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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

"EASY RIDER San Remo, Italy, Jun 17 After dining with friends, Keanu Reeves dodges overeager fans on his motorcycle"

Photo taken from July 7, 2008 People magazine.
My post title quote came directly from their photo.

I first of all must say, I did not even know Keanu was a biker.

Secondly, I think he looks like a total F'n dork in the suit with helmet and bike. Maybe that's why it looks like some of the girls in the back ground are laughing at him.
I know, I know, giddy with exitement. (BARF).

Thirdly.... Don't get me wrong here. I own a Sportster, and love Sportsters, but for a star of his calibur, a "stock" Sporty???? WTF???

I saw this and thought it was interesting.
Just food for thought.


"Joker" said...


Anonymous said...

he's actually a real biker, not a wannabe like Tom Cruise, Ewan Mcgregor, etc. He's been riding motorcycles almost before he could walk... his fav is Norton.

Here's his entry on our celeb on bikes site:

BTW, who says the Sportser is his?? Could be a loaner since he doesn't live there...

Ann said...

I think it's even worse if the Sporty isn't his...if I had that much money, I damn sure wouldn't be renting a Sporty! WTF?

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Maybe he loves Harley, and this was the only one he could rent. IDK. Just thinking here.

Thanks for the info Mike:)

I still think he looks like a douche bag with the suit though.

I guess tis is what really caught my eye here.

B.B. said...

I have to agree with you on the suit. Huh? There are times when men look good in suits, but sitting on a motorcycle sure isn't one of them!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Wearing a suit on a motorcycle is kinda like wearing a pink tu-tu to a rock concert.

I can think of only one good exception. A Biker Wedding.

I wonder if Josh will wear one????

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Re: my last comment...

"I wonder if Josh will wear one????"

If you don't know who Josh is, His is Connie's fiance...


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was there to film a movie, and the ridiculous getup as well as the poor choice of bike were from the film??? There's no accounting for movie directors' tastes!

B.B. said...

I think Connie and Josh are wearing leathers, that was the last I heard. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought we did not judge anyone by what they ride or look like as long as they ride.....

Lucky said...

I disagree about people necessarily looking dumb in suits on bikes. I may have to do a post about that...

Of course, his white suit and Great Gazoo Helmet sure aren't giving him any street cred.

That said, I think a bone-stock Sportster is the most hardcore (new) bike anyone could ride. Even painting a stock Sporty flat black lowers it's hardcore-quotient. Everyone mods their Harley...

Mr. Motorcycle said...

mrs rc,
Maybe it was a ridiculous movie getup!

leathers is a better choice if you ask me:)

I never said anything about the way people look. That's all fair game. Why would I judge the Harley anyway. I love the look of that Harley, but I was just making a point about the stock sportster price line, because of the fact that he could buy almost amy bike he wanted. That was all.

Fair enough if you disagree about the suit thing. I'll look forward to your post.

Great Gazoo... LOL!, I thought of Marvin the Martian myself!

That said, Re: bone-stock Sportster...hardcore(new)bike... see above.