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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old small town bar T-shirt

When I was a kid growing up, I lived in a rather small rural town. There were more bars there at one time than you could possibly think is necessary.

Anyway, there was a bar there that no longer exists. Too bad, Cause I'd go and get one of their T-shirts today if I could.

The bar was called ..... The B & D Bar.
Now I'm not sure what B & D actually meant. I'm guessing it was the initials for the owner's.
But we kids all knew it to mean Bikers & Drunks.

Remember being a kid, singing along with the tunes on the radio, and not having the faintest idea what the lyrics really meant half the time, untill you got a litle older?

Well, the B & D Bar had a T-shirt kinda like that. It had a picture of a Booze bottle on the front, and a picture of a poker table and cards on the back. The shirt read.... Liquor in the front, and Poker in the rear at the B & D Bar. What a classic! Wish I owned one! I was too young to get one when the bar was still around. My parents would have killed me.
I know it has no class but I still want it!
I also know I can go on the internet and have one made, or buy someone elses version of this shirt, but to me, it wouldn't be the same. I guess tying it to an old biker bar that I grew up by has some kind of sentimental value to it, if you can put sentiment on crass stuff like this anyway.


Dean "D-Day" said...

That is a classic!
When I was growing up, my dad was friends with a guy who owned the bar "Pucci's Place". (pronounced poo' chee) My dad had a t-shirt with a drunk cat lying in a martini glass which read, "A Little Pucci Never Hurt Anybody". I put it on one day and thought my mother was going to burst an artery!

Ann said...

Great shirt! I know my husband has some pretty raunchy-themed shirts and that would fit right into his collection. :)

Lady R (Di) said...

LOL! Maybe you can find an original on ebay!

Panama City Beach had a crab shack called, "Dirty Dick's" and you can by a t-shirt that sports the saying, "I got my crabs at Dirty Dick's!" Funny stuff!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

That reminds me of a picture I just saw recently that had a cat on a motorcycle. It said biker pussy.

I can only imagine what some of them say. Sounds like a post to me!

Lady R.,
I looked. Couldn't find one.
Dirty Dicks reminds me of a shirt I once saw that said, "Biker Dick likes to drink. Biker Dick likes to party., All the chicks love Biker Dick!"

"Joker" said...

If I ever open up a gin mill, now I know what to call it and what kind of tee shirts to have made.

Mr. Motorcycle said...


If you ever open your own gin mill, I hope you have other beverages to serve too. I hate Gin.

My wife's grandma used to have speakeasy bathtub gin partys back in the prohibition era.

Interesting facts: Did you know....

Bathtub Gin was made, literally in bathtubs during the restrictive period of prohibition. The gin was produced in homes & sold on the black on the market.
They started the process with denatured alcohol, then removed the poisons from the liquid to recover ethyl alcohol & it was flavored it with juniper berries.
They diluted the gin and bottled it. It wasn't the best tasting drink, but if you wanted a drink, you had little choice.

There were about seventy-five different varieties and formulas. You had to start with denatured alcohol or it could not be safely ingested. If this wasn't purified completely and properly, the concoction could result in severe illness, or even death. Despite the risks, people still drank it, just like the risks tied into drug use today. This is where the phrase "to die for" is originated from.