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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Anti Monkey Butt Powder review

The first time I'd ever seen this stuff was in a major sporting goods store just before last X-mas . My eye immediately caught the bright yellow packaging with the hilarious name, the funny monkey and his big red butt.
I thought it would be a great gag gift for my Brother-in-law, so I bought it for him. We all had a good laugh about it at Christmas. After that, I didn't really ever think about it again until recently. Knowing that I ride motorcycles, I was approached to try Anti Monkey Butt Powder and do a review on it. I decided to give it a shot. I thought what the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained. After receiving the offer to try a free sample in exchange for a review I instantly remembered this stuff I had purchased as a gag gift for my brother-in-law. I remembered thinking how funny and eye catching the packaging and name was. I remember not really taking it seriously, and feeling like it was nothing more than a smart way to market some typical baby powder. I remember thinking that it was really more of a gag than anything else.

I couldn't have been more wrong!
This is the Sh*t. They have put Calamine powder in this stuff. It works fantastic as as a drying agent and leaves no clumping. It is not over drying and does not irritate the skin. It has a pleasant smell, without making you smell girly perfumy, or making you smell like a baby's ass after a diaper change.

I was and am so impressed with the stuff, I will even go "There" with you if you know what I mean. If you have read much of my blog in the past, you know I try to keep things kind of tame, but yet am not afraid to say what is on my mind. So I'm gonna let you have the details.

Yes, I tried it. Yes, I love it. I do actually like it so much I use it every day now. Even when I'm not going to do any rigorous activities or motorcycle riding. I am a guy, and I sweat. You know where the sun don't shine. I even use it on the boys if you know what I mean. I've never in as many years as I can think of been so dry and comfortable. A little is all it takes. One application will last all day with no major sweating, and some days I'll apply twice. No biggie. I can't believe I had to wait 38 years to be blessed with such comfort down there in never never land.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specifically designed and marketed for those who do lots of activity and those who sit on their butts a lot. But I'm telling you this, don't think you don't fall into one of those categories, and not give it a shot. It is for everyone. (unless you never sweat, and are not human.) So give it a try. Take my word on this one. The worst that can happen is you'll be dry and comfortable all day.


Ann said...

THanks for the review. I'll have to try it and see if it can hold up to summer in the desert. :)

Danny said...

I think I will have to try that. Thanks for the review.

FLHX_Dave said...

Well. I'm gonna give this a shot. I always carry around those baby wipes and give myself a good wipe down when I get a chance. Feels gooooooood.

Alright! I will take up the challenge! Hit the road Monkey Butt, 'cause I'm gonna fight monkey but with Monkey Butt!

I'll let you know how it all works out.

Tony said...

Dang, I want some!..wonder if it beats gold bond? At least the package is better;)haha.

Learning to Golf said...

I'm going get me some of that.

I have to because my verification word is haver.

sherrypg said...

If I would have known you were unaware of A-MB, I would have sent you some!

We love it.

Ed said...

With a ringing endorsement like that how can I not try it?

MeanDonnaJean said...

What *I* wanna know is.....when are we gonna see u in the commercial, and even more importantly, are ya gonna show us some PROOF? ;-)

Doug Klassen said...

I'd seen the powder on some motorcycle accessory sites and even got a free can of it with an accessory order once. I gave the powder to my brother-in-law as a Christmas gift one year.

A few weeks ago I was in our local Ace Hardware store and much to my surprise there was Monkey Butt powder for sale at the check out stand. I wonder how many non-motorcyclists even know what "monkey butt" is?

IHG said...

Thanks for trying it and doing the review. I got an e-mail from this same company and I was like...Ok...is this a joke or what? LOL

Dean "D-Day" said...

I've seen this several times and gotten a good laugh from it. (The term "monkey butt" is kind of a family joke anyway.) Now after reading your endorsement, my wife is begging me to buy some.

Mastercheif said...

The vision of you dusting your dork just made me throw-up in my mouth.

Big Daddy said...

Kickstand..my brother has been saying he needs to get some of this stuff.
He asked me about it and I told him I use gold bond...but now after your review I think I'll give it a shot.
Now knowing what Dave uses and does, I'm gonna start diving to the pavement if I'm riding behind him and tissues start flying from his ride...;]

Lady R (Di) said...

Thanks for the review! I too think I'll get some for the hubby (okay... and me too!).
I'm wondering if I should be jealous... I was asked to review a jacket... you, on the other hand, got to powder your ass with Monkey Butt! How cool is that! LOL!

I'm sorry... I'm still laughing at the name! =:o

Baron's Life said...

Thanks for the great review...there ain't no way anyone is going to get me to put anything on my Butt..it's still virgin territory

mq01 said...

did you try it on the pits? :) seriously? inquiring minds. i wanna know if it works for the armpits too!!! :-D hmmm...

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hope it works for you.

Go for it. Let me know.

FLHX Dave,
Down with the monkey's ass.

Tony, I never thought to try Gold Bond. I always was curious about the "medicated" part. What the hell is in it?

Inquiring minds wanna know. Keep me posted.

Thanks for "not sharing" aren't you psychic?

If it works for me, It'll work for you.

I'll e-mail you a picture of my monkey butt. Just kidding.

Doug K,
Didodidodido, Holy Twilight Zone Batman. That is too much of a wierd cooincidence. And by the way. I've had monkey butt, but never heard of it before the powder.

Too funny. I figured I couldn't been the only motoblog to be hit up.

Buy some for the Mrs. She'll love it! LOL!

I suggest trying some Monkey Butt Powder in your mouth to sop up the vomit. It's a good drying agent.

Big D.,
You are the second person to comment on the Gold Bond. If you try the Anti Monkey Butt Powder, let me know which is better. I am truly curious.

Lady R.,
Yeah, They tried to get me to do the lady rider jacket review too. I told them I wasn't gay and to stick it where they put Anti Monkey Butt Powder. .)LOL!

Try it, You'll like it. Serious man!

I'm guessing it would work in the pits, because the Calamine as a drying agent would have a similar effect as an antiperspirant. I forgot to mention that I used in on my belly roll crease where I sweat when I ride, and it worked there too.

Baron's Life said...

No way Jose....I'm afraid it might hurt.....I have not been to a Doctor in over 35 years and I don't intend to start now for a rash on my monkey Butt

Doug Klassen said...

Someone mentioned Gold Bond powder which has been my preferred choice for that uh..area. Beware though that there is the gold package of Gold Bond and the blue package which is a stronger item that is for de feets, which as we all know, are not as sensitive as some other areas of the body.

A couple of years back someone on Advrider.com wrote about getting the two mixed up and his resulting "wild man boogie" outside his tent. Good ride story and the powder bit is hysterical: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2731737&postcount=27


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Wus. Monkey butt can hurt, not Anti Monkey Butt Powder!

That story is hilarious!

Webster World said...

I've used baby powder or Gold Bond for years. This sounds better. We'll have to see.

motorcycle chargers said...

Nice blog. i really appreciate with this blog.thanks a lots.

Road Captain said...

I think I will have to rub some of that on my sweaty butt.

Tony said...

Yea the gold bottle, not blue...not sure what's in it, but it's very soothing!LOL I keep a small bottle in the trailer..for...da "butt". I'm not sure I could live on those long weekends in the desert without a shower and a little powder;) I'm keeping my eye out for this new find!

Tony said...

I glanced at the gredients the other day on the gold bond..I saw menthol and zinc oxide.

Anonymous said...

Tim here,
I ride a 12 speed in lower michigan quite often and suffer from rashes in the lower..."cheeks"... region. I I gave this a try today, and yes, now I'm a believer.