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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Got beer? Harley fan? Have I got the Fridge. for you!

A while back, on June 5th, 2008, Questioned
Borrowed from Rick Slark's Keep the rubber side down. http://keeptherubbersidedown.net/2008/06/04/questioned/ was posted on my site.

One of the questions was:

Do people think you are obsessed with motorcycles?

And I answered:

Yep, and damn proud of it. It is part of who I am.

Well, Here's a little proof of that.

I free hand layed out with fine line tape, masked off and custom painted my Garage/Shop beer Fridge.


Yep, Damn proud to be a biker, and a bit obsessed.


Dean "D-Day" said...

Oh, I don't know about obsessed. Seems perfectly normal to me.

Ann said...

That's very cool!

"Joker" said...

I like it, but my wife would come after me with a weed-whacker if I did that to our extra fridge! She puts up with my obsession to a point, but won't allow it to intrude into the "common" areas!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Dean, have you looked at your profile photo?
What is normal to you is not so normal to most. Love ya Bro!

Thanks for the compliment.

My wife came home from work one day, and there is was in it's orange and black blaze of glory!
She wasn't too happy about it either, but my garage is meticulous most of the times, and it is clearly a man's domain what with all the tools, and painting equipment, etc. So the Fridge fits in well sitting along side the Harley. Besides it's a black Fridge. It was just screaming at me to put some Harley orange on it.

(another one of those voices in my head that can usually only be silenced by loud pipes, or in this case some paint fumes.)

Unknown said...

Nice job, That looks great! I guess you are certifiable!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thanks Rick!

I think since I'm officially certifiable, I'll airbrush Dean D-Day's profile photo on a fridge next. I'm all outa room on my fridge, so shall we paint it on yours? Or, if you prefer, maybe on the top of your gas tank.

Dean "D-Day" said...

And what's wrong with my profile photo? Seems perfectly normal to me.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Dude, you crack me up!
Nothing wrong with it except, it's just WRONG! Guess that's why I LOVE it, and keep picking on it.

FLHX_Dave said...

Awesome brother. Now you need to rig a switch in there that will make the sound of a Harley at idle when the door is open. I thought I had time on my hands. None of us are normal...that would suck.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

FLHX Dave,

I'm all for rigging a switch in there that will make the sound of a Harley at idle when the door is open.....
But if I did, "MY" wife would come after "ME" with a weed-whacker if I did that to our extra fridge! Simply 'Cause she would find it extremely irratating when she went into the fridge for a beverage for herself.

Ann said...

You guys crack me up! I'm doing a post about all the Harley and motorcycle stuff in our house...yes in the 'general areas' too. I guess I'm as crazy as the rest of you! What does that tell you? :)

Lady R (Di) said...

I'm with Dean, a Harley fridge seems perfectly normal to me too. I think everyone should have one! Thanks for the idea!

Great job too, by the way! Maybe you could start a new market!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I have a little Harley stuff in the common areas of my house, but it is confined mainly to my office which is a loft, so still common.

Lady R,
What would postage and handling be for a refridgerator? I'd be happy to paint yours for a fee and postage and handling.
This would be a mighty expensive refridgerator paint job!

Anonymous said...

Diana would come after me with the weed whacker if I decorated the fridge with Harley stuff only because the kitchen is considered the Muscle Car room.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Road Captain,

If I decorated my "kitchen" fridge like this, the weed wacker would be the last of my worries. I'd be stuffed into the freezer after she chopped me up into little tiny pieces!

This is after all in my garage!

At least you got muscle cars in your kitchen.

Veronnica said...

That's great! I love the fridge!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hi, and welcome to my blog. Nice to hear a fresh voice!
Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment, and thanks a lot for the compliment on the fridge.

I'll stop by and check out your blog.

Mr. M.