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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Grab-it Pack version 1.5 review

Due to feedback and reviews customers have been providing, including myself, the GRAB-IT PACK has been upgraded. There is now a more durable version called the Grab-it Pack 1.5 Which features: Heavier material than before, better stitching, a metal zipper on the top pocket vs. the old plastic one, and I think the buckles are even more heavy gauge than on the old version. The newer version also has a longer waist and leg strap option (currently on RIGHT SIDE MODEL ONLY).

The newer version 1.5 has definitely changed for the better, and has lived up to what I expected. It looks and feels like the old version, and still holds the same amount of stuff, and unless you load it up with heavy things, you don't even realize it's on. It is lightweight, easily adjustable, and comfortable to wear (all day long). I took it out for a spin the other day on a long motorcycle ride. I forgot it was even there. The back side that touches you isn't like leather or vinyl, it is a soft material so you won't get sweat soaked, or chaffed. Oh, and guys, it also looks like a black gun holster so when you wear it you don't look like a complete dork with a man purse.

I own both the old and new versions of the Grab-it Pack myself, and have used both for comparison purposes. I must say, I'm even more thrilled with the newer version than I was with the original. I'd recommend it to everyone.


Anonymous said...

I shall now take to calling it your "Murse" and may hassle you regarding where you left it and if I can put something in it.

It's Friday - I haven't had lunch - Work is CRAZY Busy - Your Son hassled me & I'm takin' it out on you.

--The Wife

Kano said...

I'm one of those kind of people that is a minimalist by nature but not when it comes to carrying things in my pockets. That's why I wear cargo pants alot. The Grab-it-Pack looks like just the thing I need so I can wear jeans again and still be able to carry a bunch of things on me. I don't know if I'd want to walk into an airport wearing one of those though -might attract too much unwanted attention!

FLHX_Dave said...

Get a vest Mr.M! heh, sorry, just had to.

I still think it would make a great holster for a handgun. Definately looks like a handy piece of equipment.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Mrs. M.,
Take it back! It's not a murse!

I Think you should try one. You'll like it I swear.

FLHX Dave,
Keep it up mister. About the vest that is.

The gun won't fit, unless you have a little Beretta or something.

Lady R (Di) said...

mrs. m...Murse! LOL! I think that would be cool to have so you can walk around with your items with you. I have saddle bags for all my stuff, but when I walk around I still need a few items on me. Thanks for putting out the info for us. Christmas is just around the corner!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Lady R.,
Sure, Sure, Women unite for the man bashing of my murse.
No Grabit-Pack for your stocking this X-mas!

Actually, it is great for exactly what you just described. It's getting cooler here in the Midwest now, and I've been riding with a jacket. I now have pockets again. But I've gotten so used to having the Grabit-Pack while riding, I still use it. I left my jacket behind with a friend in their bag when we went in to eat, and I still had all my essentials with me in the pack. Very handy indeed. Not to mention how handy everything is right in front of you while you ride, such as the digital camera.

Webster World said...

I think it could work. Just when? I can see it at times. When I ride. Or when I'm going to be out for a while and I can't carry water, phone and all the rest of what I don't really need.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I think it would be weird to wear it all the time. I only use it while riding for now. But I also think that it would be handy for fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, or hunting, bicycle riding, etc. All places you could get away with something like this without people looking at you weird.

PacoBell said...

Well, color me weird then 'cause I always wear mine. Then again, I'm kind of a geek that likes to carry around several electronic gadgets at all times. Plus, those power hungry gadgets need to be charged at some point, so their charging accessories come with them as well. Thank God folks standardized on microUSB. And then there's the mundane stuff like keys, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, lens cleaner, lighter, etc.