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Monday, November 9, 2009

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 9 review

Clay tries to get Opie into the club deeper. The deeper in he gets, the less of a threat he will be, when and if he finds out that Clay had Tig try to execute him, and instead killed Donna.

Clay tries to shut down Cara Cara without a Club vote. Ain't gonna happen.
Him and Bobby are talking about it, and Bobby says Jax will make it go to a vote. Clay tells Bobby he doesn't give a shit about what Jax wants. "He'll handle the little prince."

Gemma finds religion.

Opie and Lila get a little closer. There's real kissing. Eeew.

A couple of the Cara Cara girls get picked up for prostitution. It was a set up. No one knows for sure whodunit.

Jax and Clay argue about Cara Cara. It turns into a verbal fight in front of the whole club house.
The exchange went like this....

Clay: "You had your little romp as porn king. You tied us to prostitution. You got one of our members Old Lady killed."

Jax: "You are really gonna stand there and lay the guilt of a dead wife on me?"

Clay: "You remember that promise I made?"

Jax pulls out his gun, cocks it, and says, "Let me make it easy for ya." & then lays it on the table in front of Clay. He opens up his club vest like her I am man. Just do it; then turns his back to Clay and holds his arms out wide like here's your shot . Of course Clay does not shoot Jax. Then Jax says, "You need a majority vote to shut down Cara Cara. We put it out at church tomorrow night." Then he walks outside, sits and has a smoke. Bobby follows Jax shortly after he walked out. He asks Jax what that dead wife shit was about. Jax tries to cover it up as best as possible with a bullshit answer. He said it was all about Luanne getting killed. Bobby confides in Jax, and tells him that he was banging Luanne. Me thinks that Bobby is catching on.

Hale gives Clay the address of where Darby is cooking crank and runnin prostitution.

I guess the guys did not really expect the old judge to be so strong willed, and surely didn't see the possibility that the judge didn't really give a rat's ass about his son either. So much for emotional leverage eh? Luckily they find pictures of the judges wife & her shrine of a bedroom They threaten to destroy it as leverage.

Darby wants revenge on SAMCRO for blowing up the meth lab. He talks to Zobel.
A.J. Weston and crew take Darby with to SAMCRO's porn studio and torch the place. Darby gets taken out just prior to torching it, and we can also assume that Chuckie might still have been in there too.

Jax is convinced that Clay had everything to do with torching the porn studio. He looks really really pisssed. He says to the guys, "This was Clay. Couldn't let me have it. Talk to Quin. Tell him I wanna transfer. I'm going Nomad."

Thus ends another kick ass episode of what is in my opinion, one of the greatest shows on air right now.

Can't wait till Tuesday night!


Unknown said...

When Opie and Jax went outside and had a smoke on the judge's porch, I caught myself inhaling with Jax. LOL (still smoke free, no cheating but DAMN the cravings have been BAD the last 2 weeks)

Damn Blogger - ironic much? Word verification was "demenhot."

"Joker" said...

Who the hell is Quin?

mrs rc said...

Just in time to get me geared up for tonight's episode!

Joker, I don't know who Quinn is either.

I definitely think Bobby is catching on...and he knows that Tig knows what its all about too!

As far as Chuckie, I guess time will only tell if he got out...and if he was witness to Darby going down and whodunnit???

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Don't forget tonight is a special 90 minute episode!

I have no idea who Quin is.

BTW. In case you were wonderin. Going Nomad means no specific state charter. Kinda like bein freelance. No voting rights though, but you can sit in on any charter's meetings.

mrs rc said...

There is apparently a Nomad charter president. (Clay was on the phone with him at the beginning of last night's show.) I'm guessing that's who Quin is.

Lady R (Di) said...

Things are heating up alright! I confess. I just watched episode 10 last night and it was the best episode yet!!
I'm sorry Mr. M... I can't come down off of what I saw last night!

Please hurry and get up the new review posted... asap! I can't wait to talk about it!

NOW... things are REALLY going to heat up! (is it Tuesday yet?)

LOL! my word veri was "rebbled". I feel like rebel when I watch the Sons!

Webster World said...

Tuesdays show was great. The end with Gemma...Got a feeling Zobbel and AJ are dead men. About friggin time I say. I'll bet Chuckie is alive. He is too out there to get rid of. I loved the poke in the eye a week or so back. That was funny. Tuesday should be about the best show so far.

redbone said...

i'm with you Webster's World, Zobbel and AJ, they've got targets on them.
i can't wait for tuesdays show!