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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Son's of Anarchy Episode 4 review

The show is starting to get a pretty good base line. Each week we learn a bit more about the MC, their members, and loved ones, or not so loved ones.

The more I know, the more I like the show. I liked it from the get go though. I know some did not. If you are not into it by now, you likely will never be.

My wife has been watching since the first episode with me. She hates them all. She can't see why I like them. I guess I can't say I really like them as person's, they are kind of thug like, cold and heartless, but you get glimpses of good. Especially in Jax. I guess this is part of the draw... Hoping for the good to come out-- a hopeful hero if you will. Anyway, weather I like the people or not, I do like the show. It's good entertainment.

I won't go into any details of the show as usual, as to not ruin it for anyone who has not seen it yet.

In my family, My wife and I have always been extremely open about sex & sex talk with our kids 13 & 16. And I've been letting them watch the show with my wife and me.
Last night's episode might have left them with an eyefull or earfull, had I let them finish watching.

My kids had been watching it with me up until about 2/3rds of the way through last night, when I had to pause the T.V., and ask them to leave. I said if it was O.K. after I watched it, they could finish with the recorded version. I'm undecided as to if I should let them finish it.

I did get an education as to how some different MC's interact. I never knew about one of the things that two might do together.

I'll leave you with that.

Mr. Motorcycle


IHG said...

I have completely crossed over to the dark side! Love the show!!!

B.B. said...

I'm with you guys. You know how I felt at first, but now I'm totally loving it.

Dean "D-Day" said...

"You underestimate the power of the Dark Side." - Darth Vader

I am now hooked and in it for the long haul.

Webster World said...

I liked it. Some of it is far fetched. But what the hell! It's tv. And it would'nt be interesting if it were anything but. I mean ol' Peg or Big Red was unbelieveable. But there was something to love about how she did Al. It's getting deeper and I do like that. And the thing with the box and Jax I too think it does play really big into it. And as for your babies ever seeing the rest you know what to tell them and the dirty deadly end to such.

-Connie said...

I'm still loving it!!! I can't wait for Josh to come home so he can catch up!! I don't get why the lady doc (I can't remember her name right now) got upset at the picture... besides the obvious. I mean, she and Jax aren't dating right? Or did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

mr m you do realize it is hollywood fiction you can not learn from this

Dean "D-Day" said...

Really?!? I thought it was a documentary. (My smart-ass attitude at work here)

"Joker" said...

The only thing I can say I don't like are the mini bubble windshields on a few of the bikes they ride. I just can't see an outlaw biker putting one of those things on his bike when I'm not an outlaw and I wouldn't put one on mine. I just don't think they look very "tough."

As far as the show itself, I love it and I'm hooked too. My favorite continues to be Gemma, and yes, she would definitely be the cause of a serious "MILF chubby." Loved how Clay got even with the Prospect for that one!

That's one more thing, come to think of it. The Prospect doesn't look like he could fight his way out of a paper bag. Since real 1% Prospects are constantly being tested to prove themselves, I'm interested to see what this TV version does. I'm also dying to find out what the pretty lady Doctor has up her sleeve...

B.B. said...

Joker, did you miss where the Prospect beat the shit out of the Elvis impersonator?
Ok, honestly the thing that has been bothering me the most...Jax's bright white tennis shoes. Can't get past them, but now that I've voiced that I can move on. LOL.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

To those of you who have found solace in the Dark Side...

What part specifically is far fetched? And how do you know it is?

I hear ya, They aren't dating.

The part I was referring to learning from was a patch over party. I do realize this is a fictional show, I was one of the first ones to state this. Also I know that the show is using a technical adviser to check facts to keep the show as realistic as possible. Just like medical shows on T.V. do. I checked the patch over deal on Google, an it is the real deal. So, yeah, even though fictional, you can learn something.
Just be careful what parts you choose to believe.

I hate the mini bubble windshields too. I also agree with you that the way Clay got even with the prospect was great.

Thanks for pointing out the bright white tennis shoes that I never noticed before that I will never be able to not notice again. LOL!

Big Daddy said...

I have just seen the 4th episode.
The patch over was Correctly done.
As for Accuracy?
They are combining different traits of many clubs into one.
Doing a fair job of it.
The shootout was sort of A-team style, nobody really got hit on the Mayans side as they all were able to ride out. Being shot from front and flank with shotguns and such.I don't see that realisticly happening. But had there been a death or serious wound, The writers would have to write in the cops or fire etc..It would have screwed up the storyline.
And do you really think the sportbike rider would have showed up at the clubhouse to pick up the girl?
Just remember it's a show.
while they get most lingo and rules done right...They also sacrifice some in the quest to keep you entertained.
Doing a damn good job of it.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Big D., I couldn't agree more.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I second all your points Big D.

Doriene said...

Hi I'm from the Netherlands and we're having a lot of wind overhere, I do like the windshields on some of the bikes in SOA but how can I get one? The most of the sites where I can buy theme don't deliver to europe and here in europe there are not such windshields only the big and ugly one's. I have a HD dyna glide 2003 so do anybody know how and if I can put on such a windshield on my bike?