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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, April 9, 2010

We never forget. We just move forward.

After the passing of our beloved Cy last November, our hears were heavy with grief and sorrow. We don't feel as though we have replaced Cy, but have filled the empty hole in our hearts and home that he left behind. We will always love and miss him dearly. We will never forget Cy. We just moved forward.

Meet the newest member of the Mr. Motorcycle family. We just adopted him this past Friday from the same rescue organization that we got Cy from, (R.A.G.O.M.) Retrieve a Golden Of Minnesota.

His name is Finn. He is 22 months young and has still got lots of puppy energy left in him.

My wife so eloquently describes him as the Master Destructor of indestructible dog toys.

I do believe some obedience training is in his very near future. (Monday 4-12-2010 for 6 weeks once a week to be exact.) He will do his training at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge with a professional and myself.

My family and I love him so much already.

Isn't he CUTE!


Gary France said...

You big softy! Call yourself a hardcore biker? It is a cute dog though. Don't tell anyone I have one myself....

Canajun said...

Beautiful dog. Congratulations.

Willy D said...

Indestructible toys? When a determined doggy is on a mission there’s no such thing.

Doug Klassen said...

Congrats on the new pooch. Goldens are such wonderful dogs. Better get to work on a Harley powered tennis ball thrower!

Lady R (Di) said...

Awwww... Finn is a handsome fella! He looks like he could be the master destroyer too! We found a solid hard ball, the size of a bowling ball for our German Shepherd once and he wore himself out with that thing. He couldn't bite it cause it was too big and hard, but it was light so he would push it all around the yard for hours and bark at it. Very funny to watch and it really exhausted some of his energy. I'll try to find you a link for one... they're great and Finn would have a blast with it.

I'm sure Cy is looking down on his beautiful family and is happy to see that you've given Finn a chance at the wonderful life he had. Ya'll are good people!

Enjoy your new adventures with Finn!

Lady R (Di) said...

Me again... They're called Indestructible Jolly Balls and here is where you can order different sizes.

You can find these at Pet stores also, just ask to see their Jolly Balls. (I'd like to see the look on the girls face when you do!) LOL!

Good Luck!

Webster World said...

I know the energy of a golden. Son has one her name is Boodizie. She is 4 and FULL of energy. And yep destroys everything. Just plays things to death. We here just have to have a dog period. Mans best friend for sure. Shaggy never lets me down. Sleeps on the floor next to me. Your family and he will love one another unconditionally. Well after the schooling for sure.lol

sherrypg said...

Our Golden, Scotch, chewed up everything (including the middle cushion on the couch!). We finally bought him a Kong toy. Those things are crazy strong.

Welcome Finn Motorcycle!

FLHX_Dave said...

Man, just looking into those puppy eyes makes me all soft. So, does this mean that the rest of us are god parents to the new member of the family?

Nothing can be truly be replaced, nor should it be, but adding new chapters to your book will make for a happy ending regardless.

Learning to Golf said...

Great looking addition to the family. He looks so innocent in the pictures I can hardly believe he would be destructive. But, not to worry he will grow out of it in about 5 years.

B.B. said...

He's beautiful. I'm so happy that you and your family adopt your dogs from the rescue organization. Have fun with your new friend!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I must admit. Nothing hardcore about me as a biker. Just a hardcore lover of it all.

Thank you.

Willy D.,
I agree.

Unfortunately, until we adopted him, no one had taken the time to teach him how to even play. He is now just learning fetch.

Lady R.,
Than you. And, I'm looking into that link.

Webster World,
Luckily, He does know what are toys and what are not. Now if we can just teach him not to destroy toys.

Sherry PG,
He destroyed a Kong Wubba within 1 day!

FLXH Dave,
By all means, you are then God parents of the Puppy.

Arizona Harley Dude,
Thank you. He's only destructive to toys. Thank God!

Thank you. We will have fun with him. We love him so much already.

Rick said...

Sorry about Cy. Good luck on Mr. Destructo.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thank you!

CRASH said...

cool pooch

Laura Josh said...

You have really cute dog, I have same one, recently i bought a kennel for cute tom.