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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little trip.

I recently went on a road trip to Indiana to drop my daughter off at a camp she wanted to go to.
I'm not going into details about the trip, because that is irrelevant, but my wife and I were traveling home through some pretty backwoods areas, and I saw a couple of motorcycles for sale. As we drove by, I slowed WAY down and looked as we passed.

Thus, this brings the topic of a new motorcycle purchase.

My wife: "You are NOT going to buy a motorcycle in Indiana!"
Of course my response was: "Does that mean I get to buy a new motorcycle in Minnesota?"
The answer: "Why, are you selling the one you got?"


She doesn't play this game very well does she.

Now if I can just convince her that I NEED an '09 Street Glide IN ADDITION TO the bike I have, then I'm golden.

Let me leave you with a little funny quote that I saw on a key chain at a gas station from our trip. This made me chuckle.

24 hours in a day.
24 beers in a case.
I think not.



Tony said...

It's nice to see another post! Wives are funny when it comes to bike purchases. Sounds like you just need to work on her a bit more Haha;)

mq01 said...

i am a firm believer in having several horses in the stable. you never know when one might want to stay home or take a nap ;)

Dean "D-Day" said...

You could just go buy one.
Sometimes forgiveness is easier than permission.

Love the beer quote. The liquor store near my house has quotes like that posted on all its walls.

Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

From Dean...
"Sometimes forgiveness is easier than permission."

Truer words were never spoken... then the next trues statement has to be the beer and 24 hours....

FLHX_Dave said...

Who is the man here bro! You just tell the old lady that you are going to plunk down some change on that bike and if she doesn't like it, well...tough tits.

Of course I know I'm full of shit with that statement. lol! Even I know that. Man does not live by bike alone.

Dear Wifey; I know you are reading this. Mr.M is a hard working man and he loves you very much. He's always talking about how fortunate he is to have scored such a quality woman. He worships the ground you walk on and would never defy your wishes. Having all this awesome power in your hands would suggest that you exercise that power and grant your humble servant, Mr.M, the gift of a true touring machine in addition to his everyday ride. You hold in your hands the power to make Mr.M's already awesome life a freakin' fairy tale. With great power comes great responsibility. Mr.M believes that he couldn't be a happier man...prove him wrong with your blessings. Show him that you can even bring more joy to him than ever before! Just say yes sister!

(Ok, where's my 20 spot brother. Did I do ok?)

Dean "D-Day" said...


Kathleen Jennette said...

We are just itching for more aren't we! Its nice to have a choices when we can. Its not that we aren't satisfied, its just that each of the kidzz are a different ride. Time will tell.....

GYMONR said...

Now that’s funny…I tried the same thing a few weeks ago with my wife…just so you will know…it did not work for me either…ha-ha.
Big Al

Baron's Life said...

Mr. M you're funny man...very nice and entertaining write up...hope you get your second bike.

Learning to Golf said...

Mrs. M, a nice touring bike would make two up riding really comfortable for you. Think how much fun it would be you and Mr. M traveling together on a new bike.


Canajun said...

Ah, the old "Why, are you selling the one you got?" retort. I know it very well. Now if anyone can figure out a sure-fire comeback to neutralize that objection they'd be set for life.
But keep trying ... sometimes you can just wear 'em down.

Willy D said...

Here in Calif. it’s State law that you have two bikes.

Doug Klassen said...

Just tell the Mrs. that having a second bike will make you more virile.

Or less virile.

Whatever works.


Webster World said...

"It's paid for, it's old and almost wore out, no one wants an old worn out bike, can't get much for it, never get what I have into it, why she's like part of the family that would be like selling your mother.A new bike would be like having a new baby:) And I love you."

Ann said...

And the best comment award goes to: 1st place - Dave! 2nd place - Webster World, 3rd place - WillyD!

At one time we had 7 bikes in our garage and only 1 of them was running. Now I have 3 in my garage and none of them are running. I never told my old man he couldn't buy a bike. What I did say was, "How are you going to pay for it?" And that is why we don't have a running bike!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

It's to post again! But really, I can only thank my wife for being so understanding with such an expensive pastime that I love, which she shares zero interest in.

Someday, I too hope to have more than one bike. But right now I have two teenage kids, a large mortgage, three pets, a car payment, and the list goes on. And Oh yeah, I'm the only one in the house that rides. "You never know when one might want to stay home or take a nap" Clever!

Dean "D-Day",
I've watched people do this. It usually doesn't turn out so well. My dog doesn't even have a dog house, but I'm sure I would.

See comment for Dean above.
Regarding going out and buying the bike first and asking for forgiveness later. This only works if you never asked for permission in the first place. I already did, and was shot down.


Dean "D-Day",

KT Did,
Re: "Its nice to have a choices when we can. Its not that we aren't satisfied"
Reason # 2 not to name your ride after a woman if you are married.

So you don't own the Raider yet too? HUH!

Baron's Life,
Getting a second is likely not happening any time soon. Someday maybe. My problem is, I can't afford to do it until both kids are out of college, but I don't want to wait that long, and I don't want to sell the bike I have now for a Street Glide. Hmmmm, I'm really torn here. What to do. I know. I'll sell my wife's Saturn!

Arizona Harley Dude,
Too bad she doesn't ride. I've already tried that plea! Thanks for trying though!

After I owned Hondas and always wanted Harley, It only took a few years for my wife and I to figure out how to make the money work for the Harley. Maybe the same will hold true here. I've only been pushing the 2 bike theory for about a year.

Willy D,
I'll suggest that to our local Gov. I'm diggin the mandatory two bike rule.

Doug K.,
That depends on the day.

Webster World,
Using those quotes, is reason #3 not to name your bike with a woman's name!

That's what she would suggest to me for more than one bike. Sell mine and buy as many as I want for it. That leaves, less than one 09 Street Glide, or more than one less expensive than what I've already got. This is not a win win situation here for me.

"Joker" said...

This evokes a few thoughts.

I can certainly relate to the wife issues. The last time I bought a new bike I didn't here a peep out of her. Of course, the fact that I bought her a $40,000 crossover first gave her little speaking rights on the issue. I realize not everyone can do that; it's very likely I'll never be able to do it again. When the finances are an issue, it's hard to just go out and do it. To do so without considering the consequences is...unwise.

Forgiveness being easier than permission works both ways you know. If your wife comes home one day in a pair of Jimmy Choo Grant
Silk satin peep toes, you're going to want to strip her naked except for the shoes and do the horizontal bop immediately because women's shoes just don't get any sexier. They also don't get much more expensive. When your heart rate returns to normal and you get up to head for the shower, that may be when your mind finally switches from "damn she looks hot in those," to "er...hun...nice shoes babe, but how much did they set us back?"

Most mortal men will not be prepared for the answer, and as expensive as they are, Jimmy Choos have nothing on a Street Glide. Hell hath no fury like a woman out-spent. She may forgive you, but will you forgive her when she goes to Switzerland to get her watch fixed? Right.

Moving on, if the financial part is not a wedge between you and Mrs. Motorcycle, then I do hope you get that new bike. I know you love your Sporty and that you go back a ways, but believe me when I tell you, you'll like a big twin much better. I loved my Sporty and she was good to me, giving me a great ride half way across America and back, but I have no desire to ride her anymore. I never thought I'd say that, but the difference between my Springer and that XL1200C is like the difference between a Ford Focus and your Dodge Charger.

Sportys have long been labeled as being "for women," and we know this to be strictly off the stable floor. There is a label that can be assigned to the XL though...for the young. I don't know about the rest of you, but for me after 40 I started noticing a lot more things I'd call "comfort issues." My Springer is so much smoother on the road, especially the highway. I got back on the Sporty again after several hundred miles on the Springer and I felt like there was nothing under me. I was amazed, and I think, you will be too.

Make the move. Be comfortable. Have a place to put your shit. Know you can ride several hundred miles in a day without feeling like you've been in a bar fight after you get off the bike. If you can afford it, buy your wife some Jimmy Choos too and you'll have a win-win situation.

Sorry this was so long, but I'm vying for the Top 3 with Ann.

the rider said...

Man this is spooky! Our wives must be related or else they have been speaking to each other. I dropped a suggestion that an R800GS would be great for local rides and a bit of off roading, and she said "Yes great, when you have sold the RT you will then have some money over to sort out my kitchen."

Willy D said...

Speaking of shoes, it reminded me. When I bought the Heritage two years ago I already had three bikes, all running. When I rode it home the wife asked, “How many bikes do you need?” I replied, “How many pair of shoes do you have?” (Somewhere around 40-50). The subject has never come up again. But since she rides with me, she has no complaints about the Heritage.

B.B. said...

Somewhere along the comments I forgot what we were talking about.....oh, yeah! LOL. I hate buying shoes, but I do want to buy another bike...but only when I have enough to keep mine in addition. I think Dave will be the one freaking out when I go and do it, so thanks for some great advice.....Don't ask permission, just do it and wait for forgivness!
Seriously though, you are a good man with your priorities where they should be!

IHG said...

What is it with the 09 Street Glide? My Old Man wants to trade ours in for this one he fell in love with when he took ZP in for her check up. Poor ZP getting all torn apart and he's in loving it up with another. lol

Hope you get your bike!


Ann said...

BTW, Joker: Those Jimmy Choos you speak of are $840.90. I LOVE shoes, but I don't think I would EVER buy a pair of $800 shoes. Even if I had the money...which I do, right now. :)

And you would have won the comment award, however it was a bit wordy. ;)

Lady R (Di) said...

My hubby loves his '07 Street Glide and that sixth speed!

We like to ride so, I have to agree with Joker... there comes a time when comfort should take front seat.

Although, I feel like I'm still styling on my Glide, I also enjoy riding for hours and hours... cause I can.

So I hope you can get that second motorcycle. We support two Harley habits, so I understand your wife's carefulness.

When you start riding on a touring bike, you'll never want to come off the road. Sweeeeeeet!

Rob said...

I am lucky to have two tooth brushes let alone two motorcycles but I will never loose the faith.
Oh yes one of these days we will all have a choice on which ride to take in the morning. I can see it now, "Should I ride the Black Honda or the Red Victory" oh but to dream! Heck I'll settle for what I got for now..

Mr. Motorcycle said...

You have many valid point of which I am considering, however I have poured my heart and soul into Kenny, unlike any other motorcycle I've owned in the past. Selling him for a Street Glide would feel like selling a child. I still want to wait until I can afford both. We'll have to wait and see what pans out.

the rider,
Spooky indeed! May we all be able to afford more than one someday.

Willy D,
Speaking of shoes, Now she only has about 40-50 thousand more pair to catch up to you.

B.B.,I'm with you on wanting to wait till I can afford both. And Thank You.

"What is it with the 09 Street Glide?"
You have about ten posts to catch up on in Road Grits Cafe. LOL!
By the time I can afford an 09 Street Glide in addition to the bike I have now, There will be a better newer Street Glide out there.

Like Joker said, Shoes ain't got nothing on a Street Glide. I like nice things, but that much for a pair of shoes? I don't get it.

Lady Ridesalot,
I hear ya. I'm starting to get comfort envy. I went on a ride that lasted all day, and it was windy. I felt pretty beat up the next day.

I'm with you brother! However, I am very happy with what I have, and don't want to give it up. I am thankful that I even have a ride.