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Friday, April 3, 2009

How many things can you spot in this picture that are just Plain wrong?

I'll give you some hints.

1) There is a red arrow in the photo. That doesn't belong there.

2) They are wearing sandals and flip flops. They might get wind burn on their toes if they ride too fast.

3) Her purse is not black leather, which is almost a must if you are going to carry one on a motorcycle!

4) Their helmets don't match the bike.

Uh, I could go on and on!

But seriously folks, Can you believe this! What a bunch of Mucking Forons!


Unknown said...

As sick as this photo is....NC Legislature introduced a bill last week that would make it illegal for a motorcycle passenger to be younger than 16 years of age.

The last time this happened, it was a baby mama who was PISSED that her baby daddy had the nerve to bring home the child on the motorcycle. The motorcycle was the ONLY form of transportation this guy had (I bet all of his money went to her in the form of "child support").

Baby mama goes to the same church her legislator did and so the legislator introduced legislation.

I'm not sure what brought it on this time but the "shame on YOU" letters have been flying about.

Just last week a transportation expert was traveling on his MOPED with his 6 year old boy on the back seat. As they went thru a pretty congested and visually obstructed intersection a car hit them. The dad was OK but the child is in critical care at a far away hospital.

I don't see anything wrong with riding your kids around. There's two sets of pegs on a bike, if the kid can reach the pegs, they ride. They ride like anybody else does: starting out small and graduating to full road dawg. They also know they will not be allowed to ride if they're wearing tank tops, short pants and sandals.


/rant off (sorry!)

"Joker" said...

I've seen this before someplace. The baby squished in between them is about as wrong as it gets.

Learning to Golf said...

I almost agree with Joker. But, the air bag effect for that baby is better than what is in my car!!!

I hope they only did this as a funny stunt and don't really ride like this.

Unknown said...

I could continue the list...this has got to be one of those "I'd thought I'd seen it all" moments eh?

Baron's Life said...

Take it easy guys... The baby and all and the rest of the stuff...this is in Asia where I lived for a while and saw this everyday...It's normal...We drink water for the tap in our kitchen or from some bottle we purchase...they don't
Different strokes for diff folks...
I'm off to Hillsboro Oregon in the AM for my first ride and back at night...the trip will start at 5:00 am ...stay tuned everyone

Lady R (Di) said...

I feel smothered every time I see this pic!
Joker... You may remember, I posted this as a Pic Of The Week some time last year.
It still gets me as wrong, but like Baron said, this is how a lot of them travel over there. (Asia)

Canajun said...

Ontario has already introduced legislation limiting the age of passengers to 14 based on what has turned out to be false and misleading statistics. Nonetheless our legislators aren't to be deterred. The bill hasn't passed yet, but it isn't dead either.
You need to fight it in NC the same as we have been fighting it here.
Good luck.

Webster World said...

With all that. The cloth they are sitting on is near the wheel. Real bright folks here. NOT!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

So tell us how you really feel! LOL J.K. I'm glad you stopped by to voice your opinions. I personally have never ridden with either of my children on my bike at all, with or without helmets. Just my choice. I guess it's like a tattoo, smoking, or drinking to me. When you are old enough to make that decision to ride, so be it. I couldn't live with myself if I ever crashed with one of my kids on the bike with me. However this is a personal choice. I don't feel it's up the the law makers to decide what is right, or at what age. I do feel come common sense should be used. The kid sandwiched in on this picture is ridiculous!

"The baby squished in between them is about as wrong as it gets." Yep!

Arizona Harley Dude,

Stupid is as stupid does!

In my opinion, just because it is "Normal" in Asia, doesn't make it right, or O.K.

How'd your Hillsboro Oregon trip go? I'll have to check your blog.

Lady R.,
Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing it on your blog! Sorry for the double up!

The lawmakers need to learn when enough is enough!

Webster World,
I saw that the cloth they were sitting on was close to the wheel too! What smart people! NOT!

Kathleen Jennette said...

Its photos like this that circulate and give riders a bad name...not the clubs, not the outlaws, or no helmets... but idiots like in this pic.