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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 4 review

Episode 4 starts off W/ Gemma helping Clay inject Cortisone shots into his hands. Unless I missed something earlier on in previous episodes, and unless this is entirely related to Clay beating up Gemma's escalade with his fists, then there may be something more we will learn about this in the future. We do find out later something that happens to Clay as a result of his hands not being right.

S.A.M.C.R.O., Son's Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, "Community Servants" is going to be doing charity rides. They set up for a blood run for the Children's hospital of Ureka. This may be Legit., but is ultimately a cover for the gun running trade they are involved in. They end up using bedrolls with hidden pockets sewn into them to hide their guns in for shipment while tied down on their bikes. The thought process is it will look like they are traveling and need bedrolls for sleep, and the cop's won't hassle them while they are doing service work for charity.

Tara has a light bulb moment and realizes that she is Jax's "Old Lady". This is kind of funny. It's funny in the way she realizes the Cliche' is now her.

A little bit of tension is kind of foreshadowed between Opie and Jax.

As S.A.M.C.R.O. starts gathering for the blood drive, Bobbi pulls up on his trusty old piece of shit FatBoy. The bike is smoking and backfiring, and the rest of the guys are giving him shit. A FatBoy on a FatBoy. Bobbi gets in his diggs on them and their Dynas. More funny shit is said back and forth, including a revelation that Half Sack Kip the Prospect will no longer be a half sack soon, as he is getting a Nueticle;"prosthetic nut". They all have a good laugh on his part.

Gemma receives a package containing one of the rubber masks that the guys who gang raped her were wearing. She sees who sent it, and sees A.J. Weston on the streets, and puts two and two together when she notices the peace sign tattoo on his neck. She also puts two and two together with Ethan Zobel. She is sitting in a parking spot, smoking a cigarette, and trying to get ahold of herself after figuring this out. A bitchy lady is giving her shit about wanting her parking sopt. Gemma pulls a gun on her. This lady reports it to the cops. Unser shows up. Talks to Gemma about pulling the gun. Gemma shows the mask. Unser figures it was Zobel, and pays him a visit at his new shop, Impeccable Smokes. Makes threats to him, and tells him his time will come.

Gemma goes after A.J. Weston, and is thinking about killing him with her gun. Just as she is getting ready to pull the trigger, she overhears him talking on the phone to his son, like any old regular guy, and she can't do it.

While on the blood drive, Bobbi's FatBoy starts fouling, and backfiring and smoking. This causes Tig to crash! While they get Tig to the hospital, he ends up getting picked up from bounty hunters for an old outstanding warrant. More tension rises between Clay and Jax. They are arguing about if they should continue with the Gun Run first, or rescue Tig first. Jax want's to get Tig, and Clay wants to get the guns delivered. Clay thinks that they will be held up at the hotel long enough to wait to get Tig, and Jax thinks otherwise. Clay says he's going to deliver the guns, and starts taking off. He dumps his bike because his hands aren't cooperating with him. They guys help stand his bike back up. Clay goes off by himself and sits on the curb, and Opie goes over and joins him. This is when Opie shows he has taken sides. He declares his loyalty to Clay. (HOW FUCKING IRONIC IS THAT!)

Shortly after this Piney shows up with a Flat bed. Jax declares that they are going to go do some shit kicking. Jax calls the rest of they guys onto the flat bed and they go and rescue Tig by surprising the bounty hunters and back the flatbed right through the motel wall with shot guns pointed at the bounty hunters, it was a quick easy rescue and escape. Piney tried to convince Clay that the whole thing was on him, not Jax. Clay ain't buying it.

Meanwhile, Tara is getting some flack from a supervisor, or someone like that at the hospital for having "A lot of visitors from both sides of the law". You gotta wonder when this whole Old Lady thing was going to get in the way of being the good Doc.

The episode ends with a bang. They are at a party outside. Everyone's having a good time smokin and drinkin. Jax and Clay are off on their own sitting on their bikes. A conversation ensues between the two of them like this:
Jax: "I don't know what the old man was up to today crashing through...
Clay cuts jax off from talking.
Clay: "I don't give a shit about today. Where does this go tomorrow, Next week?
Jax: "Where's what go?"
Clay: "Your need to undermine my every goddamn play."
Jax: "I got no need to undermine you. Things I call out are about the club."
Clay: "Nah, 'Bout you and me."
Jax: Yeah, Maybe they are. Guess I gotta get it right with you; what you did."
Clay: "Yeah, You do."
Jax: "Well you got decades of experience. Why don't you tell me how I do that. How I get right with you trying to kill a brother behind the club's back. Your little trigger boy blowing an innocent woman's head off?"
Clay: "Well, You are gonna have to figure that out for yourself son. But, I'd do it soon. 'Cause if you mention Donna or the incident again, I'll kill ya."

Then Clay gets up and walks away.

There you have it. left hanging again. Man, In my opinion, this was the best episode yet out of all of them including season 1.


Lady R (Di) said...

I'm trying not to get pissed off about this Gemma thing. I wanted her to blow them away herself! I thought she was going to at first, but your right... when she realized Weston was talking to his son, she couldn't do it. I'm pulling for the day she gets her revenge!

Clay showed a problem with his hands last season, when he had trouble buttoning his shirt sleeves before Donna's funeral. Gemma had to help him then and she knows he's having a hard time accepting his limitations (and control).

I thought the Tara light bulb moment was funny too! As well as Half Sack's revelation of getting his other nut! LOL! These funny aspects of the characters are awesome.

I'm waiting for the episode when Opie discovers who was really responsible for Donna's death. Something tells me they are going to continue to show Opie's allegiance to Clay, just to pull it out from under him as the cliff hanger for this season. Anybody else agree?

Can't wait till next week. I'm hungry for more!

Ann said...

GREAT review!

I think Clay's hand issues are going somewhere.

And I wonder what will happen when Opie finds out it was Clay that was behind his wife's brutal murder? You KNOW he's gonna find out eventually.

mrs rc said...

I was reading on the FX/SOA website...Clay has degenerative arthritis in his hands. They even make some joke about him "losing his grip."

I totally loved Tara's "old lady" moment, and Jax's response...precious!

Opie's allegiance surprised me. The comment at the beginning seemed to come from nowhere, unless he's just getting really annoyed with Jax's persistent concerns about his kids/family??? Anyway...with it going the way it is, the fireworks will just be that much more dramatic when Opie does find out! I can't wait.

Great episode...is it Tuesday yet?

Anonymous said...

A couple of letdowns so far. Tara squares off on the porn queen, and then backs down. If she is going to be the VP's old lady, she had better learn to stand up.

It's too soon in the season to kill off Henry Rollins/AJ Weston , but Gemma had a clean shot and certainly the motive. She got raped in the first place because of her maternal instinct. And she couldn't take the shot because she heard him talking to his son.

monkey said...

im so glsd thid id back on, i just watched all four episodes to catch up and im now edging for tuesday.
wouldnt it be funny if opie already knew, i mean he really is acting odd even too jax and his sudden over loyalty to clay is a bit much. its the looks he gives when jax and clay are sniping at each other. be sure though when it dose come out clay wont be the only one who will get it, jax will will have to answer for holding it back from him.
tara is gemma in the earliers years and so she will earn her toughness, be sure there will be some bitch slapping going on. i think the closeness between gemma and the chief is sweet but im sure it will end in him being killed deffending her in some way and then it will all come out about the rape. samcro will rid charming of the scum in an all out battle where we will lose some key characters for sure.

Webster World said...

I say it will be Opie's dad that does the deed or tries. That could turn into next season. Lady's right about the sleeves. I wonder if the Chef will die of cancer or at the hands of the cigar king. Hale has turned to the darkside. So this is only going to get interesting for sure. Gemma's revenge is coming and will be interesting as to how that will play about. It sure makes one wonder as to how this Jax and Clay thing is to pan out. Something just has to break. Clay in prison maybe? Wonder how long that will play out. More than likely next season. Well! Looking forward to the coming week.