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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Biker joke.........Too Little, Too Late

Doug Klassen from Fourty Years on Two Wheels had recently posted his rendition of what a biker means in What's in a name. http://40on2.blogspot.com/2008/08/whats-in-name.html

According to his image of a Biker, the 60's version of a ruffian hoodlum on two wheels, here is a very fitting joke.

A regular Joe is at the Pearly Gates, hoping to be admitted.

St. Peter says to the guy,
"I can't see that you did anything really good in your life, but you never did anything bad either. I tell you what, if you can tell me one really good deed that you did, I'll open Heaven's Gates to you."

So the guy says,
"I was driving down the road and saw a gang of bikers assaulting this poor girl. So I pulled over, got out my car, grabbed a tire iron and walked straight up to the gang's leader--a huge ugly guy with a studded leather jacket, bald head but with hair all over his body, and a chain running from his nose to his ear.
Undaunted, I ripped the chain out of his nose and ear and smashed him over the head with the tire iron. Then I turned around and, wielding my tire iron, yelled to the rest of them, "You leave this poor, innocent lady alone! You're all a bunch of sick, deranged animals! Go home before I teach you all a lesson in pain!"

Impressed, St. Peter says,

"Really? I can't seem to find this in your file. When did this happen?"

"Oh, about two minutes ago."


Anonymous said...


Ann said...

Amen! LOL

B.B. said...

I can always count on you for a laugh!

FLHX_Dave said...

Lol, I feel like an idiot. It took me a few seconds to figure it out then I nearly choked on my gatorade. Thanks for the laugh.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Glad you all enjoyed the joke.

Mrs. RC,
Pineapples. nice tie in!. It would have been fitting too.

Glad you liked it.


FLHX Dave,
The intent is never to choke a fellow blogger, but only to make one shoot gatorade out their nose onto the keyboard.

Lady R (Di) said...

Brave or stupid, either way, this was funny!

Mrs. rc...loved the reference to the pineapples.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Lady R.,
Maybe both, but yes, funny. Glad you liked it.