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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Tech. Tip #5 Show Car or Show Bike Shine

Many people often wonder what is the best product to get a show car, or show bike shine witout a professional detail job.

Here we need to address Waxes & glazes, and another product called Wizard's Mist n Shine.
As far as getting that luster back in your old paint, or bringing out a show quality shine in a somewhat shiny paint to begin with, I prefer Race Glaze, or a McGuires brand glaze. "Not a wax". Glazes give you that high luster sheen, and unlike waxes, don't leave a hard crusty white powdery film that is really hard to remove once dry. They go on easy, and wipe off easy. Both products can be applied with a buffer, or by hand. I've used, and still do use both.

Lots of people swear by Wizard's Mist and Shine.

I think this is o.k. for quick cleanups, and shines, but does not compare to a glaze. Because it has alot of cleaning agent in it, I've actually had it remove the glaze I just applied, and lost the high luster shine to get Wizard's Mediocre Luster. I thought it would build on the shine but did just the opposite. This is when I realized that nothing tops a good glaze for a show bike quality shine.

Keep in mind, glazes are not permanent, and need to be re-applied every so often. I re-apply glaze to my tins about every time I clean the bike, and it only takes about 3-5 minutes.

Good luck!


"Joker" said...

Any thoughts about the new Turtle Wax ICE line of detailing products?

Mr. Motorcycle said...


I can honestly say, I've never tried them. I have tried some Turtle Wax products in the past, many years ago. But it was so long ago, and long before I would have had any experience in the custom paint industry that I could not give a fair shake for commenting either pro or con. I can say that I've never seen them in a professional body shop, or detail shop. May be there is a good reason why. I am sold on the two products that I named earlier, so I have been using them for years. When Wizards came on the market I gave it a try. I thought it was o.k., untill like I stated earlier that It actually removed my glaze.

If Turtle Wax wants to send me some to try for a free review, I'd try it, but I don't want to go out and buy any. If you have used it, and are finding favorable results, I can't see any reason to switch. I read a few comments on people who have used the Ice liquid wax. I sounds like it may be a glaze. How good is it? I guess only a comparison test would prove that.