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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mrs. Motorcycle Bolted on me!

The other morning as I was getting ready for work, My wife comes back in the house after leaving for work herself. She said, "Mr. M., Something is seriously wrong with my Saturn. I need you to come look at it. I was driving along, and heard a pop, then clunk, clunk, clunk. I stoped and looked, but no flat tire! I want you to look." I took the car for a drive, and noticed it when I was pulling out the driveway. I needed to go no further than 1/2 of a block away from my house to realize there was something wrong with the left rear wheel. I pulled it back into the garage to see a bolt stuck into the tread at the back side on the line of tread, and sidewall.
This is what I found!

This put an interesting spin onto my day.
I got a plug put into the tire, drove her vehicle for the day. She took mine, and I got a new set of rear tires on it during the day.

I got my wife to get me a case and a half of beer later on that day for being such a good boy!


Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

You have taken the prize Mr. M
I have never seen a bolt that large lodged in a tire...after many years in the automotive and motorcycle industry....Ive seen some things...but NEVER anything that large! WOW

IHG said...

We just had a smaller version of a bolt in one of our cage tires. It makes a horrible noise. Everyone was looking at us like what the heck.

Baron's Life said...

You SOB...you got me seriously worried after reading your post title...very clever...you deserve an AMY reward for creativity...I said to myself...Oh no not him..they seemed to be so cool and loving from what I had read... not another divorce...then I read the post and started laughing....well done... Yeah that was a big F...bolt...no way it could have gone into the tire by riding over it...somebody drilled it in there Bud...I'd watch my ass and wear my helmet if I were you...! and carry my gun under the seat..
I mean Mrs..Motorcycle bolted on me...LMAO
Well done..I have enjoyed the drama and will now have a Vodka tonic

Lady R (Di) said...

Good grief! I agree with Chessie... you win the prize for having the biggest... we are talking about bolts! LOL!

Your a good husband for taking care of Mrs. M's car. Your rewards will be plentiful! :)

Allen Madding said...

I used to have a Saturn. One day I left work and heard "Pop, thump, thump, thump". I stopped and found a spark plug stigging out of the tread of one tire. It was the oddest thing I have ever seen in a tire, until your pics.


Webster World said...

Wow! Had my share of junk in tires. I too had a spark plug once. You would have to think a bolt like that would have to be shot into a tire.

Dean "D-Day" said...

When I use to work in a garage, I used to pull all sorts of crap like this out of tires. Pulling stuff of that size out would always amaze me though.

How does someone drive over something like this at the correct angle in order to have it punch through? Never made sense to me.

Not only are you a good husband but Mrs. M is a good wife for rewarding you so well. "Kudos" to the Mrs.

mq01 said...

holy moly... ok now ive bolted myself but NEVER to that degree. wow... glad it turned out ok :)

GYMONR said...

Wow!!! Now that’s a bolt…I thought I was doing something when I pulled a 16 penny nail out of my rear motorcycle tire…once removed no air leaked out…scary part…it’s the same tire I’m getting ready to ride 3000 miles on..Wish me luck…ha-ha.
Big AL

Danny said...

How the heck did that get stuck in there just right like that? The weirdest I ever found in a tire was a brake pad off a kids BMX bike.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Glad to hear from you all! Knowing my wife's vehicle is not the only one suffering from impalement of the tire syndrome. I too had many questions on how something that long could possibly stand up to be impaled into a tire. After much thought, I think I figured it out.

You get a nail stuck in your front or rear tire. Not too hared to figure out. It is standing up, or when you drive over it, if it is placed properly, the head stands it up for you, and into the tire it goes.

I'm guessing here, but if there was research, I bet I'm right. I bet 99% of the time, when a longer bolt, Etc. is impaled into a tire, it is the rear tire that was impaled. Imagine the bolt laying on the road, The head is facing away from you, the bolt lying parallel to the direction you are driving. You drive over it with your front wheel, and (imagine this happening very fast)the bolt pops up, and you drive over it with your rear wheel, and it impales itself there. Mystery solved!

FLHX_Dave said...

Yup, I had the same thing but it was a frick'in railroad spike. Still can't figure that one out.

Glad you didn't catch that one while you were on the bike. That would have really sucked hind tit.

Did you drink that case in one night?

jwesterman said...

unbelievable. And a plausible premise for how it happened, to boot!

montieandme said...

Same here never seen a bolt that big stuck in a tire, well worth the beer.