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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sons Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 11 (proper) review

Back by request.... (Thank you Marie), I am doing a proper review on Episode 11 from Season 2, and will get to the remaining episodes of the season after this one.

We start off the show with Tara and Jax talking while Jax is sittin at the table sewing his Redwood Original charter patches back on to his cut. Tara apologizes to Jax for not saying anything to him about what happened to Gemma. Jax tells her that she did the right thing.

Clay stops by Jax and Tara's place. Clay apologizes to Jax, and Jax returns the apology. Clay tells Jax that he can't do this on his own. Jax tells him that he ain't going anywhere. Clay asks Jax, "How do you want to handle it?" and Jax replies, "We Kill em all."

In the Clubhouse, the crew talks about Jax not going Nomad, and then talk about what happened to Gemma. The club instantly starts talking about getting bloody and cutting off heads. Jax interrupts this violent revenge talk and says that they got to find a weakness and unravel them. Clay orders the club to swallow the urge to kill Zobel or any of his crew if they see them on the streets until they come up with a proper plan.

Gemma confesses to Tara that she is worried that Clay won't want her anymore after the rape since she has been "violated".

Tara comes clean about her suspension at the hospital and the hearing coming up. Jax supports her and tells her that they'll get through it. She then unloads on Jax that she couldn't handle it if he was sleeping with anyone else and that she needs to know that this relationship is going somewhere more than just playing house. She wants a baby, maybe two. Jax assures her the relationship is going somewhere. That what ever it is, he wouldn't have told her what he has if it wasn't.

With Gemma feeling sorry for herself, thinking Clay won't want her anymore, she kind of leads Tig on. They almost get it on...but not. Tig gets his head on straight and stops. He says, "What are we doing?, What are we doing?"

In a round about way, Tig confesses to Opie in the club parking lot what happened to Donna. He tells him Donna wasn't supposed to be in the truck, and that Agent Stahl was the one who really killed Donna due to the set up. Opie beats the shit out of Tig, and he takes it like a man. Then Opie takes off after Stahl. All the while the club is watching this unravel, and is shocked at what they have just heard and witnessed. Oh boy, If looks could kill, Piney and Bobby would have killed Clay with the looks they gave him.

Opie finds FBI Agent Stahl, and threatens her; makes her feel what he is feeling; pretty much makes he whimper into a little puddle quivering and sobbing crouched down low by her car. He doesn't shoot her, but tells her(not exact words)... that she needs to remember, the outlaw showed mercy, and she needs to remember that the next time she tries to set someone up.

Because Unser is planning on helping the Son's, he tells Hale to consider himself acting Chief.

The Club agrees to keep Donna's cause of death a secret.

Half Sack shows his incredibly infected nut to a few, including Tara. She tells him he needs to go to the E.R. immediately.

A.J. Weston get shut out of a "meeting" that Zobel is leading. Hmmmm, Wonder what they are holding back on him? Maybe the fact that they are dealing guns to brown?

Because the Chinese connection isn't happening, The Son's are too short on A.K.'s for getting revenge on Zobel and crew, so they gather up all of their own personal stock in guns, only to realize they haven't got a chance with the small amount they have and with lack of automatics. Thus, Clay feels they will all have to swallow their pride (mostly Chibs), for the sake of Gemma's revenge, and repair their relationship with the Irish. And they do.

Opie spots Chibs with the FBI while he was out earlier trying to locate Agent Stahl.

Zobel makes a deal with Myans leader Alvarez to deal his heroine in prison for a 50/50 proffit cut.

Opie and Jax talk about what to do about Opie staying in the club and sharing a patch with Clay and Tig, the two Brothers who killed his wife. Jax tells Opie that burden falls on the Club, not them. He said that Clay is who he is because the club made him. Opie asks Jax, "How do we undo him?" Jax says, "I been trying to figure that out, but can't do it on my own. I need you Bro." Opie replies, "I'm here man." Then they embrace each other in a Brotherly hug. Then Jax tells Opie he has something he wants him to read. Its John Teller's book, which we later on see Opie reading on the rooftop.

Opie decides he is going to stay in the Club and the truth about Donna dies here. He also tells the club about him seeing Chibs with the FBI, and that he will have to tell his side of the story and that the club needs to hear him out and trust what he has to say.

The Club has another meeting. Jax says, "Zobel's in bed with the Myans. Alvarez's only commodity is heroine." Juice asks. "What would Zobel want with heroine?" To which Jax replies, "It's the missing piece. This was never about a race war. Guns are about controlling the H traffic. Feed the Myans weapons so white can control the heroine trade." Bobby asks, "Hows that work? Weston and his guys are hardcore color haters." Jax says, "That's why Weston wasn't at the heroine deal." Clay says in question, "So, Zobel's doing all this behind his lieutenant's back?" Jax says, "Judas." Clay says, "Sounds like something we can unravel."

Just then Chibs walks into the meeting; tells about his meeting with the FBI, but says he didn't make the deal. Then Piney bursts into the meeting and tries to blow Clay's skull off his shoulders. He misses, and is taken control of. Opie ultimately gets them all to make peace.

Tig tells Clay that Gemma is worried that Clay won't want her anymore since she has been violated. Clay and Gemma get it on at the end the episode.

Till next time. See you soon.........


Ann said...

Best line ever: "We kill em all".

I love, love, love this show!!!!

WyzWmn© said...

I absolutely can not wait till Stahl gets what's comin to her.

nuff said?

Anonymous said...

He's baaack!! Thank you so much!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Ann, I totally agree.

WyzWmn, Me too. Too bad Gemma's on the hook right now for both Polly and Edmund.

You're welcome, and Thank You!