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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Motorcycle Helmets and helmet laws

I've been looking around for a while now for just the right motorcycle helmet. I want the "look" as well as comfort, and function. There are a million styles. Let the journey begin.

Yeah you heard me, I'm giving in and buying a brain bucket.

On my internet quest, I stumbled upon this great site that has a detailed map and breakdown of helmet laws, and provision's per state. (U.S. Only). Sorry if you are one of my non U.S. visitors.

For those who tour regularily, or not so regular, it may be something you want to check out. I thought this was too good not to pass on.

Check out the helmet law page link that I found.
This is a good one to add to your favorites, unless of course you always wear a helmet anyway.


Dean "D-Day" said...

A think the German helmet with the large spike on top would be a great look for you. LOL!

"Joker" said...

LOL Dean! Yeah, I love Klink's Helmet myself! Actually, the "German style" helmets (minus the spike of course) are pretty cool looking, especially the chrome finish ones. If you and your bike are the right match for it that is - they don't look good on everybody!

Most of the guys I ride with wear a 'skid lid,' or novelty helmet, which is NOT DOT approved. I have a black carbon fiber half-shell that gives me DOT protection, and still looks half way decent. I also plan on adding a full-face to my collection after much thought on the subject. I'm actually borrowing one from a fellow HOG for the ride to Milwaukee because a new one's not in Joker's budget right now.

Why? I have to admit the main reason is RAIN! I fucking hate riding in the rain! Coming back from my Experienced Rider's Course at the end of last month I had to ride for 45 minutes in absolutely POURING rain. I felt like I was getting a tattoo on my face and it just plain sucked beyond the definition of sucked.

I think we all agree that if you are a serious rider, riding in the rain is going to happen. I've decided that making it less miserable is just common sense. On that last ride, if I had pulled up the hood on my rain gear inside a full-face, it wouldn't have been that bad.

Big Daddy said...

I'm probably the only guy who's doctor told him.
Don't wear a helmet if you can help it.
Due to the nature of my neck injurys, he believed it would do more harm than good.
Still gotta get a halfshell for outta state.

Anonymous said...

The inside cover of the HOG Touring Handbook also has a chart with all of the states' laws on helmets, headlights, riding "outlaw", etc...

If you really want to be sure to have a quality helmet, you need to get one that is "Snell" approved. I recently learned that a simple "DOT" means only that the manufacturer claims they follow the outlined minimum specs. Snell helmets are subject to random intensive quality testing, and sure to offer a higher & more consistent level of protection.

Helmets are definitely a personal thing. They need to fit your head, your riding style, your desired level of protection, your budget, your fashion sense.... Take your time, and make the best choice that works for YOU.

Congrats on taking that extra step towards protection & safety. :-)

sherrypg said...

We all have Fulmer Modus helmets.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

It would be funny, but what if you slid into a curb, spike first and it goes through the helmet. Not so safe Huh.

I totally hear you about the rain. I always refer to the pain as needles, but have never heard of anyone using the annalogy of a face tattoo. Too funny. Rain sucks, but I don't think I could do the full face deal.

Big D,
I think I'm looking for the right half shell myself.

Mrs RC,
Great info. Thanks!
Funny thing you mentioned Snell. I usually have a few posts lined up in advance. I often times post days ahead of time. My post for tomorrow is exactly just that, It's about Snell.

I'll have to look up Fulmer Modus helmets. I've never heard of the modus, but have heard of fulmer.

Ann said...

Currently, I'm only a passenger. I don't wear a lid now, but when I do get my license, I will be wearing a halfshell. I don't think I could ever do a full face helmet. And I don't know how long the halfshell will last...I love the wind in my hair!

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be forgetting that there is another option besides a half-shell and a full-face...Jay & I actually both wear a 3/4 helmet with a face shield. It gives you the extra rain (and bug) protection and warmth, but isn't nearly as claustrophobic as a full-face would be.

B.B. said...

If you really want safety, just get SNELL rated. This way you will be certain that the helmet will do the job. I have tried a bunch of helmets. I take a full face on really long trips where I expect to hit heavy rain or snow. I am using a Bell Drifter. Only problem is alot of snowboarders are using it. lol I dig this helmet but alot of riders think it's uncomfortable. I never had an issue with it. There is less protection on the top of your head but this allows it to sit lower. (I hate skyscraper head.) It's DOT, but I suspect barely.

FLHX_Dave said...

LOL, I posted as BB. I had boobs for a few moments! BB's comment is actually mine. She forgot to log out. (Should have felt myself up while I was her.)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I've tried the full face, and couldn't do it either. I love the wind.

Mrs RC,
I think the 3/4 would be great for the rain, but half shell the rest of the time.

Trans gender FLHXBB,
First off LOL!
I've tried the Bell Drifter. I have such a small melon, it makes me look like Marvin the Martian.

Anonymous said...

Diana and I thought we would get more use out of our old Fulmer Half Shell helmets, but after we got our 3/4 Harley Davidson Jet II helmets with face shields we haven't gone back. The half shells just collect dust. I might have to sell them! Anyone want to trade a good half shell for a leather vest?
I like that I can wear normal prescription glasses with my Jett II. Diana likes not getting hit in the face by bullet like bugs in addition to wearing normal sun glasses.

Anonymous said...

I remembered something else that I think is worth mention (I got up out of bed to add this comment). My next helmet will not be black! Black gets very hot. You can fry an egg on my head when I wear that thing. Having a hot head is not good.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Road Captain,

I think both are very good points. I will seriously consider them when shopping.


IHG said...

I actually own and wear the one you have posted on the bottom with the skulls. Mine is black and gray. It's a DOT helmet. To me be it DOT and Snell...I don't know if it would really help you in a crash. I pretty much wear mine because it just makes me feel better on long trips, especially when you are out on the interstate. I like the 1/2 helmet because I can still feel the wind in my face.

Mr. Motorcycle said...


Nice helmet choice. I like it.

Re: DOT, Snell, or none of the above.

I'm not sure about how much difference all of this makes either. I guess it really depends on each and every accident when and if the helmet actually comes into contact with something. If it is a skid, a bounce, a hard rap, or a piercing object and the amount of impact to the helmet all play a part. I'm sure the amount of cases where a helmet actually saves a life are less than the helmet and safety foundations report. Here is my train of thought... If it is reported that the helmet saved a life, how do they really know? It's an educated guess at best. It is naieve in a way to state that it saved a life, if the person is living. Because, if they had not had the helmet on, they may have lived just the same. I've survived three crashes with no helmet. All three times, I've contiously protected my melon while flying toward the earth, or skidding along it. I know you can't always control that part, therfore I cannot be an advocate against helmets either. Keep in mind, some accidents involve deaths where the rider WAS wearing a helmet. If that rider had not been wearing the helmet, they would say that they would have lived, had they had a helmet on. Right?

I crashed my truck several years ago into a ten point buck at about 75 miles per hour. I had no time to react. There was hardly a skid mark. MY front fenders were practically sideways, and seperated from the front end of the car, because the grille and radiator were pushed so far into the engine compartment. This was an old S-10, and had no airbags. I bent the steering wheel forward (wrapped it around the steering column).
When the sherriff got there he observed the accident, and said it was a good thing I was wearing my seatbelt or I'd have been ejected, and dead. I never told him I wasn't wearing one, but I was not.
This is a classic example of how safety devises can (sometimes) be overrated, and the belief in how essential they are skewed.

Don't get me wrong. I am not against helmets, setbelts, airbags, or any other safety devices. I just think that a realistic view needs to be had. I do own a helmet and am wearing it now. I bought a half shell. I'm trying to get used to the thing. I've ridden so many years without one. Even if wearing a helmet is not a guarantee of that your life will be spared if you go down, it can't hurt, and even if you choose a non DOT, or non Snell, anything is more safe than nothing.

The Great Motorcycle Prophet said...

Full Helmet saved my face and life. You most likely to hit face firsts
See the pictures: http://greatmotorcycleprophet.blogspot.com/2009_01_01_archive.html#4362826377286018263

Roswell said...

Don't forget your helmet mohawks: http://www.ironhorsehelmets.com/MOHAWK.htm

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. M. Just came across your page while searching the web for louisiana helmet laws. I'm a young louisiana biker. I just purchased my first harley last week. I was previously riding a Vstar 650 and wore a full face so no one knew who I was, lol. But now I'm rockin the beenie helm with pride. I Purchased a 1997 Sportster 883 Hugger and was wondering if you build that tank you have yourself or if you ordered it? I just ordered my drag bars and already put the forward controls on and think a fatter tank would pretty much complete the look i want. Well that and a paint job ya know

Mr. Motorcycle said...


Welcome to my blog, and feel free to stop back often!

If you take on a switching out your tank, be prepared for a bit of time and money spent.

Keep in mind, this is what I had to do to mine to make it work. Mine was a 1997 XLH when I started customizing my bike. Yours today maybe different, and Drag Specialties may have made changes as well, but here's what I had to do....

The tank on my bike is Drag Specialties, single fill cap, "stretched" (Fat Bob Tank). They require a bit of mods , and a lot of body work, and I'd guess about $600.00-$800.00 total to make them work.(Including tank, parts, and labor, but not including custom paint). First, you have to re-locate your ignition switch. The Ignition relocator bracket Assy. did not come included with mine. (Make sure you inquire about this when buying the tank if you go this route. Then you re-locate your tank mount bracket on the frame, (A bitch), doesn't line up easily. Then you spend about 8 hours doing body work to the raw sheetmetal, to clean up all the welds. (hope you don't grind any too small, or you'll have a leak, and don't want them too high, or you'll have to have too much body filler to cover them up. But prior to body filler you want to take the tank in somewhere where they seal gas tanks, or all your time and effort and body work and custom paint will be ruined if your tank leaks. Unless you are a body man, and a painter, or know someone who is, This is NOT a do it yourself job. (The body work part and the paint part at least.) Relocating brackets, and ignition can be done if you are handy.

Good luck my friend, and come back and visit Mr. Motorcycle again!

Anonymous said...

Do I have to relocate the ignition switch to the left side or is it possible to lower it on the right side? My sportster is the same year as yours so it should be pretty much the same I presume.
I was gonna look into one of the fatbob tanks with the dash in the tank so i didn't have to put a new tach and speedo on with the new bars but i kind of like the classic look of the gauges on the bars.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Josh King,

I mounted my ignition on the left side, and have since moved it's location, but still on the left. Enough will, want, time, money, and or skills, or all of the above, and ignition wiring length...You can move it anywhere you want.