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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Son's of Anarchy still photos of skidding and not high siding.

Note skidding coming up.

Note stunt rider, not Jax.



How the hell he managed this without High siding, I dunno. I know I couldn't pull it off.
I guess that's shy they used a Pro.


Kathleen Jennette said...

Are you watching the show? I didn't think I would last this long, but I have.

fasthair said...

Mr. M,

The reason he doesn't high side is because he never releases the rear brake until the bike stops. Every time I've been pitched over the high side is because I let off the rear brake during the slide side ways. At least that is my experience. What I’m surprised at is he didn’t loose it when the front wheel goes in the dirt. You’ll notice that the bike is completely on the road in the last frame. Ah the magic of the edit room. Maybe the he did loose it in the dirt and that is laying the the cutting room floor. :)


TRT said...

Yeah, I was especially impressed with this scene as well. Didn't know a Harley could do that. I really like the show but they don't show the bikes enough. How come the Myans have the coolest rides? I guess I'm partial to softails with apes.

Ann said...

trt...I think the Mayans have the best scoots too.

I was pretty impressed with this scene...I thought he was going down. :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

KT Did,
Most definitely! Can't wait for tonight's episode!

I'd be chicken that I'd slide too far, and the bike would end up on top of me. Last time I skidded like this about three years ago, I did high side. (I let off of the brake to avoid the bike ending up on me)The bike ejected me and I flew like Superman. The bike then proceeded to flip like a tumble weed. It was almost a total loss, but the insurance company decided to let me fix it due to the customization and not wanting to do battle with me on it's value.

I'd like to see more bikes too, but the show isn't just about riding. That would get old quick, like watching chopper build shows if they had no antics. Hell, even the chopper build shows (with) antics got old. I prefer the black Dynas myself. It's all about personal preference I guess.

See above comment about scoots to TRT.
I thought he was going down too. I figured there would be some kind of crash.

Lady R (Di) said...

Cool skid. Just like I do! LOL! Next I'll be telling ya'll I can do a wheelie using just my toes! Again, LOL! I must be in my "full of it" mood!

Can't wait to see what happens tonight! A-n-t-i-c-i-p-a-t-i-o-n... is making me wait!

Anonymous said...

can somebody please tell me what the bike is they have on display in their clubhouse I thought it looked amazing like a work of art.