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Monday, October 19, 2009

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 6 review

. This episode begins with the ambulance taking Chibs away.

. Unser and Clay are talking about the fact that bombs bring in the Feds. Clay wants revenge, and Unser wants Clay to keep it outside of Charming. Clay says to Unser, Then you get me a home address on Zobel and Weston. They both live out of town-otherwise you'll be watching Main Street on the ten o-clock news". Unser replies with a "Jesus Christ."

. We see Hale and Jax talking. Hale says to Jax, "This was Zobel." Jax, "Otto, now Chibs; this guys trying to break us all." More chit chat between the two.... Hale wants to know what Jax will do if he finds Zobel before the rest of the club. Jax says. "We both know this guy's got some kind of leverage on you; Think of it as a self serving favor" Hale agrees to help Jax by getting an address for him on Zobel and Weston with some information on where they might be.

. Opie's Ma tries to get Jax to help her. Opie is not spending much time at home with the kids, and she wants Jax to talk to Opie.

. Tara asks Jax if she is in danger, If they are in danger.

. SAMCRO holds a meeting. Clay says, "Zobel tried to kill 2 of us in the last 12 hours. This charter doesn't wait any longer; We kill em. Do I need to take a vote?"
Nobody says a thing. Clay gets up and leaves. Shortly after, the rest of the club does too.

. In a room inside the clubhouse where Opie has been staying, Jax has his conversation with him about him not being right yet with all that has happened. Opie turns the tables, and tells Jax, he's the one with the problems. He starts accusing Jax of wanting to take the club over and basically states that it's Clays Club, and he'll just have to get in line. It ain't his time yet.

. The Irish have a meeting with Zobel. (WTF?) Can't wait to see what'll arise out of this in the future.

.With the help of Hale, they get the address of A.J. Weston. They break in after seeing some movement in the window. Gun fire is exchanged right away, only to find out it is Weston's little kid. I think about 10 years old max. The kid gets caught, no one shot, but damn close. He's a mouthy little prick. When asked where his dad is, he says, "I ain't tellin you shit, race trader." Then he spits on Jax.

. Clay breaks into Impeccable Smokes and trashes the place.

. Gemma and Tara are in the hospital. They are talking and we find out that Chibs is stable but in critical condition still. He has major head trauma that could possibly need some pressure relieving if the swelling doesn't go down on its own.

. While in the hospital Tara asks Gemma if she can get a ride home with her. Gemma obliges. She says she'll wait around till Tara is done. Also while at the hospital while waiting for Tara to finish her shift, Gemma talks to Hale and finds out that Hale knows about the rape. Unser had no choice but to tell Hale because Hale was starting to believe the bullshit about Zobel being good for Charming. Unser wanted Hale to know the truth about what kind of shit bag Zobel really is. Hale gets Gemma to tell him about the Blonde girl (Zobel's daughter) who trapped her so that she could be raped. Gemma is surprised to find out David Hale wants to hurt them as bad as SAMCRO.

. Tara and Gemma leave. We find them talking about guns. Gemma asks Tara if she still has the one she gave her. She said no. She got rid of it after Cohen. Gemma gives Tara a new gun. The go out and do some target shooting. The blonde pornstar that has been trying to steal Jax from Tara pulls up in her car. Tara points the gun at her, and she goes running inside the studio. Tara says, "That was fun." Gemma says watch this; and shoots out one of the tires. Then the two of them shoot the crap out of the car and leave.

. Hale pops into Impeccable Smokes. Zobel's daughter is there cleaning up. Hale asks her where Ethan is. She say's, "Do I look like his keeper?" She refuses to cooperate, and says, "Charge me, or get out." Hale threatens to cut himself and say that it was her that did it to him, and she cooperates. She tells Hale about a gathering where Ethan is. Hale tells Jax. Too bad the bitch twisted the information up a bit. There would be many innocent people at this place. It's not quite where you want to have a shoot out.

. Clay and the rest of the club figure out where this is going to be as well by getting the information out of the computer, it is at a Christian Center.

. Jax warns them that the cops will be coming, and if they go in, they are all going to jail. Clay says, "A.K.'s and shot guns, let's go!". They storm into the place only to find out it's like a church supper or something, and A.J. Weston at Zobel's nod, fires a shot at them. The end up storming out, and the cop's are indeed waiting for them. Opie seems to have been running late to this and is riding his motorcycle and crashes it; gets up and is hiding behind the bushes, only to find the entire club getting cuffed and stuffed into the paddy wagon.

Season 2 Episode 7 can't come soon enough my friends!


Lady R (Di) said...

This episode was packed with some good sh*t!

I think my favorite part was when Gemma was showing Tara how to shoot. When that stripper (The one trying to steal Jax) showed up, they played target practice on her car... and laughing about it like two little school girls. Too funny!

Small correction: When SOA was crashing the party at the Christian Center, Opie saw Zobel getting away in his car and took off after him. While chasing him, he had his little crash, lost the car, then went back to the Center. That's how he was able to escape being arrested.

I think the two things that I'm really waiting to come out is:
1) Gemma's ordeal.
2) Opie finds out about Donna's death.

I can't wait to see how they play this out.

We like to Tivo our shows so we can watch without commercials, but I may sit through it all tonight. I'm anxious to see what happens while the Son's are in jail!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Lady R.,
Thanks for the chime in and making that correction. I had to go back and watch my DVR. You are correct. Don't know how the heck I missed that with Opie. So much happening so fast, It just wizzed on by me.

I agree with you. Can't wait to find out what will happen when they discover Gemma's ordeal. I REALLY can't wait to see what happens when and if Opie and the rest of SAMCRO ever find out what Clay and Tig did to Donna.

gael_cee said...

I had to go back and watch the end again to figure out what caused Opie to crash into the back of the parked car. Kind of had to laugh at the way he was able to lift that bike up like it was made of plastic or something.

What the hell is up with a cigar store that just stocks boxes of cigars on a shelf like canned corn or something?

No humidor? You know that Zobel is a fake just from that alone.

Cannot wait till tonight to find out what happens with the incarceration aspect.

redbone said...

hey there. i like your blog. maybe you can answer my question about SofA. why don't they have stickers on their helmets? it just drives me nuts!!!

mrs rc said...

Didn't tivo or watch it again, but I didn't think Weston shot at anybody...looked like he shot into the podium so that all of the church supper patrons would panic and create a chaos that allowed them to escape, and so they'd assume that SAMCRO fired the shots (since they were the only ones with visible guns).

Can't wait for tonight's episode...92 minutes and counting!

monkey said...

the whole thing was a set and a good one at that, weston shot into the podium that caused he riot that also made it look worse when the police showed up.
im really curious to see what happens now that they will be locked up i fear for Gemma and Tara now because nobel will surely use this time to punish them more in his sick way.
the next episode has just finnish downloading so im off to find out.
great blog Mr Mc glad i found you again.