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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 3 review

SOA Season two Episode 3 starts off with Bobby doing his Elvis impersonation singing gig at aBar mitsvah . Bobby and Clay are talking and Bobby is bitchin about having to do these. Clay asks him why he is then. Bobby tells Clay that he needs the money with all the debt he accrued while in jail. Clay tells Bobby that with his bad shoulder from the gunshot he isn't much good in the garage, so why doesn't he take over the books for the new porn partnership. Clay makes this decision for the club without asking for a vote, or even asking Jax. This puts even more separation between Clay and Jax. Ultimately for the good of the club and for Bobby, Jax ends up being O.K. with the decision. Bobby asks Jax if things are gonna be O.K. because there is a lot of uprising tension and confrontation between him and Clay. A lot of the guys are worried. Jax assures Bobby that it will all be O.K., it's just father son shit.

Gemma and Clay haven't had sex since Gemma was gang raped. They aren't even getting along. The tension between them grows until there is a fight in the parking lot of the new porn studio for all to witness. See, the thing is, Clay has no idea Gemma was gang raped, and doesn't see what is so dang hard to get over a car accident. Gemma and Tara confide in each other about this. Gemma tells tara it ain't the puss, it's her head. A bit later Gemma is at the garage in the office and in walks Sheriff Unser. He wants to know how Gemma is doing. He starts talking about a confidential therapy group for victims of sexual assault. Gemma blows him off, and he leaves. Not a split second later, and in walks Tig from an open back door. We are lead to assume that he heard about the sexual assault therapy group, but he never says anything about it to anyone the entire episode. We'll have to wait and see later on if he did indeed hear it or not, and what he will do with the information if he did hear it.

Luanne has a melt down about Bobby doing books. We find out why a bit later in the show. Bobby find out and confronts her in the fact that she has been skimming from the beginning. Nothing happens with this yet either. Bobby says he will bring it to the club and what happens will be a club decision. Luanne tries to buy him off with promises of paying back every dime, and we can also assume that she has sex with him as well. They don't show it. Yet again another thing left hanging for us to find out in later episodes where they will take us with this. Damn, they do a good job of weaving the web of cliff hangers.

Ethan Zobel confronts Deputy Hale and tries to convince him to deliberately allow drugs, and drug dealing into Charming to create a temporary problem which will allow him to flush out a permanent one, (SOA). You see, the citizens of charming practically worship SAMCRO because they keep Charming free of drugs and drug dealings. To allow them in would give Charming citizens a reason not to want, or feel they don't need SAMCRO anymore.

SAMCRO finds some drug deals going on in Charming and wants to put a stop to it. They pressure one of the drug dealers into telling them where the crack house / meth lab is. Then they holding a club meeting and decide to keep themselves from liability they won't blow up the crack house, they will let the law handle this one. Jax talks to Hale, and Clay talks to Unser. It appears here that they are pitting the two against each other. We'll yet again have to wait and see. Hale goes out to the house tipped off by Jax, and Hale runs into Ernest Darby at the Crack house / meth lab. He and Darby talk. Darby gives him an envelope with a "rather large" gift certificate to one of Zobels Cigar shops. Hale takes it. Shortly after, he calls Jax and tells him the house is nothing. Jax knows otherwise. The club goes there that night and shoots the place up and then blows it to kingdom come. Just before it blew we got a shot of the guys talking and asking who had the remote to detonate the explosives. They said we aren't using one. Then we see Opie running out of the house and a split second later it blows. Opie gets tossed into the air pretty far, but is unharmed.

Jax and opie are talking at a party at the clubhouse and Jax asks Opie if he has a death wish. He talks about the explosion and the carving of the anarchy "A" on the Mayans chest/stomach. Opie says he's fine.

From the very beginning of the episode we find Tara is being confronted by one of the porn stars and that she has the hots for Jax. She is clearly trying to take him away from Tara. The show ends with another confrontation at the clubhouse and Tara and Jax are doing the nasty when the porn star walks in on them.

This was where we left off. This was clearly a packed episode. Can't wait for more!

As always, I would love to hear you chime in with anything you feel I might have missed, got wrong, or just want to chime in and say you loved it.


Webster World said...

Good show. Hale went to the dark side. Next week looks to be ass kickin.

"Joker" said...

"My name is Joker, and I'm a Sons-a-holic."

Group: "Hi Joker..."

I admit I need this 12-step, er I mean episode, program to keep my sanity. Every time I look at the Guide there's nothing but more new Hospital and Cop/Fed shows, or these serio-comedys that have become the modern Love Boat for washed-up actors. Sons is the perfect alternative, especially for bikers.

Why is that? I have to think Patches get a kick out of it because they can compare how accurate or embellished the show is compared to life in a real M/C. I'm sure in more than one club house members have made statements like, "Yeah right asshole, who are you, fucking Clay??" Or Jax, or Tig...you fill in the blank.

For those of us who ride that are not Patches, it's pretty cool to be a "fly on the wall" and imagine what it would be like. Sure, I know it's a TV show, but even still I think one must admit that some of the show's elements are based in fact. Even though I am lucky to be a member of a great HOG chapter, there are times I long for the closer, more structured brotherhood that you can only find in an m/c. If there was a way for me to do it without the drugs and occasional homicide, I'd be looking to hang around immediately. If I ever suffered an outrageous personal tragedy that left me basically alone in the world, I'd do it regardless because I wouldn't give a shit anymore.

Who would ever have thought that elements of Shakespeare would one day be applied to a drama about an outlaw M/C? I'm just glad they did it so well. It's well written and well acted, and I've got Susan into it now. She was lost at Season 2, Ep. 1, but she gave me Season 1 on DVD and is catching up fast.

The only things I don't like? Cafe fairings and white tennis shoes on bikers. I'll get over it.

Ann said...

I'm a Sons-a-holic, too. Mr. M: you nailed it. Great recap.

I'm just wondering when Gemma will tell Clay about the rape. All hell will break loose, then.

Webster World said...

Joker there are M/C groups that don't kill or deal drugs. They are just not 1%'ers. My son is in one. Oh they party well...but they also do a lot of giving back. They even paid some of The Village tax's owed where the club house is at. Now as far as SAMCROW there is a lot more action than the real thing. But it is TV. As far as I see it is well written and produced. Lots of action. Hell the Sopranos did not have this mush action.

Road Captain said...

I'm with Joker and don't like the fairings. I agree with Webster that you can join a support level MC that is associated with one of the big 4 but can be more family oriented... meaning no drugs and homicides. At least that's what they tell me. I see Joker as a patcher some day.

Anonymous said...

Did Hale sell out his values to get rid of SAMCRO, or did he do an end run around the law (and the need for a warrant) to deal with the meth lab. He knew that if he didn't deal with the meth lab, SAMCRO would.

Who's playing who?