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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Biker or not?

What makes a biker?

I read a lot of other people’s blogs and comments about what makes one a biker and what makes one a poser, or just a bike enthusiast.

I think the word “BIKER” and what it means is subjective to opinions.

The term “bar hopper” comes to mind right off the bat. Many times, I’ve read: not quoted, but implied, that if you have a bar hopper, and don’t go touring that you are not a true biker. I’ve recently read a post where the blogger himself decided he was not a biker, just a bike enthusiast because of the way he looked, versus the way one of his friends looked. To me it is more, how long you've been riding, how much passion you have for riding, how much burning desire you have to ride, even when you can't ride. If you get in a motorcycle accident, and live to ride another day, do you ride, or hang it up? When you see a bike, no matter what kind, is there a part of you that thinks, “That’s cool, I love it anyway”? If the burning desire to ride, consumes the back of your brain while you are doing something other than riding, and if every ounce of your soul says “I am a biker”. Well then my friend, in my book you are a biker. To me that is more of a biker than not. If you judged a biker by the way they look, or how often they “get” to ride, then you may as well judge them by what they ride, the color of their skin, the price of their motorcycle, what kind of house they go home to, Etc. Etc, Etc……
Re: The above statement about judging a biker by their looks....
Those who read my blog regularly will likely think of the fact that in the past, I have posted and criticized about some bikers looks, or the way they choose to dress.
I'm human. I notice this stuff and I never said they weren't bikers.
If you look like a dork, you look like a dork. Weather or not you are a biker, has nothing to do with what you wear, or don't wear.
I post this because, I do own a bar hopper, but I go for long rides when ever the opportunity strikes, and pay the consequences in lack of comfort. I do not do long tours. I desire to, but my family life and job at this time, limits this. I am actually planning on one for next year (ON MY BAR HOPPER). I've been in three motorcycle accidents in my 20 some years of riding, and two were pretty severe, and I still ride. I can't imagine not riding. I tried to give it up after my first accident. That didn't last long before I couldn't stand it anymore. For me life without riding is not a life at all. When I do ride, although not nearly as much as I'd like to... I'll be soaking it all in and think to myself. This is livin. This is what it's all about. This is why I ride.
I am one of the people I described above.
Ladies and gentlemen, ……..I AM A BIKER; are you?


Lady R (Di) said...

"My name is Lady Ridesalot. I am a biker."

I day dream of riding when I hear a motorcycle go by my window at work. I look forward to the weekends so Harley and I can actually ride the bikes through the country side for several miles and enjoy our passion for riding. Together. We are with our family, that is what's cool for us.
I like to ride to work when I don't have errands to run that would be larger than motorcycle capabilities.
I think anyone on a bike is a biker. I don't always know how much they ride or how far they go, but why would that matter? I still enjoy waving at others riding motorcycles, whatever they are on. I agree with Mr. M with the fact that, if you look like a dork, that just means your a dorky looking biker!
And last but not least, I want to share my rides with others by bringing them into my world. This is why I blog. I have two outlets that comfort me. Riding my motorcycle. Creatively writing about riding my motorcycle.

You tell me. Biker or Bike Enthusiast?

Anonymous said...

I think that most of the negativity regarding "bar hoppers" is not so much the bike, but the person that doesn't ride it. If all you ever do, or long to do, is to clean up your bike really good and then cruise a couple of blocks down the street for people to ogle over it at the local bike night, then you are a poser my friend.

The difference is all in the intentions. If your intention is to get out and ride and enjoy being on the bike, then you are a biker. If your intention is to show off that you own a bike, but you couldn't really care less about the enjoyment of actually riding it, then you may as well trade in the trophy wife for a cardboard cut-out too!

I'm with Lady R...if you are riding and you look like a dork, that just makes you a dorky biker.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Lady R.,

Thanks for sharing your passion, and reason's for riding, and blogging. I believe the part alone about having so much passion for riding that you have a biker blog may say a little. I beileve you my friend, are a true biker in everysense of the word.
ride on!

Mrs. RC,

I think your points about bar hoppers nails it right on the head! Amen!
I KNOW you too are a biker in my book!

Interesting point about the "POSER" theory. I'm not saying they aren't out there, I'm sure there are a few, or I'm just really naieve, but I personally don't know any. Everyone I've ever met, or talked to that rides, truly shares a passion in it at least to some extent. Some more than others maybe , but If you spend the money on buying a motorcycle, fuel, maintenance, buying all the gear, taking the permit test, taking the riders test to get your endorsement, paying for motorcycle insurance, making a home for it when you aren't riding, isn't that an awful lot of money, effort, and work for someone who doesn't care about riding? If a "poser" just wanted to show off, I think there might be a lot of easier ways to do it.

Ann said...

We know a few posers, but not many. Most of the people we know are 'bikers' as you describe. They have a true passion for riding.

Me, I'm dreaming of the day I get my license and my sporty is ready to roll. Until then, I settle for the back of Big D's sporty...which lacks comfort, but it's worth it - what a ride! :)

Big Daddy said...

I have always thought that
'It's about the bikes'
I don't care what you ride.
As long as it can keep up with traffic.
I don't care what someone wears...But I agree some of it looks dorky to me.
I define a Biker as someone when they ride or talk about bikes they get that "look" in the eyes and all who see it know they have been bitten.
The brotherhood aspect is cool, but it's ancillary.
It's existance doesn't change the fact that I love to ride and talk and look at bikes.
The brotherhood bond is created by the shared love of the bike and the common reaction from those who just don't get it.
The real problem lies in trying to define "Biker"
Is a priest more "legit" than a Reverend or rabbi or etc?.
Depends on your personal definition.
Is a sailor more sailor from the clothes he wears or the size or make of his boat?
I get called "biker" by people who just met me....
not even on or near my bike.
Truth is I don't care what I'm called.
freind or foe.
just don't prevent me from riding.

"Joker" said...

It's pretty simple I think. If you own a motorcycle, and it spends more time in the garage during the summer than your car does during the winter, you ain't a biker.

The branded clothes, the attitude (or lack of one), the brother/sisterhood aspect, etc, all play a part too. But, none of it means shit if the bike's sitting still.

If you're a biker, you ride. Whenever you can.

Anonymous said...

We all have our own idea on what it is to be a biker and no one can be right or wrong. To some it is a good thing and to others a bad thing. I ride a Harley and I put on a lot of miles. But I see things a little closer to the way Doug see's them. I don't consider myself a biker! I am a Harley Davidson enthusiast and proud of it! I love my biker brothers and sisters but there is something slightly different between us. It's like different flavors of ice cream. We are all ice cream, but I'm not the same flavor you are. I might be cookies and cream and you might be chocolate chip cookie dough. It's almost the same but slightly different. Anyway I think the only way to tell is if you wear the black leather vest. Like brother Dave, bikers love the leather vest. I can't bring myself to wear the vest, therefore I retain my not biker classification. I do like chaps though!

"Joker" said...

Jay, Jay, Jay!

Three things:

1. I can be, and usually am, right, both politically, and versus being wrong.

2. You're always mentioning either Ice Cream or Yuengling - I detect obsessive compulsiveness.

3. What about brown leather or denim vests?

Anonymous said...

Baby, you are losing it! LOL

Dean "D-Day" said...

Hello everyone. My name's D-Day and I'm a biker.

From the dizziness I feel when I hear the engines roar by when I can't be out riding to the butterflies in my stomach every time I slap my leathers on. My bike Dixie is the love of my life for nobody has ever given me the happiness and joy that she has. Giving me freedom and the right to be who I want to be and asking for so little in return.

Winters here in Wisconsin have become brutal to me. Not because of the cold and snow but because of what it represents. It's a period that I refer to as "The Dark Times". It's just a long stretch of time that we can't be together and I feel like a piece of me is missing.

Yes my friends, I am biker down to my soul. And I can not imagine never feeling the rumble beneath me, the wind in my face and sun on my face.

Big Daddy said...

I might also add a clarification.

The term bar hopper refers to the bike not it's rider.
a bar hopper was genarally a sporty or triumph that hauled ass but had not much
distance as going fast uses more fuel and the smaller tank etc..

A garbage wagon was a long distance bike.
the two are sometimes interchangeable IE a really fast tourer or a sporty set up for distance.

One isn't any better than the other, just closer to it's intended use.

A Bobber is just that...a bike that has been 'bobbed' of its unecessary parts and cut down to 'bob' wieght
[usually taking it out of cruiser teritory and into bar hopper status]

a Chopper is a chopped/cut frame [I chopped the frame to give it more rake]

None of these terms make a rider a biker.
And conversely a biker isn't always a rider.
If you go down on your bike and are disabled and no longer able to ride, yet. you still love bikes and the lifestyle.
Having paid the ultimate price for your love of bikes.
Are you no longer a Biker?

Mr. Motorcycle said...

To all,

I figured this would spark a bit of debate!

The fact is, the word "Biker" IS subjective to opinions. There is no written rule. It has many meanings to each and everyone of us who rides.

I'm not going to argue with anyone, or say who is wrong or right here. All I can say is thanks for all of the comments, opinions, facts, and such.

I do have just one thing to add.

I saw a guy riding a scooter today wearing a "biker" vest. Is he a biker because he dons the vest? I think not. Therefore the vest does not make one a biker but the biker makes the vest.

Lucky said...

I am not a biker. I am a sickle bum.

Anonymous said...

I am going to guess that the gas crunch is so out of control that the authentic vest wearing biker probably owns a Boss Hoss and is riding the scooter to save gas while running errands. This can only be validated if he had more than 10 poker run pins and 8 patches on his vest. If less than that then he is not a biker, just a strange scooter riding tree hugger trying to decrease his carbon footprint or something strange like that. He was probably on his way to pick up some Yuengling and Cookies & Cream ice cream.

Mr. Motorcycle said...


You are a biker liker.


I think he was from the Village People. He even had the hat, big glassses, and leather shorts! LOL! I tried to get q picture, but just as I got out my digital camera, he turned off.

Anonymous said...

Of course Jay is a little OCD!!! But really it is quite simple: ice cream when we are riding, Yeungling when we are not. ;-)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I had to google yuengling to find out it is America's oldest brewery. We don't have any of it around Minnesota, at least not that I've noticed. I am also a pretty big beer conneseur of sorts. If it were here, I'm sure I would of heard of it. I'm into all the really robust flavorfull beers. No Lite beers for this guy. I'll take the beer over ice cream any day.

Anonymous said...

The word BIKER has alot of history and stigma attached to it. Mainstream society hears it and thinks beer swillin', foul smellin' white trash. A motorcycle enthusiest hears it and thinks freedom and screw what mainstream society thinks. What makes a true BIKER is not the worn out leather vest or the trail of beer cans like breadcrumbs leading to some snoring mass with one hand on a beer and the other on some womans ass. It's not the bike make or even the model. It's not the silver skull rings or the spiderweb tats on the elbow. It's not a thousand dollars in riding leather or a braided goatee. To me, what makes a true BIKER is the miles of asphalt tearin' and splattered bug wearin'. It's getting out there and doing it instead of thinking and talking about it. True BIKERS don't model a lifestyle but create a lifestyle based on a bike and the road with the time and freedom to do it. Everything else is a byproduct of the ride. True BIKERS are not concerned with the commercialism of biking. True bikers need parts, gas, a cool pair of shades and the desire to hit the road with the time and the freedom to do it. Though most of us have work and family responsibility that keeps us off the bike more often than not, a true BIKER takes care of business at home and cares and provides for his family. When those needs at home are met and he finds some time and freedom, what does he do then? Wash and wax a clean bike or blow the dust off that bitch with a twisted throttle and a grin from ear to ear. True BIKERs know the answer.

Unknown said...

Hello, My name is "Pinch" and I am a biker.

I found this blog looking for some insight into the prejudice I recently encountered from someone I have considered a friend.
He commentted on how "it makes him laugh to see the posers on a Jap cruiser with ape hangers and leather bags" By the way I ride a 2005 Honda Shadow ,lowered with 17inch apes and leather saddle bags. So I got defensive right away.I told him "When I am done kicking your ass, I bet you tell your girlfriend some "biker" did it and not some poser on a Honda. Luckily I got my head straight and let it go. If some jackass in a SUV with his seatbelt on and his heater blaring has a comment to make let him. He's just some outsider lookin out of his fishbowl, wishing he had the guts and heart to ride. Being a biker is about personal freedom and the open road and anyone who judges someone else for living that way doesnt get "it". It doesnt matter if they own a Harley , Hell it doesnt matter if there name is 'Harley", Real Bikers respect other Bikers. I have a friend who rides a Bergman 400 ( its like a Giant Scooter) but he is also legally blind and has the only visually impaired M1 lic in CA . Now thats HARDCORE BIKER. PERIOD.