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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An end to a good thing.......

I received an e-mail stating that MBI A.K. A. Motorcycle Bloggers International is to no longer be.

Knowing this, I am sad to say there is an end, and see the end of a good thing.
It appears the failure was mainly due to lack of funding and participation.

MBI was initially started to become an industry award, but even that caused more problems last year than what it was worth. Since MBI costs money to run and maintain, time & effort, it doesn't make sense to continue the lack of participation or funding.

So sad.

We can at least keep the spirit alive fellow motobloggers!


Dean "D-Day" said...

Yeah, I received the same email. It's too bad.

It was a good idea. Just not enough people willing to take the reins and run it.

Lady R (Di) said...

Whew! When I saw the title to your post, I thought YOU were going to tell us goodbye!

I'm sorry to hear this about the MBI, but as long as we bloggers remain passionate about our riding and writing, I'll be happy!

Glad to realize your not leaving us!

Webster World said...

Yes that is to bad. I would like to say on a positive note. I like the picture of you bike. It's a good shot.

Kano said...

MBI was a great idea and Mike Werner put alot of time and effort into it. I'm also saddened that it's coming to an end and I regret not spending more time over there. Maybe someday someone else will come up with something similar and give it a go.

Anonymous said...

I think it was a lousy idea. I think what people think it was is a great idea, but they were projecting their own expectations on it. Maybe it's just me, but I joined thinking it was going to be a motorcycle blogging community where the focus would be on blogging about bikes. But that's not what Mike's vision was -- he wanted it to be an industry award factory, for want of a better term.

Why he wanted to do that, I don't know; maybe the ultimate goal was to generate traffic to drive ad revenue, but that's just idle speculation. I just don't see why we would be expected -- and scolded, which is what really turned me off MBI -- to generate votes to hand out lame awards in lame categories to advertisers who didn't even know we were there. I don't see where the value is for us to participate in something like that.

All this is IMO, of course, and your mileage may vary.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I figured quite a few besides me, at least all ex MBI members got it too.

Lady R.,
I'm still here, and don't plan on going anywhere soon. Whew!.)

Thanks for the pic compliment.

Mike Werner did put in a lot into it. Too bad it did not work out.
I can barely keep up with my own blog sometimes, let alone read all of the good blogs I'd "LIKE" to keep up with, let alone MBI time as well. I guess this was a part of the root of the problem. I know I'm not alone here.

Great points. Weather of not I or others agree, definately something to think about.

Mike werner,
Since I know you pop in here, For what you did, weather Chuck is right or wrong, you did put a lot of time and effort into MBI, and for what I got out of it, I must say thanks.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is on the money! Mike Werner inadvertently created a fantastic and valuable hub for our community but that was not his vision and he could not be persuaded to change direction. I challenged Mr Werner on this and he responded straight up and I respect him for that. He was going to stick to his guns to the end like good men do. At first I thought the rewards were stupid but I have been looking forward to having a voice this year in what I liked and didn't like about the motorcycle industry. I wanted to get a vote in for RideGear.com being the biggest rip off in the online motorcycle market. I have also heard from other bloggers about the scolding and presume some of you would have been scolded this winter. Now it is just sad that we no longer have an association like MBI to belong to in order to say "hey I take my blog seriously enough to submit it to this association for acceptance and received the stamp of approval". Oh well, I applaud Mr Werner for what he did accomplish and the effort he put into it. I wish MBI would continue to act as a central international hub for motorcycle bloggers. All good things must come to an end.