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My real name is Mark. For many years now my wife has called me Mr. Motorcycle. When I started my Blog I was looking for a catchy blog name, so I went with it. I'm happily married and I'm also a father of 6 children. I have two human offspring, one dog, two cats and one custom Harley. I believe that makes 6 children. When I'm not doing my real full time job, or going for a ride, I like to do art, custom paint jobs, and of course BLOG. If you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is phonetically spelled for avoiding spammers. (I actually do use the number 1 in the beginning.) 1mrmotorcycleATgmailDOTcom

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*****This is my Bliss*****
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"Kenny" started life as a stock '97, 883 Sportster. It's been a work in progress since the day I bought it many years ago. Its mostly custom with a built, "slightly juiced up" 1200 motor.
The Metal Fabrication, bodywork and custom paint was done by me.

How the Hell did I come up with a name like Kenny for my bike you ask?...... Most people who name their rides, go with chick names. I of course had to be different. I think bikes look tough, cool and masculine; not feminine. Plus, my father "Ken" has helped make me who I am today. Therefore with a little twist on the name, my bike was named "Kenny".


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Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th all! As bikers we should all know about Lucky 13.

It's Friday, so lets talk FAT TUESDAY!

Or at least, Lets take a looksee at a funny Fat Tuesday Photo!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

I know, I may burn for this one.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
"Joker" said...

Nice one. He shoulda been with me in Yuma!

Tony said...

Yea man, watch out for those lightning bolts! :) Funny stuff though..he looks very authentic.;)
Thanks for the note on facebook, I must have been away...actually working or something terrible like that LOL.

Baron's Life said...

Is he from BC?

Lady R (Di) said...

OMG! LOL!I'm ducking while I'm laughing! :)

Anonymous said...

That's great!

FLHX_Dave said...

"You have chosen....unwisely" LOL!

Hey, if anyone is allowed to judge, then it would be that guy.

We will take over your blog when you are gone brother!

Willy D said...

OK. I’ve got my shirt up around my neck. How they look?

B.B. said...


Webster World said...

No burn. It's good. (veri word) :sentskin:

Unknown said...

I just knew the "lovely's" were divine.

One Harley Rider said...

No comment. I dont want to be struck. HA HA

fasthair said...

Mr. M: Ummm no comment from me other then hahahaha...

And Rick that is really funny coming from you :)


Dean "D-Day" said...

Ooooo...that is so wrong.

Express elevator to hell...going down!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

National Transport LLC,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Isn't that what Charlie Brown used to say? LOL!

Shoulda been with you in Yuma.. I saw the nipply picture today.

Get back to work. In the mean time, I should too, but I'm too busy watching for lightning bolts.

I think he came from above, not Brittish Columbia, or Before Christ.

Lady R,
Everybody get down!

Fiddle Mike,
Thanks, Glad you enjoyed.

FLHX Dave,
I know,
He looks real, but isn't it a chick? Look at the purse, and possible tits.
And no you can't take over my blog. I'm donating it to science.

Willy D,
Like hairy man boobs.

Glad I could make you laugh!

Webster World,
I agree. No burn. It's good.
See RickNiekLikeBikes comment.

Re:"I just knew the "lovely's" were divine." See above.

One Harley Rider,
No pain, no peep.


And yes, I agree that is really funny coming from Rick.

Dean "D-Day",
Express elevator to hell...going down!... I'm takin you with me!