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Friday, November 28, 2008

Son's of Anarchy Episode 13 review

The season finale lucky#13 episode did not disappoint.

The show started out with Gemma confronting Clay regarding what he knew of the Donna shooting. When he could not answer the question that it had nothing to do with the club, She knew it did. This brought Clay to tears.

We moved onto the local police station where Unser and Hale start laying blame on Donna's death, and ultimately decide that maybe the outlaws should serve up their own justice. Hale slips a bit of information to Jax, so he can go ballistic.

Half Sack shows back up in this episode.

Tara has a talk with Jax about her going back to Chicago, which Jax wants to hear nothing of the sorts.

Gemma finds John Teller's Journal while unpacking some of Jax's belongings. Confronts Clay with it, and Clay looses his Sh*t over it and storms out in a rage. Gemma mutters to herself "Your loosing control, just like he did" referring to John Teller.

There is a hold up in the bar that the Niner's (the black gang involved in the prior episode's shoot out) hang out in started by Piermont Winston (AKA Piney) Opies father. Jax and Half-sack save the day here, by getting Piney and themselves out alive. Here it is revealed that the hit on Donna was not gangster, and not served up by the Niners.

There is a scene where ATF Agent June Stahl is in with Bobbi in jail, and she reveals to him that she set up Opie, and that Donna's death was a mistake. Did She do this to vent, or did she do this to get Bobbi to turn on the club for killing Donna? Maybe something more was in her motives that I've not figured out yet. We'll have to wait and see.

Jax confront's Clay in the clubhouse. Asks him if he had anything to do with the hit intended for Opie, and mistakenly taken out on Donna. Clay blatenly denies it, and Jax walks out on him. Jax finds out that the informant witness is a 17 year old girl, and goes off to stop the other club members from putting a hit on her. Jax and Tig get into it over Jax stopping the hit. Tig says, "You've crossed the line Jax" to which Jax replies, "Not yet" and then the brawl between the two is on. Jax ultimately kicks Tigs ass.

We skip by to a scene where Piney is reading a note from John teller that he has clearly hung onto for years. The note reveals how much the club has changed since the two of them founded the SOA MC.

We then back track to a scene where Jax spends some time alone clearing his head after the fight with Tig. Jax is drinking some beer, and smoking some weed in the cemetary where John Teller, his father is burried. He wakes up in the cemetary the next morning and gives a blanket he borrowwed from a homeless bag lady back to her, and proceeds to walk down to the funeral burial that has started for Donna.

Jax leaves the funeral burial right quick, and as he is walking away, Tara leaves the funeral burial to follow behind. They embrace in a kiss.

Piney comes up to Jax, hands him a large stack of papers. (I did not catch exactly what they were) Club rights, or something. Piney says to Jax, "Time for a change." then walks away.

Jax goes to John Teller's grave, and we see Gemma and Clay looking at him with great concern. This is where the episode ends for a cliffhanger waiting untill next season.

Wholy crap it't been a hell of a ride. I'm stoked for next season. How about You!?!?!


Ann said...

I was glad to see Jax kick Tig's ass...he needed it.

I think Piney gave Jax whatever it was he dug up with the note from John Teller. Another copy of the journal, maybe?

I cannot wait for the next season! Thanks for the episode reviews!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Arrrrrrrgh!!! Don't leave me hanging like that until next season! Man, they really peaked the anticipation factor.

BYW: It was another copy of John Teller's journal. It had the same cover page as the one that Jax was reading.

Can't wait until next season!

B.B. said...

I think the reason Stahl told all that to Bobby was because she thinks he'll confess to save Opie's children from being orphans, just my thought on it. Then she can get SAMCRO with RICO.

It was a great way to end the season, and I can't wait to see where it all goes.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

In Piney's letter from John Teller, Didn't it say something about how he thought he was in danger? It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Big Daddy said...

Don't cha just hate cliffhangers like that?It's almost as if the writers got busy and weren't able to find just the right time to finish.
So we are stuck waiting....:]

Anonymous said...

I was so excited about this episode that I sat down to watch it a day early! LOL

It did not disappoint. I thought it interesting that Jax threw off his colors before he ran out to save the witness. Wondering if he'd put them back on or not... Tara (who knows how she got them) gave them back at the funeral, and he did don his vest.

It was definitely another copy of the journal. Looks like Piney would go with Jax if the club were to split...help him start out new just like he had done with John Teller.

I don't know what the hell is up with Stahl. And Tara is confusing the shit out of me...but then I think her character is confused as shit, so it plays well.

When does the new season start???

TRT said...

I can't wait till next season. Clay will get his. Tig deserved a butt kicking. He'll get his as well. I think Stahl told that to bobby to get him to realize how cut throat Clay is so he may work a deal and turn on the club. They set up next season to be full of some crazy internal conflicts in the club. I think Tara's last seen showed her committing to Jax despite his lifestyle. Plus, it showed mom and ex-wife that he they don't care what they think. Should be good next season. Oh yeah, half-sack showed some sack when he elboed Piney in the chest.

Webster World said...

Well I think you've all said it pretty good. Tara's confussion? Thought that was normal:)lol And D's cliff hanger part. Now thats funny.

monkey said...

last night i watche the very last episode of another favourite show, The Shield. This has some links with the SOA in the fact they are very close and the niners show up in both programs. I am sad to see this show end but as with most great shows, another being the wire, they must come to an end.
The SOA is just starting out and last night confirmed my my thoughts that they have realy found a great new show to follow. This episode inished in the best way, after thinking that last week was the right time they went one step further and finished on a high for next season.
What will jax do? how will he make his move? and who will gemma stand by? for sure will will see the the club torn apart and the high archy change next season. I cant wait, bring it on.

Hawkeye said...

I too really thought this was a great season ender...

Here are my observations:

1.) Jax took off his colors because you do not want the colors identified at a crime scene.

2.) That was a copy of John Teller's manuscript that Piney handed to Jax.

3.) It is obvious that Jax and Piney know the truth.

4.) Stahl is trying to get Bobby to roll on the club.

5.) The homeless gal at the cemetary was the same one in front of the store that Gemma gave money to who also said "Abel will help my kids". I think the blanket that Jax found on him when he woke up was put there by the homeless gal and she took his sweater. He looked at the blanket with some surprise when he woke up. Looks like she is some type of "guardian angel" - at least that's my take.

6.) One thing I noticed during the Jax - Tig fight. At the end, it looked to me like Tig just gave up and let Jax take that final swing at him. Almost like he knows he deserves a beating for Donna's death - at the least!

7.) Jax played it real cool at the funeral in respect for Donna and Opie, but the looks he was passing around said volumes.

I was proud of Tara and Jax for making the commitment to each other at the funeral...I think that really sent a message to Gemma and Wendy. Big message of her acceptance to the club life by handing Jax his colors.

The finale has opened up the door for several stories to take place. Kurt Sutter is a genius writer!

I hope you all had a great, family filled Thanksgiving.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I think your observations are right on target. Word.

Anonymous said...

Piney gave Jacks another copy of JT's book.

I predict that Clay and Emma are the ones that killed JT.

B.B. said...

Hawkeye- Interesting, I didn't realize that was the same homeless lady, I was wondering what her signifigance was, makes more sense now.

Lady R (Di) said...

Yep! This was a great first season. I think Hawkeye summed up a lot of what I was going to say, so I'll not repeat it again.

I hate I was not here to comment sooner. I even had to stay up till 11:00 at my folks house to see this but, I was not disappointed. My folks even enjoyed it and said they will start watching next season. I had to explain to them everything that was going on, but I didn't mind.

The homeless girl is significant somehow, but I'm not sure how yet. This was the second time they showed her.

I really think Jax is going to take charge in a big way next year, and Tig and Clay better watch out!

Maybe we can keep each other pacified with other stories till next season starts. I'm sure we'll all be chomping at the bit by then! I know I will be!

Ran'dizzle' said...

I can't wait to see if they reveal what ever had happened to John Teller and Jax's older brother. I wonder if the 'family curse' had anything to do with it.

Ran'dizzle' said...

Great 1st season! I hope that they reveal what happened to John Teller and Jax's older brother.

Anonymous said...

I really found it relevant for next season when Jax was waiting for Clay in the chapel sitting in the Presidents chair looking over the table. It will be interesting I can't wait. Will they be replaying the whole season over the winter?

Dean "D-Day" said...

Was he sitting in the Pres chair?! Man, I can't believe that one slipped by me! Good catch.

The ratings for this show were high enough. I would expect them to play re-runs until next season.

Lady R (Di) said...

anonymous and dean... I noticed Jax in the Pres.'s chair too, but by the time Clay came into the room, he moved over to the next chair. I think Jax is getting ready to take over the club with John Teller's vision as his guide. Piney already knows what the journals said. He'll be on Jax's side.

Webster World said...

I caught him in Pres. seat too and then not. I think Lady R is correct and the rest of you. Jax will take over. For a bit. I'll bet Clay gets busted for what ever. And that is when Jax will serve with Piney as an adviser. Temperory though. Clay gets out and the shit will start. Now I must have had a beer or 2 to many. Jax brother? I missed this? Inform me.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Good points all!

I too saw Jax in the Pres. chair. a Bit of foreshadowing eh!

I too missed the whole Jax Brother thing too.

IHG said...

I will be so sad every Wednesday until the new season starts.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I must've been drinking with Webster. I don't remember any brother being mentioned.

Anonymous said...

When Piney gave Jax his copy of JT's journal Jax was sitting on his brothers headstone.

Dean "D-Day" said...

The younger brother died from the same congenital heart defect that Gemma has. They talked about that in the first episode. (Look at Gemma's chest. You can see the scar.)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys really are into the details!!!

Dean "D-Day" said...

If you look carefully, the show is filled with symbolism. Both Biblical and Shakespearean.

Dean "D-Day" said...

The final sequence at Donna's funeral was the ultimate transformation for Jax. He drank himself to sleep on the front steps of a tomb in the cemetery. What was the family name on the tomb? Patmos.


Jax is no longer Jax. He's his father, John. And not only that, now he's John the Revelator - aka John of Patmos - the widely accepted author of The Book of Revelation. Hence the episode title and the folk tune playing as Jax strutted to the ceremony, risen anew in his epiphany of change. He was the only one wearing white at the funeral until Tara rushed over to him and dressed him in his leather vest, as if to silence the truth on the tip of his tongue. Jax may have stayed quiet, but the looks he gave Clay and Tig said it all. It was a phenomenally well thought out scene

Hawkeye said...

Very Nice Dean...I was not aware of the biblical references, but after your explanation it really adds to the story for me - Thanks! I saw the name on the tomb and figured it ment something, but had no clue what.

Wow, the show is deeper than I thought...makes it that more interesting.

Now I'm really wondering about the homeless gal!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Yeah, it kinda surprised me when she all of a sudden showed up in the cemetary.

I don't know how many literary types we have on this blog but SOA could very easily be compared to Shakespeare's "Hamlet". The idea of a man in the making with a dead dad under potentially shady circumstances and such is all very "Hamlet" like.

Webster World said...

Wow Dean that is good. I've never read Revelation's that's one book I've read no part of. Fear I guess. Never read Hamlet. That is some awesome insight you have on this. Opens ones eyes. I did look up the word revelator in the last show. Wow. That song is a pretty good one hey? I'm going to re-watch it later now that I know this Hamlet stuff. And I think I'll watch the first one also. I was wondering about her scare. I asked my wife "did she have open heart"? We will be analizing this all winter. And this is wild my verifacation word for today is......Jexhal

Anonymous said...

Rippen Kitten has an excellent review of SOA's first season on her blog...filled with literary and biblical references. You should all check it out if you haven't yet done so.

Ran'dizzle' said...

Dean 'D-Day' Jax is the younger brother. When Jax reads the cover page of the book it mentions Jax's brother and then Jax and that may he never know the world that John is in.