ask his wife one of these days.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I was a little familiar with sleep apnea. (As Reggie White from the Packers apparently died from it.) But I didn't know about the dreaming thing. I couldn't remember dreaming for years until I recently starting taking Chantix to quit smoking. Once I'm done taking it, I wonder if I should get checked out for sleep apnea? Couldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

I have all sorts of names for the contraption that now graces the bedroom nightstand - and really kills the Martha Stewart like decorating scheme ;)

But, getting the study done & the machine going is one of the best things that happened for us in 2008 - because with all that snoring & gasping I wasn't really sleeping (or dreaming) either.
-The Wife

Allen Madding said...

Glad to hear you are sleeping better, but when did you lose your left leg? I noticed it missing in the picture. No biggie, you don't need rear brake anyhow.


One Harley Rider said...

I am with you. I have been Darth Vader in the eve for about 3 years now. I even bring it when traveling, even to Shanghai China. I once again Dream.

Webster World said...

I never feel rested. And have wondered. But I dream . Not as in the past though. Good for you and getting some sleep must feel grand. I did the Chantix like Dean I dreamt odd dreams. But I slept better. Smoke free Dean for 5 months after 45yrs.

Anonymous said...

I quit drinking about 4 yrs ago and my apnea has all but disappeared, wondering if the two are related, I still should be tested just for general health reasons, BTW great post.
Electra Glide In Blue

Big Daddy said...

I had to laugh when I saw this post.
I take lunesta everynight just to be able to sleep.
Ann took one and said it was like a horse tranquilizer lol.
all it does for me is allow me to fall asleep when I want to.
It dosen't make me drowsy..just allows me to fall asleep.
you can wake me in 15mins and I'll be wide awake.

As for the dreams here's one for ya.
I'm always exhuasted because of my myofacilitis.
but even I find this one strange.
I'll be dreaming and in my dream I can't stay awake..It's like just after surgery and they are trying to wake you [you just can't come alert.]
so in my exhausted condition I fall through into another dream.
but every few mins or so I [wake] back into the previous dream. and although I usually like this dream better I can't stay awake to enjoy it.
I can only guess that my body is trying to say stop on go to deep sleep.
This [type] of dream has happenned a few times.
Anyone else ever even heard of such a thing?

Unknown said...

Dude that's so true. I know a number of people who's lives have changed because they hooked up with a CPAP. My dad has actually done sleep studies on patients for many years. Anyway, now you can day-dream about riding and night-dream about riding! That's a good way to go.

FLHX_Dave said...

Whoa...I rarely dream at all. I just wake up with wood so it must have been something good...just wish I could remember it.

Hmmmm...thats awesome! I think I will look into this. Dream on! I say hi to Jenny McCarthy for me.

Biker Betty said...

My eldest son had it when he was a baby, but they removed his tonsil and adenoids and that took it away. My husband snored the same way and would stop breathing, but the doctor said it was completely different for adults, sigh. 28 years of his snoring, I should get a medal, lol.

Doug Klassen said...

MC, glad that's worked out well for you.

Melatonin does it for me. Without it I'm restless all night, with it I sleep great and wake up rested.

A good nights rest is essential to be the cheerful, gentle me that people know and love. However, if you take too much of the stuff it gives you some pretty bizarro dreams and you go to work feeling like you just checked out of a psycho ward.


Anonymous said...

My wife has to use one of these. I know it took her a little while to get used to but it took me even longer. I think she has always been my reason for not reaching REM sleep.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I'd like to say thank you to al who left comments here. I never thought this post would get such a reaction, and never even imagined so many of you either suffer from this, or knows someone close to you who does!

I'll try to address a few things brought up in comments.

When I go a day without it, I'm O.k., much more, and I can surely tell the difference. I was chaperoning a field trip for my daughter. I was away from my Darth Vader get up for two nights, and boy could I tell the difference.

Lady R,
Klingon gear, I love it! Regarding the air flow from the mouth, I used to have that problem too. I'd wake up with a really dry mouth from it too. I talked to my Doc., and she got me a soft chin strap thingymbob. It works great. Keeps my trap shut.

Baron's Life,
Let me know what you find out. It'd be interesting to hear!

Prepare for a night at a sleep study clinic if you are going to check into it. If you do find out you have a problem, it can be life changing.

My wife,
Glad you too can get some rest!

Allen madding,
I lost the leg after I had a crash landing in a dream. LOL!

One Harley Rider,
I should have brought mine with me when I went on the field trip with my daughter. I though two nights would be no big deal. But it was. I'll heed your advise and it'll go everywhere with me from now on.
Do you camp? What do you do if you have it in a tent with no power???

Webster World,
If you don't have sleep apnea very severely, you can still have dreams. Can't hurt to get checked out. Talk to your regular doctor, and if they feel it is justified, they'll refer you to a sleep specialist. Oh, and by the way, to you and Dean, Congrats on the no smoking! I'll have been smoke free for about 8 years now!

My 68flh,
Thanks for the compliment on the post.
Re: if alcohol consumption and sleep apnea have anything to do with one another... The answer is most definitely yes. I have to have the air flow setting just slightly higher, because I choose to enjoy a beer or two in the evening. If you only had really mild apnea, and you quit drinking all together, I can see a mild case of sleep apnea quitting.

Big D.,
I'm sorry, I've never heard of it. Hope you find the answer. Sleep is important. P.S., Lay off the L.S.D. LOL!.)

So interesting that you dad has done sleep studies. Just another reinforcer to how big of a problem this is!

FLHX Dave,
I wish you "wood" remember your dreams about Jenny Mcarthy too!

Biker Betty,
Second benefit of the CPAP, No snoring! Watch him when he is sleeping, to see if he gasps for air after not breathing. If so, a sleep study is in order, if not, and he is just a heavy snorer, good luck to you. If you can continue to tolerate the snoring, you are a saint!

Doug K.,
I'm glad Melatonin works for you! I wish I could pop a pill and call it good!

Open Road Biker,
My wife now gets sleep too. This is good.

Thanks to all who stopped by and commented on this one! Good to hear I'm not the lone ranger out there!