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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Get out of the Car! senior moment

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Gary France said...

I cannot wait until I do those sort of things.... brilliant!

Danny said...

That's a great story true or not.

mrs rc said...

OMG i can't even see what i'm typing thru the tears in my eyes! That is just plain hysterical!!!

Lady R (Di) said...

This is what I'm looking forward too.

There's going to come a day, that I can act as ridiculous as I want, and get away with it... cause I'm old!

Too funny! Thanks for sharing, I needed a good laugh! :D

"Joker" said...

Very funny. Good thing she wasn't from Massachusetts. The cops would've taken her gun away for good. The liberal establishment here feels that only cops can pull a gun on you if you're stealing their car...or anything else. Deadly force is not permitted to protect your property here in The People's Republic. It's barely allowed to protect your LIFE!

Janet/Corn Dog said...

Great story! My hubby had a similar experience. He was a car dealer at the time, and drove a different car nearly every day. He came out of a convenience store one day and got in a car he thought was his. Funny I left it running, he thought, because the car was indeed running. So he got in and started to back out of the parking spot, but a glance in the rear view mirror revealed some stuff in the back seat that confused him. Realized it wasn't his car so he pulled back into the spot and got out, slinked to his own car and drove away quickly.

Ann said...

That's awesome! I can remember my Mom trying to unlock a car that was't hers. Not nearly as funny as this, but at the time I couldn't stop laughing! LOL!