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Friday, October 10, 2008

Son's of Anarchy Episode 6 review

Review Back by popular demand.

Some comments I received, both on the site, and in e-mails requested that I not stop the episode review.

It appears some folks like to leave, and read the comments.


As I watched episode six, I was quite intrigued by a few things. I have questions. Do you have answers?

1.) Do you think the Feds. would not look at the Sh*t truck?

2.) Joker brought this up before, but it really stood out to me in this episode. Just exactly WTF is up with the bright white tennis shoes?

3.) Why does Clay's wife put up with him banging other chicks, as long as she does not see them?

4.) Did anyone actually stick around to witness the gun runner expolsion to make sure they were actually dead?

5.) Last but not least. I've noticed that they wear flannel shirts under their biker vests a lot.
Is this normal. I guess if so, I can see why those of you who do wear the biker vest do. You can make just about anything look "biker" in one of those.


B.B. said...

Okay, who the heck is over-analyzing now. You finally got me to just enjoy it and now you go trying to blow holes in it for me! My, how the tides have turned.
Okay...here goes.

1. I'm pretty sure they would have!

2. I was the one who pointed out the tennis shoes, and yes, it still bothers me. Especially when I see him on the bike with them, don't know how he keeps them clean.

3. Sadly, I know women who put up with that, and worse, who aren't even part of an MC.

4. I was thinking that also.

5. I live in CA and lots of people wear flannels.

6. Glad you decided to do the review, I was wondering yesterday where it was. All in all, even though you tried to ruin it for me, I loved this episode, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me angry.

Dean "D-Day" said...


1. People in the federal government are so used to wading through sh*t that they probably didn't give the truck a second thought.

2. The white tennis shoes are symbolic of Jax's internal struggle between his dark side & his light side. Dirty dark leather representing his bad side and bright white tennis shoes representing the good side. It's the classic battle of good vs evil.

3. Gemma puts up with Clay because she's secretly banging Eddie the prospect.

4. They're not actually dead. The older biker with the oxygen tubes couldn't stand to see his gun runner buddy killed. So, he secretly exchanged the detonator with the garage door opener. The big cloud of smoke you saw was just the gun-runners starting the grill with a can of gas (the way that all backwoods rednecks do).

5. I love the feel of soft cotton flannel against my skin.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sorry, not trying to over analyze. I still love the show. Also sorry for not giving you credit a bout the shoes, and I love flannel. I juat thought it might be a bit warm for California summers. Also doesn't the collar slap you silly while riding. I know it does for me if I try to ride with a flannel on.

I think you hit it on the head with the shoes thing. Good VS Evil.

Also, Gemma and that goofy F*ck prospect. That's funny.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hey, as long as I'm over analyzing.....

I've noticed several times that both they like to ride off with helmets on, but not buckled. What are they going three miles per hour? Last time I checked, they like to fly off if not buckled.

"Joker" said...

1. I don't think they could've gotten the guns into the pump truck without being seen by the Feds in the real world.

2. Yes, BB raised the tennis shoe issue first, but I totally agree. Personally, I could never do it for reasons of both safety and looks. He really needs to get a pair of boots!

3. I'd have to say her laying the bitch out with a skate board meant she wasn't "putting up with it." Of course, since they hinted a few episodes back that Clay just might be Jax's father and NOT John Teller, then who was Gemma banging? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

4. I'd have to say assuming they were all killed and not checking was a mistake. One that may come back in a future episode.

5. Maybe it's like BB says and it's a Cali thing. Personally I have never worn a flannel shirt under my vest and I'm not planning on doing it anytime soon. I may like how it feels, but I don't think it looks good at all. If I'm splitting logs, I'll wear one.(but no tennis shoes)

Webster World said...

b.b It was'nt me this time I swear. But I'll get involved. #1 the fed's who knows. She did say her nips were hard.I do remember that. #2 Jesse James wears them and rides. I won't. #3 Maybe Clay is that good.#4 Ya but it's tv. I would have checked. I like freedom. #5 A lot of film shooting is done in the early morning hours. Hell I live in Michigan. I've seem snowslead clothes on people.

Lady R (Di) said...

1. The shit truck was genius. Even if they did look, they would have to deal with the SHIT to do it. Sort of SOA's way to say "kiss my ass."

2. I think Dean's Good and Evil theory works for me. B.B... leave it to you to worry on keeping them clean! LOL!

3. Gemma and Eddie? No way!! She sure knocked the shit out of that girl though. Ouch! Something tells me those two are going to be a forced to be reckoned with before this is over.

4. No bodies... no proof. They should have checked.

5. I don't like getting bitch slapped in the chin and cheeks with my collar when riding. I just don't wear collars.

I want to know what the deal is with a wacko ATF dude. I must have missed something in catching up earlier. What is his connection with Jax's baby? He creeps me out.
Overall, we laughed more at last night's episode and I want to see Jax finish his dad's journal. Somethings' coming.

Webster World said...

The creepy ATF dude is the person the good Dr. has a restraining order against(from the windy city). And the Fed lady with the hard nip's found out he is to his bosses on vacation. Not on the job.

IHG said...

Ok...sorry Mr. M...not answering all the questions. LOL I liked D-Day's answers though...very creative.

I think the show just gets better and better...remember it is just a show. LOL! Have you ever gone on YouTube and looked up JAX in the Queer as Folk video getting his back licked by a guy? LMAO! Now that's really biker huh?

Anyway...glad I crossed over to the darkside!


B.B. said...

I love Dean's shoe theory. I still hate them though. I remember when I first started riding with Dave and I hated it cuz my boots were always so "clean", and I remember going on runs and I would think to myself that you could tell who rode their own by their boots, or shoes, and how scuffed they were. When I got my bike and my boots started getting scuffed up I was so excited because then I felt like I was the real deal, whatever that may be. :)
As far as Gemma and Clay...I told Dave that if that were us, he'd be the one in the hospital, not the girl!
Flannels...I've never worn one, so I don't know about the collar. But I do know that in the San Joaquin Valley, where the show is supposed to be taking place, it is very warm pretty much all year, so yeah, they might be hot!

Unknown said...

You have to wear flannel in California. I hear it's really cold there! Something tells me I need to pay more attention to this show.

Anonymous said...

I'm a patch holder in a 3-pc club and I like the show. A lot of my fellow patch holders make fun of it every week, but then they get quiet when I point out that they are watching it. The one thing that bugs me (aside from the fact that nobody can hit the side of a barn with their pistol) is that they wear their cuts in a car. Makes me crazy. That earns you a fine in my club.

My answers:

1. Of course they would.
2. I read an interview with the show's costume designer saying they wanted to update the biker look and make it more baggy pants, hip-hop style. I think that's where the shoes come in.
3. Bikers always share ol' ladies. She accepts that he'll do it, she just doesn't want it rubbed in her face.
4. Nope. Stay tuned for more drama later.
5. Flannel shirts are warm without being bulky. Plus they look cool.

Webster World said...

Anonymous what is a 3pc club? Computor patch wearing people?

Dean "D-Day" said...

I don't know what kind of club you claim to be in but all 1%'ers that I know would never share their 'ol ladies. They have hang-around broads and Mama's for their side-orders of sex.
Yes, it's perfectly acceptable for him to get a little action on the side as long as it's not pushed in his 'ol ladies' face. She is not given the same right.

IHG said...

Dean...that's why I like you. You know what the hell you are talking about.

I'm wondering what a 3 pc club is too...did you mean 3 patch club maybe? Skool us man...inquiring minds wanna know!

Dean "D-Day" said...

If his club allows such a thing, it would be the first time I've heard of it. Making a move on a brother's 'ol lady after the relationship is "solid" is considered pretty disrespectful. Since he may not come back after I skool'd him in MC etiquette, I'll lay it down for ya.

He meant 3-patch club. The top rocker (patch) giving the clubs name. The middle emblem displaying the club's logo. The bottom rocker giving the club location or territory claimed.

IHG said...

As far as I always knew old ladies are off limits and i knew what he meant by 3 pc club...i just wanted to see if he did! LOL but thanks for your knowledge. you are the wikipedia of motorcycle information!

Anonymous said...

Dean is right about the "spoken for" ol' ladies not being shared. I didn't mean the P.O. (Property Of) women. Excuse the fuck out of me for not being crystal clear for the rest of you.

Webster -- it's easy to sling shit from behind a keyboard.
Dean -- you sure have 'em fooled here, don't ya? It'll be a cold day in hell when a poser like you schools someone like me on anything MC related. Your profile pic alone tells your story -- you look a Village People reject posing for a gay personal ad ... contemplatively.

I know what I know because I live the life. I thought I was joining a friendly discussion, but apparently I was wrong. I've got one asshole mocking my club, and another one mocking me, and I guarantee neither one of them has the stones to do it in person. Go on with your bad selves, then, I'll take my unwelcome comments elsewhere. You've gotten rid of probably the only real biker that's been here.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Wow!, A lot was said since the last time I had a chance to check in on my blog comments. Some good, some bad. I do remember though, expressing that all people are welcome to my blog, and that I do welcome and encourage comments, but ask that folks keep it clean and respectful to all and anyone who wishes to read here. This I believe does not include name calling, badgering, or putting others down. I'm not going to remove the comments that were said because they were already said, and I did not, and hopefully will not have to use comment moderation on this site. Knock it off. You are grown ups.

Also anonymous,
You have entered a group of folks who have been going back and forth on each others blogs for quite some time. It makes you easy prey if you "hide behind a keyboard" as anonymous. Just saying. However, I do appreciate that you have taken the time to stop by and leave comments,and have given some of your insight. I hope you continue visiting here.

I would respectfully ask that there is no more of this bullsh*t going on from anyone commenting here.

Mr. Motorcycle
A.K.A. Mark Brachmann Author of this blog.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Whoa!! Everybody back up a step!

No disrespect was meant! It's just that we've all had imposters before hiding behind the "Anonymous" label pretending to be something they're not. I never meant to be disrespectful to this individual or his club. I was just trying to flush out (what I thought was) another imposter.

My sincerest apologies.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Wait a minute...
"A Village People reject posing for a gay personal ad"?!?!

Maybe it's time to change my profile picture. Wish someone had done me the favor and told me sooner.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

No disrespect taken.
And your picture is fine.

Dean "D-Day" said...

No, I didn't figure that I'd offend you but I didn't want to chase off someone new who might give a fresh prospective to our posts.

I obviously came on too strong and came off as a jerk. Sorry 'bout that.

Lady R (Di) said...

Dean... LOL! I was wondering if you were going to catch that!

Don't worry, I think your pic is fine too. Maybe Mr. anonymous will come back and read these latest comments and give us another chance.

IHG said...

Dean...you don't look like any of the Village People...

Mr. M...I apologize for my last comment as well. I didn't mean to be snotty. I just wonder sometimes if people are f*cking with us and I don't like it.

I think we are all bikers even if we don't belong to a M/C or aren't somebodies old lady in the M/C sense. If you enjoy the rush that your chrome horse gives you each time you ride down that winding road...you are a biker!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Thanks Steph. That means a lot coming from a biker babe such as yourself.

I agree though. Sometimes you just get the feeling that these people are f*#cking with you.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

It's all water under the bridge. Now where were we?

IHG said...

Enjoying our little guilty pleasure called Son's of Anarchy!

Slitheen23 said...

Gemma puts up with it because she's treated like a queen compared to a woman lower down the pecking order in some outlaw MC's. My oh my, if you saw how some hangaround females were treated (and I'm talking real life here), you'd shit! They're basically club property. When elevated to ol' queen, they earn a certain status...but they're still living in a very misogynistic, chauvinistic world. From experience, I've never saw a pres's ol' queen go around giving so much shit...so in that respect it is unrealistic. Oh, I should mention, I've never been full patch to a club (personal choice...I've had the offer), but I've been a supporter and hangaround...I think I've seen enough to know Sam Crow is not really how it is...it's highly dramatised. But that's great with me...I watch TV to escape. Oh yeah, the white shoes...and Jax's 'street' swagger and baggy jeans? Not very MC. Whoever clothes the cast messed up there. Also, the patches on their cuts are so are DAMN clean.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thanks for chiming in. Stop back.

Anonymous said...

In regard to the tennis shoes, who cares? Look at the Angels and how they dress. The whole idea is to not be confined to rules. If you think MC members should be confined to something they won't and actually don't care what you think.
3 pc patch? Hmm. Sanctioned motorcycle club. Sanction (allowed) by another motorcycle club. Generally, outlaw. Look at the patches worn by other clubs. 1 pc, maybe two. Top rocker, insignia and bottom rocker with MC seperate is a privilege granted by an existing (controlling) MC.
Many states have controlling MC's and newer clubs wearing 3 pc patches will have Support your local (whomever) on their cuts. It is a respect thing and is expected.

Owning a motorcycle makes one a motorcyclist (regardless of make). Being a biker is a way of life.