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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Son's of Anarchy Episode 12 review

There was once again a bit of drama between Jax, Wendy, Tara, and Gemma. More so than last week. The tension & confusion of this love affair soap opera is building. But in my opinion, it is surely taking a back seat to the rest of the episode. However, in future episodes it will most certainly be interesting to follow the twist and turns of this tale.

Wholly SH*T None of us saw this one coming!

I thought that Tig would tell Clay that Opie saved his ass in the shoot out and defend him saying that he couldn't have been a rat, or he wouldn't have saved him . For a second there I actually gained a little respect for Tig's character. Now once again I think he is a big friggin asshole. Although my opinions on Him are really only affected this way because of his club loyalty, and his willingness to shoot Opie. I just wish he would have had more trust, and open mindedness, and loyalty toward Opie, a fellow club member. Shoot first, ask questions later doesn't really work when the one you want to ask questions to is dead.

I must admit, I was wrong, wrong, wrong about thinking that Jax was going to hit Tig for trying to shoot Opie. Although I was not the only one wrong with my false predictions. Guess we'll have to wait and see how this one pans out. I know there is a butt load of tension between those two.

Speaking of being wrong, wrong, wrong... How wrong was Clay! Boy did he make a stupid F'n mistake with the Black gang; and oh how he F'd up with his distrust in Opie's loyalty to the club.

The writers sure had one up on us all.

I wish it wasn't so.

I really liked Donna Winston.
I really liked the direction Opie, Donna, and their family was going.
With Donna's acceptance of the club there was a mutual respect for each other.

ATF Agent June Stahl is surely going to pay for this one.
I don't know how yet, but I'm sure she'll pay somehow.
As Clay said, "This blood is on you".

I'm really pumped up for next weeks season finale!
However, this episode landed on such a good note, it could have pulled of being the season finale itself.

P.S. Where the F was Half-Sack?


Unknown said...

I was blow away by the episode. I kept saying, "No, NO! Don't trade vehicles. Donna NO!" Cried my eyes out over Clay and Tig's HUGE mistake.

Nice to see Hale tarnish his badge.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I knew Hale would do the right thing. He may not like the SOA but he's too straight not to say anything.

Speaking of Hale... loved it when he punched out the ATF agent. Only wish it had been Stahl. I've always been against hitting women but I think I could have made an exception in her case.

Can't wait for Jax and Opie to find out the truth about Donna's shooting.

I found it pretty funny when Tig fell backwards into the pile of dolls. He started to freak a little because "dolls creep him out". How strange is that? A man who has no problem having sex with a dead body gets creeped out by dolls?!

B.B. said...

Dean I was thinking the same thing about the dolls.
Mr. M- I also had a moment where I had a little bit of respect for Tig... didn't last too long did it?
I started getting a bad feeling about Donna as soon as I saw how happy she was and how good things seemed to be going. I know it's just a show, but this episode broke my heart. Not just Donna, but the whole thing with Tara too. Oh what am I going to do after next week?

FLHX_Dave said...

All I know is I got waaaaay too pissed off over a tv show. Not a good thing. I don't know. I almost threw my boot into the tv.

Maybe I shouldn't be watching this.

Lady R (Di) said...

Oohhhh Nooooo! I hate this! I want to throw Tig into a Big Barbie Dream House and surround his ass with the freakiest dolls I can find! Not Donna! Your right Mr. M... we did not see that one coming. It made me sick as soon as Opie and Donna changed vehicles, I figured something bad was going to happen. When Opie finds out, Tig is history!

Clay is screwing up big time, and I think it's going to come back and bite him. At this point, I don't know if I would be sorry to see it.

I loved it when Hale decked the ATF dude too. I almost cheered, but I was too sad about Donna.

I thought last night's episode was the last, but I guess we will see what Jax does about the club next week. The preview showed him showing Gemma his dad's journals, so I wonder what will come of that. I hope he stand up and takes charge to save the club and the good ones will follow.

Mr. M. brought up a good question. Where was Half Sack? Can't wait till next week. I'll be in Montana at my parents house for Thanksgiving. They don't know it yet, but I'll be highjacking the TV. LOL!

One Harley Rider said...

I started reading your blog and had to quit ..... I taped it and will watch this evening so I can catch up with everyone here. As usual I am a day late and 100 dollars short.

Webster World said...

Donna oh no! I wondered when all of a sudden she was good with the club. I was still caught of guard. Hale did good. He is honorable. Someone we all want on our side. Dark or not. Tig I don't think he'll get off'ed. I'll bet he goes down next year. Does time. Stahl I think could get off'd. Ya see Jax wife was Christafor's girl friend in the Sapprano's. Clay screwed up big time. Odd too was the Doc at the party.

Anonymous said...

I am so wired about this episode I don't even know what to say! Where do I start? Like many of you I knew how it was going to go down as soon as Opie & Donna switched cars. It is horribly sad because Donna is such a good/genuine person, but even worse now because this week was the first time I think I have ever seen her smile!

Hale was awesome the entire show through. Clay is F-ing up more & more. The previews show Jax taking it out on Tig. I wonder what side Gemma will fall on all of this? I can see the club ousting Clay & Tig and Jax taking his rightful place as Pres....but then we'd have a happy ending and there wouldn't be much show left to watch! LOL

I'm proud of Wendy for seeing through Gemma's game. She's holding it together pretty well for only a couple weeks sober. Tara is just trying to claim her man. Jax has got some decisions to make there. I think he truly loves both of them.

Feel like I am holding my breath until next week. Don't know what I'm going to do for an entire off-season!

Hawkeye said...

Wow! I think I'm done making predictions about upcoming episodes! They really got us!

The Jax, Tara, Wendy, Gemma thing is getting to be a real story. Gemma as the douting grandmother -she doesn't wear it well. :-)

The way Jax gave Clay the "stank eye" when he was walking away from the shooting scene I think speaks volumes!

Yep - we haven't seen half sack for two weeks? I was wondering where he was as well.

The previews for next weeks season finale looked to provide us with a great closer so we will pine away during the off season!

Let's hope for reruns! And there's always the internet!

Webster World said...

I missed something. The probie?

-Connie said...

I cried my eyes out as well!! I did NOT see that coming. I hoped and hoped for Tig to have a change of heart like he did the first time. And I too have been wondering where Half-Sack has been. He was missing last week too. I assume he went to Canada with Cherry maybe? I'm glad Hale did the right thing too. Hopefully he won't be so obnoxious next season.
And I think next week Jax and/or Gemma will put the Clay-Tig-Opie-Donna pieces together and shi~at will hit the fan!!!

monkey said...

what an episode, watched it last night and Mr M you are right this could have been the finale. Things are sure going to get messy in the club,there is no way that will stay a secret and when Opie and Jax find out im surethere will be a mutiny. They will have the backing of oild timer opies dad this could become interesting and if jax gets his mum on side maybe this could be the end of clay.
Im a little pissed about jax getting it on with the wendy and playing right into gemmas hands. He would be better ff wth Tara by far but im sure that story will heat up into some sort of bitch fight.

Hawkeye said...

OK - I can't resist - our SOA work group came up with a theory! - Where is Half-Sack? - He's an ATF snitch or plant!

How's that grab ya!?

monkey said...

nah dont be daft, hes meeting up with his bird. since she got moved the other episode he goes and sees her in mexico.
the prospect is no rat, if anything he will be a major figure in the future of the sons of anarchy

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with Fat-Bobs Blog?

Unknown said...

Has anyone had any trouble accessing Fat Bobs blog?

TRT said...

Great episode, made me sick at my stomach when Donna got shot. Stahl, Tig, and Clay will all end up paying for this. I have a feeling Clay will end up being behind Jax's Dad's death too. I don't see things ending well for him, but have a feeling Gemma will end up doing him in. Just my opinion as of now. Can't wait for next weeks finale.