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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What not to wear

Posting this may be controversial, but I gotta speak my mind about my opinions and views.

I hope I don't offend anyone. And if I do offend you, I'm sorry. We all have choices. What you choose, and how you choose to do it is your own deal. I've made my choice. I choose Harley Davidson. Ever since I actually started riding motorcycles, I always wanted a Harley. I know that not everyone does, so bear with me here. But for me anyway, Harley Davidson has always had the look for what bikers ride and look like. I'm not saying that other bikers who don't ride Harley's are not bikers. I'ts like Art. Everyone sees a painting differently, and interprets it differently. I'm just talking about my personal view. Example...When I saw a crotch rocket for the first time as a kid, it was in a race. These to me were racing bikes. To me they didn't fit the image in my minds eye as what I thought bikers looked like. They looked like motorcycle "racers". The term "biker" can mean whatever "you" want it to mean. Again, just what "I" thought.

So when I started riding motorcycles, I obviously couldn't afford a a Harley at 19 years old. I bought a Honda Rebel 250 to learn on. It was cheap, and I thought it kind of resembled the Harleys I loved and admired, and hoped to someday own. I remember when a friend called me and said I saw you riding a Harley the other day, is it yours? I had to tell him it was just a Rebel 250. He was fooled from a distance.

I moved onto other look alikes and always tried to make them look as much like a Harley and sound like one as possible for hopes that at 20 to30 yards away, going down the road, someone would think it was one. This seems to be a pretty big trend in the metric cruiser industry, to make there bikes look and sound as much like Harley Davidson as possible. There are exceptions I know. Riding a "looks like a Harley from a distance" bike worked all fine and dandy for me untill I'd pull up to a stop light, and have a Harley pull up next to me. Then I was brutally reminded how much this was not one, and longed for a Harley even more. I know from speaking to just about everyone I know who owns a Harley, that They have all gone through this phase in the beginning as well.

Remembering the days of when I wanted a Harley, and couldn't afford one is good. It is humbling. It makes me proud to be on the Harley when I ride. It took me a lot to get here.

Back to the days of wanting and not owning. I did own a Harley T-shirt or ten. And yes, being really young, I got asked do you own a Harley? Hell people still ask that today. I had to say "No, but I love them, and want one so bad I can taste it." However, I always made sure not to wear the Harley T-shirt while riding my Honda, because I thought it wa s a FASHION DON'T., and I still feel that way today.
This brings me to my post title: What not to wear..... while riding a motorcycle.
I took a picture of a young biker fellow who has not learned that message.

While riding on a ...Honda Motorcycle....Do not wear...
West Coast Choppers T-shirt with Harley Davidson Boots.
I'ts one thing to wear a black non discreet Harley jacket while riding on a Honda, because you like the jacket, and it's anther thing to wear an obvious product statement such as this West Coast Choppers T-shirt on a competitors brand of bike. Just looks silly to me, don't it?


Dean "D-Day" said...

So, is it OK to wear a WCC t-shirt when riding a Harley then? (I have the feeling you're saying "yes".) If so, why? I don't always wear a Harley shirt when riding. I have shirts from other places like Gangster Choppers, Sucker Punch Sally's, S&S, etc... Should I feel embarassed about wearing them or is there a double standard going on here? Don't get me wrong. If I see a person wearing a Harley jacket and riding a Honda, it looks goofy to me too. I don't know why.

I try not to judge people based on the brand of bike anymore. I used to but there's gotten to be so many RUB's on the road riding Harley's that don't deserve the term "biker". And conversely, I've also met people riding other brands who live, breathe and sweat motorcycles who richly deserve the title. Harley's my choice because that's what I like. I like the look, I like the feeling and Harley people are generally the ones who I identify with the most. So I'm definitely not a "Harley-snob".

If you feel it in your soul, get out there and ride no matter what it's on.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Dean D-day,

I knew I'd get heat for posting this one.

Please read and remember the quote that is at the top of my blog....

"By the way, I don't care what kind of a bike you ride, just ride!
Me, I truly love Harleys, especially custom ones. Since I own a custom Harley, and since this is my page, I may tend to lean towards custom Harleys. However, I know that they are not for everyone. To each their own. I ride quite often with other bikers who don't own Harleys. What you ride is your own choice. That's the great thing about this country; Freedom to choose. It doesn't matter what you ride, or don't ride. I respect all bikes, and all bikers.

Everyone, regardless of what you ride, even if you don't ride at all, is welcome here!"

Again, let me preface this, Just my opinions, right or wrong.

No - to WCC, Gangster Choppers & Sucker Punch Sally's t-shirts while riding on a Harley. Wear one if you wish, just not on your Harley. If you own one, and ride one, "THEN" wear it while riding. S&S... I wouldn't, wear that while riding either, unless I had and S&S. To me this brand name contradiction is no different than looking at a guy wearing a Chevy Rules t-shirt getting out of a Ford Pick up. Just looks wierd, that's all.
To me, it also makes that person look like a wanna be. Weather they are, or not, still looks that way to me.

Hey, if you wan't to wear pink stockings while riding your Harley, go right ahead. Just don't think some people might not look at you a bit differently, that's all.

Wear what you want. It's a free country. I'm just stating what I think looks funny to me.

As far as being a Harley Snob.

I truly don't care what you wear or ride. It's your choice. I'm just stating what I think looks wierd.
But I do love Harley. I'm proud of it, and not ashamed to state that I think it's the best Damn bike out there. If you don't think so, than I think your nuts. I'm sure those who disagree with me on that view point think I'm nuts. So be it. I'm proud to own one and ride one. If not, I'd have a different bike. I feel no shame in stating this. Just pride. Hope that doesn't make me a Harley snob. If so, So be it.

Mr. Motorcycle said...


To anyone else who reads this post, It was not my intention for the post to be a slam on other people or their bikes. It was more to show my pride in getting the Harley that I've wanted and longed for so much, and the feelings I've had myself getting to the point of owning a custom bike that I've long dreamed of having. Plus the things I see through my eyes.

Again having to say, I hope no offense comes of this. For anyone who truly knows me, I speak my mind witholding little to nothing.
This tends to get me in trouble.

Dean "D-Day" said...

OK, here's another scenario...

I have a shirt with the picture of a Shovelhead engine on it that says, "Shovels Rule". Now the Shovelhead was a Harley engine and I ride a Harley. But I don't have a Shovelhead. Does this make me weird?

I wear a lot of the other shirts because I like the designs and sayings on the shirts and I like their product. Also, I refuse most of the time to pay $40 for a t-shirt just because it says "Harley" on it.

(BTW...I'm not offended at all. I just like to stir up the pot once in a while.)

Mr. Motorcycle said...


I did not think I offended you, but I might possibly offend others.

Re:...I have a shirt with the picture of a Shovelhead engine on it that says, "Shovels Rule". Now the Shovelhead was a Harley engine and I ride a Harley. But I don't have a Shovelhead. Does this make me weird?
Dean, You are weird no matter what. We've discussed this before. LOL! And there is gray areas in everything.

Re: I wear a lot of the other shirts because I like the designs and sayings on the shirts and I like their product. Also, I refuse most of the time to pay $40 for a t-shirt just because it says "Harley" on it. ...

I don't disagree, and never said anyone who rides a Harley has to ride one wearing a Harley t-shirt either. I just think wearing a different brand than what you are riding is wierd. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Re: (BTW...I just like to stir up the pot once in a while.)

Me too. Think I did O.K. here on this one.

B.B. said...

It's so nice to hear (or read) two men be able to have a discussion on their points of view in such a polite manner. :)
Mr M.- I appreciate your concern over offending people, but it's your blog and you should write whatever you feel...if people don't like it, that's their problem. This is in no way a slam to you Dean, it's good to stir the pot, life would be boring if we all agreed with each other all the time.
I do have to agree though, I think that guy looks silly. It did make me think of something else though. I don't ride my own (yet), but I wear a Harley jacket. I like it, it was on sale and it's me. Now, Dave rides a Harley, but if I ride with someone who owns another brand, can I still wear my Harley jacket??? :)

B.B. said...

Disclaimer....not that I'm planning on going off with somebody else!!!!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Oh, I agree. I think the guy in the picture looks silly too. I just don't know why I consider that different from me wearing the stuff that I do.

Mr M - Thanks for reminding me that, yes, I do have a certain weird factor. I talk to oddballs like you folks too much and I start thinking our behavior is "normal" or something.

BB - According to Mr. M's philosophy, you may not wear your Harley jacket. According to my philosophy, you can wear it as long as you don't mind looking a little odd. Or you can follow the philosophy of a lot bikers and not give a F---!

Ann said...

Here's my opinion: the guy in the pic looks like a moron. We see that out here a lot. We used to ride a Honda, then a Triumph, now a Harley. We still have two Triumphs, though. I believe that people are gonna wear what they want...and that makes it very interesting for us observers. :)

"Joker" said...

We have a guy who hangs around with some of our members who rides a Victory. Yet, he has H-D everything from tattoos to clothing. I've never seen him on that bike with a "Victory" tee shirt on. I think it's silly, and personally, I wouldn't do it.

I bought a H-D vest and T-shirt in 1999 when I was in Florida, and wore 'em during the sweet 24 hours I rode my first H-D, a rented 99 Dyna Low. I wanted to look the part while I lived it, if only for a short while. I kept that shirt and vest in the closet until I bought my Sporty last year. I had vowed not to ever wear them again until I was sitting on MY OWN Harley. The day I finally did, it was sweet beyond description.

Maybe that's weird? Maybe it isn't. It's all a matter of perspective. I'll go with Ann on this one. People will do their own thing, and will always be a constant source of entertainment.

Lady R (Di) said...

I'll settle all this bullshit...


You go first! LOL!

Big Daddy said...

I'm Offended
Why am I offended?
Because I laughed and fell off the back of the chair.Thereby Off-ending me.
That Sucks cos I'm old and Rickety.
As for wearing harley shit while riding a metric....
It's just wrong,but hey to each his own.
When I didn't have a harley my friends and relatives would give me harley stuff....I'd thank them and put it in a closet.
They would buy it because they knew I loved motorcycles.
And truthfully most stuff is Harley based.
It was actually diffucult to buy a bike related item that wasn't Harley.
I look at it this way.
It's a compliment to our lifestyle.

Big Daddy said...

Btw.....I wanna ride naked with glider:]
You...Not so much. LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you all agree, but the only one that always makes me think MORRON is the OCC shirts. I'm always miffed when I see a dude who looks like a true rider wearing one of these.

Anonymous said...

Any cross-brand wardrobe just plain looks silly. But hey, I am a Harley person tried & true but I refuse to wear a black leather vest and cover myself with patches and pins! Wear what you want, ride what you want, make yourself happy, and f*%# everybody else! (How's that for offensive, Mr M?)

Mr. Motorcycle said...


Dean says I say you can't wear the Harley jacket on another bike. Not true. Go ahead. If it is an obvious Harley statement though, be prepared to have others look at you. I believe the same as Dean... " According to my philosophy, you can wear it as long as you don't mind looking a little odd."


Thank you. I think he looks like a morron too. And yes. folks like this make it interesting for people watching.


The Victory guy... I just don't get it. Why not hang out with a Victory owner club, or buy the Harley if he is so into Harley.

And I know what you mean about that first ride with you own Harley. SWEEEEEEEET!

Lady R.,

Have you seen us? WTF are you thinking? LOL!

Big D.,

"A compliment to our lifestyle"
I'm gonna fry for this one. but I once was one so here goes... Dare I say WANNABE!!!!

Big D., Re: riding naked. See above!

Jay... R.C.,

I agree TOTALLY!

Mrs. R.C.

Obviously we agree, and thanks.
Do you eat with that mouth! LOL!

Dean "D-Day" said...

With 16 comments now on this post alone, I found myself thinking about a couple things:

1. There are getting to be so many posts with so many comments that I'm having a hard time finding enough time in the day to read and comment on all of them.

2. Don't any of you people work for a living?!?!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

He who has 4 of now 18 comments must look in the mirror! LOL!

I often wonder the same. I have a flexible job that I work with wireless computer. I check for updates regularily. I too have a hard time keeping up sometimes.

FLHX_Dave said...

America! F'@k Yeah! Lol, this is what it's all about. Awesome.

I get my two cents right? Do you wear a Hells Angels T-shirt to a Police Officers Funeral? Do you wear a 666 Satan Rules T-shirt into a church? Out of respect you won't. So this post is really about a variation of respect, at least as my pea brain see's it. You don't wear a Navy Seal, Ranger, Airborne or Marine patch if you have not earned it. You are a "poser" if you do can command zero respect.

This is why I only wear solid, no branding, no logo t-shirts. lol.

Your post goes much deeper than what the dude is wearing. Fashion doesn't have much to do with it really, at least from what I was getting. Celebrate genuine individuality and you can't help respect someone who has earned or long suffered for the right to claim association with a brotherhood of sorts.

So, what I got out of this whole post is. "Go ahead and wear what you want, but respect is earned, and not with earnings." I think it digs into the thing most people just don't get or understand. Good post because you said what you had to say. No regrets.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Yeah, I made a huge mistake in the wardrobe department once. I bought a shirt that said, "Support Your Local Big Red Machine". I just liked the motorcycle design on it. I didn't realize at the time that it was referring to the 81. I don't have anything against any M/C but I live in Outlaws territory. Luckily, someone pointed it out to me before one of the M/C's did!

Lady R (Di) said...

mr. m....I must have been drinking! LOL!

Mr. Motorcycle said...


Thanks for you two cents, and insight. I couldn't agree more.

Who would have thunk it. Be careful what color bandana you wear while riding too.

Lady R.,
I don't think you were drunk. I think you are just a wild child exhibitionist!