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Friday, August 1, 2008

A moment of shame that I had to bear for something I did not do.

I was at the Dodge dealership getting my Charger worked on for some maintenance.

The service writer, the service technician and I were going over what I needed to have done to my car. We started B.S.- ing about riding motorcycles, because they saw the Harley sticker on my car.

They asked, "Do you ride?", and the answer was of course, "Yes."

I asked, "Do you guys ride?" They both replied, "Yes".

Long story short....
The service writer was on his way back to the service writer's booth area to do some paperwork to put me in a free laoner for a few hours while they worked on the Charger. The Tech. lowered my car down from being hoisted, so I could get some personal belongings out of the car. While lowering the car, he asks me, "Do you have a Harley?" I proudly say "Yes."
He then replies, "I've got a bike, but it's only a Kawasaki." I say, "Only a Kawasaki?, You say that like you are ashamed of it." He says, "No, but it ain't a Harley." I told him, "Who cares! If you're into Kawasaki's, then you are into Kawasakis. You don't need to apologize." He said, "That's nice to hear from someone who rides a Harley. Because about 8 out of ten times I wave to someone riding a Harley, they don't wave back." I said, "That's Bullshit that that happens. People shouldn't care what you are riding as long as you are out there having fun. That's what it's all about, not what you're riding. Most guys I ride with, including me, don't give a shit about what anyone else rides. I love Harleys, but that's just me. I wave to people riding scooters."

At that particular moment, I truly felt ashamed to be associated with a crowd that acts this way. It's not what I see, but then again, I'm sure it happens too. Isn't what we preach that bikers help ALL bikers, no matter what? It's like an unwritten code of biker ethics or creed in the biker world. It is what the brotherhood of bikers is about to me. So why wouldn't you recriprocate this feeling of brotherhood to ANY biker waving to you? Any wone who snubs a wave for the sole reason of what the other person is riding, or not riding, should be completely ASHAMED! I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that we all have preferences on what to ride, and what we think is the best. But none of that changes the person who is riding it. We are all equal, even if we don't think the motorcycles each of us chooses to ride are. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Do I think Harley Davidson is the best damn bike on this planet... You bet! But just 'Cause I love Harleys doesn't mean anyone else has to. I give an honest and sincere statement here when I say, I don't care what you ride.

Peace to ALL riders!

Mr. Motorcycle


Anonymous said...

There is not much that I hate more than being judged by some category that someone has put me into. I make it a point in my life to NOT fit into categories...the most obvious one: I am not your typical female!

That being said, I know that it is true that some bikers will not wave at others who have a different brand of ride (or a different skin color, or gender, or long hair, or short hair, or whatever....). But I would like to submit that sometimes a rider fails to return a wave NOT because he is an arrogant prick but because it was safer at that moment to keep his hands on the controls, he was distracted, or perhaps just reacted slowly enough that the wave came out behind you and you didn't see. Don't automatically assume the worst just because you didn't see a wave.

We are all brothers and sisters on two wheels, and wouldn't it be nice if we could all just get along?

Dean "D-Day" said...

I know we've covered this subject before but I don't think we ever thought about the "shame factor". I won't deny, there are a lot out there on Harleys who are Harley snobs - looking down on the pathetic crowd who aren't cool enough to ride the golden H-D. If someone wants to wave or nod, what's the harm in me waving or nodding back?

Personally, I don't really care. It's the essence of your biker soul that makes the difference. Having a Harley doesn't mean shit to me if all you're doing is posing on it from bar to bar. I've known tiny little women on Honda's who have such beautiful biker souls that they put most big Harley dudes to shame.

Ann said...

That was a terrible moment of shame, Mr.M. I wave to everyone, I don't care what they're riding.

However, with gas being so high, a lot of people are riding scooters, and Big D has had some scooter-riding people in business suits waving at him. His dilemma is this: does he wave back? It's a scooter for the love of God! I haven't yet run into this problem. I'm not sure I could wave to a scooter. But that's just me.

If it's a legitimate bike, Harley, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Triumph, Indian, etc., I always wave. :)

B.B. said...

I wave at anyone on a motorcycle...and if anyone who happens to not be on a motorcycle waves at me, I wave back, it's just good manners. :)

FLHX_Dave said...

Amen Mr.M!

You have heard me tease the crotch rocket guys a bit, but they still are brothers and sisters. I wave at them.

I got really angry when I read your post. I have a couple of friends who bought Harley's. One has only put 1200 miles on the thing is two years. He is an ok guy, but when he gets on his hog he turns into a total friggin' asshole. I stopped riding with him because I felt like I was bailing him out and baby sitting his ass all the time.

Yup, you make a very good point here.

sherrypg said...

So when you see me on my Honda Mini Trail 70, you'll give me the biker wave?

"Joker" said...

I think the KZ guy was reading too much into it. What I mean by that is, if you look hard enough for something, you'll find it. Set yourself up with the mindset that you are inferior on your non-Harley, and you'll surely find ways to re-assure yourself. You see what I'm saying? His statement, "Yeah, but it's not a Harley," speaks volumes. I would bet money the real situation on the road is not as stacked against him as he tells it.

Like Dave said, there are dickheads on Harleys, and like MrsRC said, many times you can't take your hands off the controls to wave in time. I get a kick out of it when I'm stopped at a light holding the clutch in, and a guy rides by me the other way waving. Sorry bud, I'm like, busy, or something... Also, there are times I just ain't in the mood to wave. Sometimes I get all "waved out" for the day.

Bottom Line: I try to wave when I can and I don't analyze the rider to decide to return a wave. I'll admit if it's an obvious kid on a crotch rocket I sometimes won't bother unless he waves first. Why? Not because he's on a crotch rocket so much as most of them drive like jackasses and bring the law down on all bikers harder - which we don't need.

We could use commenting on these blogs as an analogy. I have noticed that several bloggers on whose blogs I regularly comment don't bother to comment on mine. Sometimes that annoys me a little because I think we should support each other. On the other hand, not everyone may have as much time as I do to blog, and I'm sure there are dozens of other reasons I couldn't begin to think of. I try not to read into it.

How much of an ass would I look like if I put up a post about "How Come Everyone I Leave a Comment for Doesn't Comment Back?" To be a real rider and to be in the zen and soul of it to me means having reached a point where you're one with the road and you don't really care what anyone else thinks.

When the KZ guy learns that, he may not wave so much himself, and he sure as hell won't be taking a Harley wave count.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

mrs rc,
I could not agree more.

Dean "D-Day",
I see you agree with me. Thanks for your say.

Yep, I was just plain embarrased.
And, I do wave at scooters. but then again, if a kid on a bicycle waves to me, I wave back too. I don't snub any wave.

it's just good manners.... AMEN!:)

FLHX Dave,
I have had the opposite happpen. I ride with some guys who don't have Harleys, about 50/50. I have heard guys on Harleys mock my friends, and say things like nice Honda's Girls!. Now that pisses me off!

I'd wave to you on your Honda Mini Trail 70 if you were riding it on the road, but wouldn't that be illegal?!? If you were on a trail where it belongs, I'd likely not see you, or wave.

I totally agree with alot of your points, but still feel that if someone doesn't wave back for the soul reason of the other biker not riding their brand of bike, that it's shit. That's all.

Mr. Motorcycle said...



Re: bits and pieces of what you said..... "We could use commenting on these blogs as an analogy. I have noticed that several bloggers on whose blogs I regularly comment don't bother to comment on mine. On the other hand, not everyone may have as much time as I do to blog."

I think you nailed that one right on the head. I for exsmple go in streaks. I find it hard to keep up with comment replies on my own blog sometimes, let alone others.

Unknown said...

Well said my friend!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thanks Rick!

Lady R (Di) said...

I wave at everyone I see. If I can't wave, I give a pretty definite head nod. Either way, I'll be sociable to all riders. I even got a motorcycle cop riding a City BMW to wave at me the other day. Harley was surprised. I can only try to put my best foot (or hand in this case)forward and hope the recipient responds likewise.

I'm trying to get caught up after being in the mountains for 5 days. If I miss a comment, just know I'm still lurking around! LOL!