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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just because you can doesn't mean you necessarily should.

I, being a custom painter an all by ex trade, love all things custom. I do like some stock stuff too, but almost, (O.K.) everything I've ever owned, has practically been customized in some way. I used to not know when to quit. I couldn't always judge when enough was enough, and more was too much. My wife has been great at pointing out when I've reached this point over the years, and has helped me find subtlty in customs. This makes for a classy custom look, rather than loud and what I consider gaudy custom. I've been working on perfecting this over the years, and have actually started getting a reputation for subtle custom paint that some folks have noticed, and even commented on.

This brings me to, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you necesarily should."
I've been a fan of customs as long as I can remember. I do even love customs that are not subtle, however, I've seen some stuff out there that makes me wonder why? Again "Just because you can, doesn't mean you necesarily should."

I'm not going to pick on any one bike builder/artist, because without pushing the envelope on going to extremes, all things would remain stagnant, however, while pushing extremes, can't you look at the bike-paint job, etc. and go, O.K., that's enough, lets call it good before it goes to the point of being just plain rediculous. Who wants to ride this Sh*t anyway? And if it's just for show, What a waste. O.K. Done ranting. Thanks for listening to me. This post was inspired by a rediculous custom that I saw recently. Great bike builder known for Extremes.


Ann said...

Hmmm, you sound a lot like my husband. He loves all things custom, and used to build custom hot-rods back in the day. I also have had to train him on the fine art of knowing when to say 'when'. It's a wife's station in life! ;)

Seriously, we've seen some custom bikes that just make you scratch your head and ask, "Why?"

Skybob said...

So funny, sounds a lot like me! One reason I like rock crawling so much is because of the amount of time I can spend building, tweaking..my dirt bike doesn't give me quite as much freedom, I need to learn to leave it alone now! My wife is constantly telling me "when" also!;) Oh, the money spent in "tweaking"! I have seen some rediculous looking buggies in my day!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Absolutely! I live more by the motto "less is more" so when some of these guys go overboard, it just makes me want to barf. It makes me think, "What were you trying to prove?" I like to look at customs and can appreciate the time and talent that it takes to build something like that. I personally wouldn't want one though.

FLHX_Dave said...

Keep it simple. I can't justify putting crap on my bike that I know I am going to trash as a result of riding. There are two kinds of bikes. Show bikes and Road bikes. I see alot of nice bikes but there is always one thought that comes to mind every single time. "Nice bike! Guess it doesn't see to many miles...I wouldn't ride it outside the neighborhood." All I care about is keeping my bitch running reliable. My customization is in the details of a ride and which roads to take. Hey, if your into customization then keep on. Don't let me stand in your way cheif. Agree with what you said. It's sort of like a woman wearing a hot, sexy dress. Looks good and makes you hot for the ride, but when it comes down to taking her for a spin your thinking..."go take some lessons honey; sorry I smeared your lipstick."

Mr. Motorcycle said...

"A wifes station in life". LOL. I gotta share this with my wife.

Leave it alone now. Step away from the dirt bike. It's good enough.

You said it, sometimes, less is more.

FLHX Dave,
Even though some people may look at my bike as showy, it's still a rider. I do ride it as much as I can. Therefore, I guess I'm glad I can do my own mods, and paint, because when I do F' things up, which I do,it doesn't cost me a fortune to fix them and make it pretty again. (O.K., maybe a small fortune). That is why I have to paint other peoples stuff, so I can afford my habbit. I'm just sold on looks as well as function, It's when people take the look too far that I think it's goofy. (example, Theme bikes)

Anonymous said...

I spent many a day checking out the wild customs created on "Biker Build-Off" and "American Chopper", but its kinda like keeping track of the trainwreck that is Britney Spears' life...interesting to look at, but I wouldn't want to be involved in any part of it. I am all for personalizing your ride, making it your own. But I definitely agree that "less is more". K-I-S-S

FLHX_Dave said...

When I think of custom bikes I am thinking "theme bike". Your bike is a "personal statement". Just what it should be in my opinion.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Mrs R.C.,
I'm telling Jay you are blowing me KISSES.

Just kidding, but it took me a while to figure out that kiss is keep it sweet and simple:)

FLHX Dave,
I knew you saw it my way. LOL! Thanks!

Big Daddy said...

Ann's comment is When to say When? I currently have 4 1/2Bikes..a 88 Evo sportster [my baby] a 84 Ironhead sporty,,[stolen from by Ann] a 71 triunmph hardtail chopper real old school long forks and tall sissy bar no part that newer than 75 except fluids tires and rubber seals. another 650 triumph I might make into a 50's looking speed twin. and the half bike is a genuine arremachi harley davidson moped. and a 45 trike frame. and mama's the one looking at more bikes.Btw if you can't ride 200 miles comfortably....it ain't a bike.

Anonymous said...

LOL, pretty good Mark, but it's actually "keep it simple, Stupid!"

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Big D,
Sounds like you got a pretty nice colllection going!

Mrs. RC,
Are you calling me stupid? LOL!I like it sweet and simple!

"Joker" said...

Reminds me of a while back when we were talking about the paint job you did on your bike, and I said I liked the subtlety of it.

I agree with Dave. There are show bikes and their are road bikes. If you're going to go with trying for one that is both, I guess it's hard to know just where the "line" is.

Customization for me meant combining good looks with stuff I actually needed. Highway pegs, new grips, a new seat, etc.

I could keep going I guess. But, just because I can doesn't mean I necessarily should.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Joker, You always find a way to spin a joke. LOL

By the way, speaking of pegs, How do you like th miniboards? Have they done anything to help the old legs after a long ride?

"Joker" said...

I love the mini-boards. They are just the right size for a Sportster, where full-sized footboards wouldn't look right. They are much more comfortable than plain foot pegs. I've been meaning to post a "review" on them, but haven't gotten around to it.

Also - a guy in my Chapter with an '06 Sporty saw them on my bike, loved them, and went out and put a set on his bike. I've used other's bikes to get ideas for mine before; this was the first time someone used mine to get ideas for theirs. I thought that was pretty cool.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thanks for the miniboard info. Now I gotta find someone who has em, so I can test drive a pair.