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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Broken Trust

To whom it may concern,

Here is my letter about trust.

Yesterday, I rode out for lunch in St. Paul to meet a couple of my friends Blaine and Pamela, which I recently met on the internets machine thingy. We all rode our bikes there. The place, (which I don't want to mention as I don't want any ill effects on their business), is a normal kind of restaurant/bar, but is also known for being biker. It is one of the few places that has a true mix of people who frequent their establishment. They have regular bike nights, Etc., which led me to feel very comfortable in their surroundings.

Right away, when I pulled into the lot, an employee and some other's had commented on my ride. That made me feel like this was a place where biker types are truly welcome.

I've been on many a bike rally/ runs, whatever you want to call them. Felt just as comfortable.
So comfortable, in fact, that I, just like many others, will leave my jacket, helmet, gloves, etc, on my bike, walk away, and think nothing of it. I guess there is just some kind of trust factor that another brother would not touch your shit. Just like they wouldn't touch your bike.

So just like many times before, I strapped my helmet, and slung it over the handlebars, and went in for a bite to eat with Blaine and Pamela. Lunch was terrific. We had some kickin pizza.
We were saying our goodbyes, and going out the the parking lot, when I noticed right away that my helmet was missing. I said, " Hmm, Looks like someone else wanted my helmet more that I did." I couldn't believe it got stolen. Lesson learned. It ain't about trust. It's about fear. Come to think about it, The only reason a lot of thieving type of people wouldn't attempt this at a biker rally is because you never know who owns what, and who is watching their brothers shit. You wouldn't dare take something that doesn't belong to you because of the fear of getting your ass handed to you.

Sad thing is, when I left it there, strapped over my handle bars, all of this crossed my mind. But I didn't really want to take it inside with me. I figured it'd be fine. I could trust that no one would touch my bike or the helmet. (WRONG!)

Anyway, I'll order a new one today. Lesson learned. No matter how clear the water might look, there is scum at the bottom of every pond.

To the stupid M.F. who took it...
Why would you take a helmet? It has someone else's sweat, and is sized to fit. It's not like just anyone can wear anybody's helmet.
By the way, that helmet was/is custom. I will know it is mine if I ever see it. It has some markings on it, and things written on it that made it MINE. If I ever see you with it on, I will smash it over your Fucking noggin.

A very disgruntled Mr. Motorcycle



I understand you, man. Last year my helmet was stolen into the saddlebags of my bike, and i was in a rock n' roll place where everybody knows me! my face begin to turn like a silly man, you know. After this, my helmet always goes with me...

Ride hard.

fasthair said...

Mr. M: I hate friggin' thieves! Like my daddy use to say before he left this shitty world. "The only thing worse then a thief is a lying thief." I learned long ago to never trust any place and anything of value, I either lock up or take it with me. I'm sure many have walked by my bike and laughed at the sight of my monster chain rapped around a pole with my helmet chained up with the bike. But you know what? I still have my shit!

Sorry for to hear of your troubles. As much as I hope you get find a fool dumb enough to wear it I doubt you will. You might check the pawn shops and the like since these thieves are not riders and just need some cash for their meth habit.


Dean "D-Day" said...

All I can say is that's pretty sad. It just lowers my opinion of the human race when stuff like this happens. No respect.

Allen Madding said...

my luck I would a got a ticket on the way home for riding without a helmet...


"Joker" said...

Like Travolta said in Pulp Fiction when some dickless piece of shit keyed his car, "...it would've been worth him doing it if I'd have caught him doing it..."

I always leave my helmet on my bike, sitting on top of my sissy bar. I figure one day I'll walk out and it'll be gone, but so far, so good. I do always try to park the bike so I can see it, but we all know that's not always possible. I guess I just decided it's worth the risk of it being swiped because taking it with me all the time would be a huge pain in the ass.

As you said, I can't figure why anyone would want somebody else's helmet, but it's a messed up world we live in. All thieves eventually get caught, so I hope one day that dude's sticky fingers earn him six months of taking his meals through a straw.

CRASH said...

Mr. M,

DUDE THAT SUCKS! I have seen this more and more at bike nites and the places that host them. I tend to stay away. On the upside your getting a new helmet and have a great reason to play with the paints!

IHG said...

Gee that sux! Damn! I always strap my helmet onto the seat and never think anything of it. You'd think that people could be trusted especially people that hang at a biker establishment. I mean jesus...I left my helmet sitting on the bike on a bike street during Sturgis and no one touched it. Sad, sad indeed. Well Mr. M. They will get theirs eventually.

Canajun said...

Sad that there are so many f**d up people out there that you have to lock everything up. Seems like some folks will simply take anything, whether it's of value or not, just for the hell of it. I wouldn't be surprised if your helmet is now in a dumpster somewhere.

Anyway, that sucks big time, but lesson learned, I guess.

MeanStreak said...

Man, that sux! What the hell is wrong with people? Karma can be a real bitch, what comes around, goes around, the thief will get his.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your comments on this one. And yes, I've ordered my new lid. Should have it delivered by Friday afternoon, just in time for the Annual Fall Flood Run on Saturday.
And Yes, this winter, when I will have no use for wearing it. Me thinks it will get a touch of Mr. Moto. Paint.

Now that I know I'll have my new helmet soon, and I've had time to cool off, it's time to get typing that S.O.A. review. Should be ready to go sometime tomorrow, later in the morning.

mq01 said...

im sorry about your helmet mr mc. im with fasthair, and maybe its because of where im from/live, but i really have difficulty not locking everything up. its amazing what jackasses will do, and steal...

Webster World said...

That is just sic. My helmet goes on my brake peddle. Can't see it versus the seat,bars,or bitch pad. You would think biker bar safe. Sad. And they will no dought paint it.

Danny said...

That sucks! Well at least you had an excuse to go shopping for some new motorcycle stuff.

Giest said...

Man, that blows! Sorry to hear, Mr. M. I usually keep mine in my lock-able hard bags, but there are still times I leave it on the seat. May have to re-think that now.

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania. Helmet free. I wear a cap, and take it with me.

Still, there is no excuse for stealing, and in some cases apparently, no fear.

I agree, why would someone steal a HELMET? Even the cleanest person sweats up a storm on a really hot day. That's just nasty.