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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yuengling Traditional Lager

I peeled off my bottle label and brought it back home just to share with you.

Since 1829 by America's Oldest Brewery!

Now that's saying something!

I was Yuengling de-virginized when I was on storm duty handling insurance property hail claims in Alabama this spring. Now had it not been for posts from Jay at Road Captain USA, I would have never even heard of this beer, let alone been intrigued enough to try it. You see, Jay lives in Delaware. Just a hop skip and a jump away from Pennsylvania where Yuengling is brewed.

WTF this beer was doing all the way across the country in Alabama, I've no clue, but there it was. I just had to try it. I'm glad I did, cause it is pretty damn fine beer.

I'm not a big fan of beer with little to no beer flavor. You know those Sexy beers, those beers that are like love in a canoe. You know. Fucking near water! HA! LOL!

I must admit, even though it is virtually flavorless, I do partake in a Mich Golden Light here and there to try to help keep in check my slender girlish figured beer belly.

Anyway, it is an amber beer. Not what I expected at all.

Thanks Jay for the heads up way back when.

Think I'll go get me a beer now that we are talking about it. You go do the same. Cheers!


Dean "D-Day" said...

Yeah, I don't do flavorless beers. I don't do light beers and I don't do snooty import beers. Gimme a Pabst and I'm happy.

Dannytheman said...

Living in SE PA and visiting the Pottsville brewery every year with 12 to 30 of my riding buddies started out as a once a year thing. Now we head up in Maye, July, September and of course October.
Only about 90 minutes from my home with backroads all way. 75 minutes via highway.

It is my beer of choice and I am happy you like it.

Road Captain said...

Just picked up a 12 pack a few hours ago before reading this post. Glad you tried it. If you ever get to Pottsville for the brewery tour it is totally awesome!