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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Perception; beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder.

My regular readers already know I have basically a one up custom bar hopper, that when given the opportunity, I will ride all day long with others whom have comfy cruisers (Geezer Gliders), Etc.

Although I am extremely satisfied with the look, and performance of my bike, I long for comfort and convenience. I have fairing, windshield, cushy seat, saddle bag envy. (I'm gettin older) almost 39.

I do love the look and performance of my Custom H.D. Sportster, but at the same time have been eyeing an H.D. Street Glide for quite some time.

Even If I sold my bike, I'd have to take out a loan to buy the Street Glide, so that isn't an option right now. I own my bike outright. Besides, I really don't want to sell my bike. I want both.

Back to the post title...
Perception; beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

One of the things we all long for in a bike is beauty. It may not be a physical cosmetic beauty.
For some of us, beauty is simply function over form. For some it's purely form, for most it is a combination of the two.

For some it's a price line. Many folks don't like Harley's like I do, and want a similar look for a more economical price line. Some also think metric cruisers are more reliable than Harleys. Some like other brands of American Iron. Some like custom choppers. Some like crotch rockets, or Hybrids like BMW RT's.

Point is, There are so many different bikes, because there are so many different perceptions in what makes a bike beautiful. I like to think I'm a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to motorcycles. I truly like and appreciate most of them. I'd have a hard time saying no to anyone giving me a motorcycle; (any motorcycle). However, I do have my favorites.

A few days ago, I had stopped at my local H.D. dealer to look at some patches. I narrowed it down to a few. I needed my jacket though to see which would physically fit and which would look best. I thought my son could come with me next trip for a second man's opinion. So, yesterday I brought my 17 Yr. old son with me to the Harley store. I brought my helmet and jacket with me. He obviously knows what my bike looks like. I wanted something that will tie the three together nicely.

I'm a big fan of custom, and yet just as big of a fan of subtlety.
This was a key in the patch selection. To my surprise, "Eye of the beholder", (I should have seen it coming), My son liked none of the patches that I had previously selected. He even went as far as to say that the one that I picked with the skull looked "childish"!

I left the store with nothing.

Let's back up a minute though to the moment when my son and I entered the dealership. Mind you, he does love bikes, and is just starting to learn a little bit about what he likes himself in a bike, and is starting to learn the differences between the different models, etc.

So we walk in, and just in front of us, immediately to my left is a brand new shiny black Street Glide. I point it out to my son, and say to him, "That is my next bike right there. It's an 09 Street Glide"! (Big fucking smile on my face, like I just bought it). He looks at me, forehead wrinkled, with a sincere look of bewilderment, and say's, "Why?", "You'd take those bags off wouldn't you?"
LOL! I go on to explain the whole comfort and convenience factor, and then he asks, if I'd sell my bike or have both. I said I'd have both.

Funny thing is there is a part of my boy young man that is growing up and said that the skull was childish, and as I get a bit older, want to hang onto that symbol of youth, and this also goes for the bike as well. There is a part of my son that wants the same things I do. We just see things so differently. Yesterday was quite an awakening moment.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Danny said...

Maybe I am getting old too. I like your choice in bike too. However I am feeling a pull towards British bikes lately. The cost of the Harleys that I like is just a bit too much for my income.

Learning to Golf said...

Mr. M that street glide looks exactly like an older, grown up, Sportster. Just a touch of your magic and they would be the best looking sisters in town.

But, the real issue is the comfort. Not that 40 is old, but it is the time that ones brain says, "WTF am I doing to myself. I deserve to ride on a comfy steed." I have always perferred to roll in comfort as demonstrated when I purchased a Goldwing at the tender age of 29. If I was payment kind of guy I would be getting a new Electra Glide Ultra Limited. Big comfort, 103 big inches, bigger gas tank, more miles between stops. I need to quit thinking about it.

Take the Misses to look at the patches and the Street Glide her eye might be better than a 17 year old young mans. Then again, I'm surprised he didn't agree with you and encourage you to get all the patches and the bike after finding out you would keep the sporty. He'll be ready to ride any day now.

Dean "D-Day" said...

True, so true. Harley's just fit my look and personality. I think that BMW's are probably the ugliest bike ever made. But I don't fault someone if that's what they want. To each their own.

I was also thinking about getting some apes for my beloved Dixie. Then a friend asked me, "Why? She's such a classy girl the way she is." Beauty does truly lie in the eye of the beholder.

CRASH said...

Mr. M,

I totaly agree. My sporty is not the bike I would have originally chosen. However it is the bike I have. Its mine. I made it mine and there is a kinship of sorts there. While I don't want a new bike in place of my old, I do want another bike. I flip flop between the Street Bob and the Street Glide. Don't know when it will happen, but it will be an addition to my corral, not a replacement.

Anonymous said...

*so very glad no skulls came home*

B.B. said...

Great post! I had to laugh at your son saying the skull patch was childish!

Willy D said...

Put the kid in a tent in the backyard and rent his room out. Then you can afford all the bikes you want. Let me know if you need any more expert advice. LOL

"Joker" said...

I was talking to a guy in my Chapter the other night about the comfort issue. He'd been asking me how I liked riding my Springer back and forth to Sturgis. I said since I have a Mustang seat on it (WELL worth EVERY cent of the 400 bucks they cost) and highway pegs, I was fine. It is true that Softails are not known for comfort because of their limited suspension. I've heard some guys refer to them as "ass-breakers." On a very bumpy road, I'd agree. On relatively smooth highway, I think the Softail is fine - again if you have a GOOD SEAT.

He rides a Street Glide now himself, but used to have both a Deluxe and a Road King. I was really surprised when he said he felt the Glide wasn't any more comfortable than his Deluxe. He claims the Glide sits low as part of its "look," and the trade-off is more limited travel in the suspension, which makes for a bumpier ride. His recipe for comfort is Road King all the way.

I've pretty much decided that will be my next bike. Just figured you'd appreciate the point of view.

Canajun said...

So true. Personally I think the Road King is the nicest looking (and one of the best riding, IMO) models HD has out there, and unlimited funds would find one right beside my Dyna in the garage.

But when it comes to the form/function/price equation, I think the Dyna is a tough act to beat, and so would probably hang onto it as well.

Then again, 10 years ago I thought the Norton Commando was the most beautiful thing on two wheels.

All of which is to say I agree with you. Not only do different folks see beauty differently, but so do we as we age and circumstances change. Makes the world go round.

Doug Klassen said...

The obvious solution is to sell everything you can get away with except your bike, buy the StreetGlide. Living room furniture, for example, is way over rated. So buy the 'Glide and hand down your old bike to your son thereby keeping it in the family and available for your use or to blackmail your son as needed.

Willy D's idea would be my second choice for sure.

MeanStreak said...

Very true Mr. M! If everyone's perception was the same it would indeed be a boring world. I stopped by our local HD/metric shop yesterday and drooled over the Street Glide myself, not to mention the CVO Fatbob, works of art. I also caught myself eyeing the new Vulcan Voyager as well, lol! The funny part was my son(20)is into sportbikes, they had a good selection of ZX's and GSXR's but he kept going back and drooling over the HD XR1200, now he's completely obsessed with it, lol! So many beautiful bikes today!

Baron's Life said...

I like your choicee of the street glide and have tried it as you may know from some previous post I made...but like Danny I'm pulling towards the Triumph...
Our kids keep us n check...my son said: " that's gay Dad" exxpressions we didn't have back then...but apparently it means that's cool...
Your son is used to your chopper and that's why he said...you'd take the bags off wouldn't you? to him your chopper is the motorcycle cause he grew up around...so better ang on to it ...Dad, get a second one, but don't sell this one.

mq01 said...

great post and comments. very cool to take your son to figure out bikes and patches. and really funny to find out that hes growing up and developing his own style. i agree, take the wife now (if she shares your mc interests), she knows your taste.

me personally, i wish i never sold my sporty and i'd have a bike for different occasions. but i cant afford that. i will never sell my softail, we've been through too much, but eventually i will have another bike in the stable...

Big Daddy said...

From a guy who already has a large stable...from a Triumph hardtail to a Dyna.
I think if possible keep both.
Annabelle my sporty gets on down the road in comfort and is damn quick...just ask Willy D and FlH.
There are days when only this bike will satisfy...
As you know I recently had the good fortune to be able to pick out any bike I wanted...
I started with the CVO softail springer...Fast,,nice,,rides smooth
But no room to really make it my own,,,and limited suspension travel..
Road glide, next......But after riding and talking to owners of such...I Kept hearing from many that surprisingly enough the Dyna was a smoother ride.. WTF it's the next step up from a sporty..how can that be?
Rode several examples of both...and damn!! to my eye/ass...it was.
So I looked at many Dynas finally deciding on a very low mileage 99 with a carb.
[Previous outings with computer controlled bikes showed me I wanted no part of them]
I have now put many a mile on the Dyna..and love it.
Addition of exhaust and gear drive cams..etc has made it a fairly quick dependable ride....
But Annabelle still riegns queen of the shop...

Webster World said...

Growing up ! Hummmm. Never did I think I'd own a dresser. Been riding 40 plus years and always figured it would be a chopper (bobber in todays words.) Bought a Springer soft tail in 98. A month or so back my BODY said I'd be buying a dresser. I bought a 07 Street Gluide for damn good money. Near steal. It rides so good. And this 58 year old frame could not have picked a better ride. Mrs. WW knows I'm going to pick up on something to bob this winter. I'd still like a hooper. So if you can keep #1 good. If not I know you'll love the Street Gluide