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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter is definately here

Yesterday, I rode. It was awakening to say the least. I think the high was 32 degrees F.

I didn't ride far, as I was not really dressed for a long ride in these temps. However, I did need to scratch that itch as they say, so I took the bike out anyway. I settled for about a ten-fifteen mile ride. I came back frozen. But when I turned off the engine and parked my Harley in the garage, not only was I frozen, but so was the smile on my face. I thought it was totally worth it. About two minutes after I pulled the bike in, and got a bit warm again I felt like going out for some more. But my other responsibilities had to take priority which was reason #2 for parking the Harley for the day.

As the nights grow longer, so do the down times between rides, and as the days grow shorter so do the lengths of my rides.

Soon there will be snow and ice to stay, and the bike will have to embark on it's winter slumber.

I talked to the bike shop today. They wanted to know when I was bringing my bike in. (I'm having a new rear tire put on). I said (once again like the last time they asked) "I don't see no snow and ice on the road yet do you?" They said I'm crazy. I said so be it. I'm riding till I can't.


Dean "D-Day" said...

You're depressing me. :(
Looks like my last day will be tomorrow. It's supposed to get up to 40 tomorrow but after that, I don't see a day above 32 in any forecast. Sorry, but that gets too cold for me and the chance for iced roads gets too great.

Lady R (Di) said...

It started out at 32 degrees Sunday when we left to come home from Tennessee, but it warmed up to about 57 by the time we got to Montgomery. I had about four layers on! Brrrrr. I hope to post about it soon.

Skybob said...

Winter sucks! If my bike wasn't in peices I would be riding today...65 degrees today for a high!!
I've been to the dunes a few times in sub freezing temps..I don't think I'll be doing it this year...I'm just going to put it away till spring and try to be ok about it!;)

Anonymous said...

I have checked with professionals. You are officially nuts.

--The Wife

PS - take the bike in for goodness sakes before it snows 2 feet & we (make that you) have to try and dig the trailer out of the shed.

Dean "D-Day" said...

The boss has spoken!

FLHX_Dave said...

Yeah, winter is definately coming here also. Saturday and Sunday it was in the high 80's. I took a bunch of picts I'll post here in a day or so.

Today is suppose to get up to the 90's. Man, I wish it would cool down here. lol...sorry. I feel for yah.

Fly south!

Lucky said...

I'm shocked you don't have a winter beater bike. After every snow storm you could head to an empty parking lot to practice your ice-racing slides.

Keep warm!

B.B. said...

Well I'm glad you got out for a bit even if it was cold. I don't know if I could ride in that cold, ok cancel that, I know I couldn't ride in that cold.

fasthair said...

Mr. M,

Ride bro ride! We don't have many left :( It was 22f when I took off for work this morning. All the gear sure makes a big difference.

I would one up the boss and get the trailer out of its spot now so when the times comes she's not laughing at you digging in the snow :)

Kathleen Jennette said...

Winter hit hard yesterday here...it cooled a good 10 degrees. Its now about 80. Nice:)
I do love snow...just not sure what it looks likes anymore:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its officially snowing here today. And I am not about to go riding in it!

Willy D said...

Winter is hard work. Raking leaves, mowing the lawn. Don't know if I'll have time to ride:}

Anonymous said...

Mr. M - All I can say is thank goodness I moved South to the land of SUN SUN SUN and no more snow!!

My bike and I feel for you.. But I agree with the others - better get to what the BOSS says or else!!

Safe Rides!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

For those of you in the warmer climates, enjoy it while it lasts. Soon, about the time it's getting really nice here for riding, you'll be cursing the dreaded heat where you are. You'll be posting about -What are those funny things we don't use here- (cooling vests) and such.

In the meantime, for now anyway, I am jealous! Dave, Fly south? And ride what. Oh yeah, that would be a good excuse to "ship my motorcycle"! LOL!

The "BOSS" and I discussed the trailer thing last night. I have a float in my third stall. (disassembled), but none-the less does not leave enough room for the trailer. I refuse to park my car outside. (It's too cold, and I hate scraping off frost in the morning). I came up with a solution. The bike shop has a trailer I can use. Problem solved.

I love all you guys, and thanks for dropping by to feel my pain, or to harass me!

Kathleen Jennette said...

Hmmmm... you are so right! I should have reverse thunked it all. I have been at the receiving end of those cooling vests and really hate riding in the heat. All kidding aside, I do love the 4 seasons just in general. You can escape for a ride in the west then go back and cuddle up to a good Jacky D by the fire. Nice.

Webster World said...

I sooo what to move to warm. Lived near Atlnta, St. Pete and Houston once. It was 28 out this am. My wife loves her job and the bennys no one has matched. So here I am. When I get this work thing and retirement worked out I'm traveling a bit in the winter. Kin folk in Orlando area, Atlanta,& north of New Orleans.

Ann said...

Yeah, it's getting cooler here, too, Mr. M. It's going to be in the 70's next week. :)

Dean "D-Day" said...


Just wait...
Next summer when it's 80 degrees here and it's 500 degrees where you folks live. It'll be payback time!


(Sorry, that's the cold effecting my brain.)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I'm right there with you Dean! I'm paying attention. I'll remember who's har"ASS"ing whom. Payback will be a BITCH! mwua haa haa haa!!!!!

I can't wait to post about 75 degree balmy perfect riding weather with lush green hillsides and twisties to ride through!

Sorry, folks, I've got brain freeze. not functioning properly.

B.B. said...

I guess I'm just super fortunate....when you guys are in your "peak" season we will be in our "peak" season. See where I live the summers are just as mild as the winters. So I'm really sorry but there will be no payback over here. ;)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

You suck!

B.B. said...

Sorry, couldn't help it! :)