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Friday, December 4, 2009

Sons Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 12 review

Episode 12 starts out a little something like this....

The Son's, friends, and family of the Son's are all packing up and heading to the Clubhouse to take shelter. Looks like there is some serious shit going to be happening soon. They lock the gates and have armed guards on the rooftops.

The Club talks about protecting Chib's family. They say they will protect Keri-ann, and that he should reach out to Fiona and try to get her in as a precaution.
They talk about convincing Jimmy that Cameron and Edmund have been under the ATF's thumb, it should be enough to convince the IRA the betrayal is in house. They are going to pull the old bait and switch to get their guns. (Later on in the episode, they successfully pull it off too. This REALLY pisses off the Feds., especially Stahl.) They discuss patching in Half Sack. Clay says, "Half a sack, Shitload of Balls".

Jax, Opie and Juice pay a visit to A.J. Weston. Jax tells him "Seems your great white hope only gives a shit about one color.... Green. Zobel is dealing heroine with the Myans." Opie tells him, "Those A.K.'s that you took from us, He gave em to brown. Control the street." A.J. says, "You're talking out of your ass." Jax tells him, "I followed Zobel and one of his guys. They met with Alvarez. Left with a duffle full of heroine." Juice jumps in and says, "Guess they ben keeping you outa the loop. Lotsa private meetings A.J." Jax says, "You being the true believer and all.

Chib's and Fiona have a private meeting in a bathroom. Chibs informs her that the Feds will be closing in on Jimmy, and it may blow back. Fiona asks him if he ratted, and he says no. They makeout and the scene cuts. We never know for sure if they do it or not, you are just left wonderin.

Polly Zobelle pays a visit to Edmund Hayes. They of course get it on. She leaves. The Feds are watching the place and come in to pay a visit to Edmund after she is gone.

Gemma and Tara are talking in the clubhouse. A chick comes up to fill her coffe. Tara said she could get it herself. Gemma said she needs to take that respect. She's earned it. She is not just some CROW eater. She is Jax Teller's Ol' Lady. That means something in this town and this clubhouse, and you don't take shit from anyone.

SAMCRO has a meeting with Henri Lin (Chineese Triad) and Laroy (One-Niners) to make a deal that they all work together; not a partnership but an understanding. They stop Zobelle, then the Myan's loose their guns and their power. Zobelle's been running on the hard earned drug money of theirs, so they will all work together to take back what's theirs, with a little extra. Take out the Myan's and split up their territory. Triad gets everything south of Ghost Town and One-Niners get everything North. Friendly borders means they can focus on business, instead of staying alive. "Agreed".

A.J. Weston walks into the warehouse. See's guns in a crate open, with a bunch missing. Walks around the corner to see a couple of Mexican women bagging heroin and blows the two of them away. Sees one of his own guys, Ule from the League Of American Nationalists (L.O.A.N.) and points the gun at him. Ule says, "This is sanctioned. Zobelle knows all about this I swear." A.J. says, "Where are the guns?", and Ule replies, "The Mexicans. Don't be...." (KAPOW! Shot to the head).....Game over!

Good O'l Chuckie is still around. He tells thee club that he could identify Weston as one of the perps involved in the Arson of Cara Cara.

A.J. Storms in on the Cigar shop while Ethan Zobelle and his daughter Polly Zobelle are talking. A.J.'s pointing his gun at Ethan and confronts him. They argue about the cause, and the big picture, and being a trader. Eventually A.J. and gang leave. Ethan tells Polly to call Hale for protection as someone has threatened their lives. Ethan is going to secure new protection. He kisses Polly godbye. It was really GROSS! Like lover's kiss. Eew.

Cliffy and Duke, A.J. Weston's two boys are being taken away from A.J. for now because they were home alone unsupervised with the guns. This was set up by Jax to piss off A.J. Jax and A.J. have a stand down in the street about this and this is when Jax sets up the fight between Son's and the L.O.A.N.

Chuckie talks to the Charming P.D. and tells them about A.J. Weston being involved in the Cara Cara Arson case.

Gemma and Tara talk. Gemma is a little more at peace now. She knows what her job here on earth is. God want's her to be a fierce mother; that's her path. She tells Tara her job is medicine, to be a healer; and nothing should ever stop her from doing that. Wait'll you get a load of what Tara does with that piece of information after she chews on it for a while.

Tara is sitting at a desk completing her charts and explaining this to the administrator, Margaret Murphy. Margaret tells her she should have had them done already. Tara says she knows. The bitch says that she may not have to worry about paperwork after next week. Tara says some shit to her and verbally nails her. After Margaret retorts with a comment about Tara's true colors and "her biker whore (Gemma) that she ......." Then Tara snaps, and gets up to choke her. She say's, "You don't know her, You don't know any of them." and releases the choke hold. Margaret says, "Oh, my gosh! You hit me. You are finished. I'm calling security. This is assault."
Tara shoves her backwards slamming her into a wall shelf unit, and proceeds to say, "No... (PUNCH TO THE FACE), That's assault". Then Tara proceeds to tell her that SAMCRO has Charming PD on payroll and she knows where she lives. If she doesn't drop this bogus charge on her she is gonna come after her and her family. (Holly shit was I pumped after that. I think I have rewound that seen at least 6 times now. Can't get enough. Go Tara!)

The club goes out and has their fight. This was supposed to be an unarmed fight. Of course as expected, The L.O.A.N show up armed. The Son's have Backup too. The Triad and the One-Niners are both backing them fully armed. They agree to fight no guns. The cops show up. People scootin every which way trying to get out.
A.J. gets arrested for Arson. The rest leave.

Unser relieves the other two cops who were watching Impeccable Smokes. SAMCRO shows up too. They have Ethan Zobelle at gunpoint when Hale shows up. Unser is about to let what happens happen, but Hale isn't about to let it be that way. Ethan saves his own ass with his daughter by admitting that they have heroine behind the counter. The cops find it and Ethan demands that they be arrested. Charming P.D. abide to the arrest request. On the way out, Jax tells Ethan, "We're gonna kill you."

The show fades out to the music "If someday never comes......"

Wow, oh Fucking Wow!

Season 2, Episode 13 Season Finale review coming up next!


"Joker" said...

Yeah, Tara putting the hurt on that paper-shuffling wind bag at the hospital was priceless. Best scene in the whole show. Nothing I enjoy more than seeing some self-important phony that hides behind a little plastic ID card get their due. Too bad it's only a show.

Lady R (Di) said...

I stood up and cheered Tara on! You go girl! I was so glad she finally put that bitch in her place. I loved her line about being too lazy to become a Dr. herself, so she has to find satisfaction pushing around the true healers. It was about time!!

I thought it was cool that the Sons had lots of back up for the fight... the fight that I wish could have continued. But that's okay... the finale took care of a lot of loose ends... and created some more. Augggghh!

I won't spoil it. I'll wait for the review. I'm already jonesing for next season. I'm so pitiful!!

J. Perewitz said...

I loved the part where Tara threatened the dr.! The season finale was awesome too!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Yeah, I cheered too for Tara. My favorite part, specifically.... Tara shoves her backwards slamming her into a wall shelf unit, and proceeds to say, "No... (PUNCH TO THE FACE), That's assault".