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*****This is my Bliss*****
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Here is some really good advise. This is a guest post about shipping your motorcycle

Shipping a Harley

Whether you own a classic big-twin or a new Sportster, the last thing you want is your bike to be damaged during a transport, so it’s always a good idea to prepare your cycle before handing it over to a shipping company. The following process is quick, easy, and will minimize the possibility of your bike getting damaged during shipment. Also, if an accident does occur these steps will help you collect compensation.

Begin prepping the hog for shipment by washing it down. As you clean it note any existing scratches, dents, dings or other imperfections and document them with pictures and in writing. Don’t rush, as this evidence of the bike’s condition will be the basis of your argument should you need to file a claim.

Following the wash, remove any customizations and loose items that could possibly be lost while on the haul. A shipping company’s insurance will not cover any missing or damaged accessories, so make sure that you’ve got everything.

The final step is a quick mechanical evaluation. Even though the shipper won’t be joyriding around, they may have to fire up your hog to get it on or off the trailer so it is important that it is in running condition. Check the tire pressure, fluid levels, charge the battery and make sure it has some gas. If you have been experiencing any reoccurring problems or the bike requires any unique procedures be sure to notify the carrier ahead of time.

Another thing to keep in mind: If your Harley is antique, rare or extremely customized you may want to go with a shipping company that specializes in that area. They will be accustomed to going the extra mile to protect your investment.

Written by Ben Leffler of uship.com, an online marketplace for Motorcycle Shipment.


Willy D said...

Sounds like good advise, But did you really say "ship a motorcycle"? Why would you "ever" ship a perfectly good running motorcycle? I sentence you to washing your mouth out with soap and spending this weekend, (no rides for you), to stand on a street corner and apologizing to every motorcycle you see!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Willy D.,

You would want to ship a motorcycle, if you wanted to ride your own motorcycle in a place that is across waters such as Hawaii.

Another instance is for us frozen state folks who might want to do a ride in this middle of winter in a warmer state.

People I know do that all the time.

But I get your point.

Anonymous said...

Willy D,
Maybe I am in a bad mood today, but I am getting really sick and tired of people poo-pooing what others of us do with our bikes. If we lived in a perfect world, we would be able to do everything that we ever wanted. But the reality of the matter is that you simply can't always ride, even if you want to!

Let's say I wanted to go to Sturgis....that's 1700 miles from my house. Traveling over 400 miles each day, it would take 4 days to get there and another 4 days to get back. I get a week's vacation, so that means I would have exactly -1 days to spend at the rally. Yes, I said NEGATIVE one days. Hello!!!! Impossible!!!

Let's say I pushed it and spent 3 grueling days riding almost 600 miles per day to get there (and 3 days to return). OK, now I actually get to spend a single solitary day enjoying the rally, but it won't be very enjoyable because I am toast. Not to mention that I'll have to stay home sick for a day or two when I get back to work just to recuperate from such a grueling experience.

If I were to fly and have my bike shipped, I'd be able to enjoy the entire week at the rally, ride my bike all around the area, and have the time of a lifetime!

So my advice to those of you siding with Willy D, is to learn some logistics, get over yourself, and take your overbearing condescending attitude and shove it!

Mr M,
I apologize for taking up time and space on your blog for such a negative message. I mean no ill will toward any person in particular. We are all entitled to our own thoughts and opinions. Let's just try to be a little more thoughtful and understanding about others.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Mrs. R.C.,

Damn girl, I didn't know you had it in you!

Although Harsh, because I think Willy D. Was kidding. I totally agree with you.

If I ever see another "Nice trailer. Pussy" shirt, I'll puke.

The ride from Minnesota to South Dakota's Sturgis rally is quite, long, flat, straight, dusty, sandy, hot, and just plain nasty.

I'd much rather spend my week at the rally, and riding around in the Black hills at my leisure not worn out from just (getting) there.

Just my opinion.

"Joker" said...

Wow. I thought I was the only one who was fed up with negative remarks lately!

Although, in this case, I sort of figure Willy D was kidding too. Those of us who truly believe that it's the journey and not the destination love to make jokes about that sort of stuff.

Mrs RC, I ain't messing with you by saying I don't think Willy meant to piss anyone off by what he said. You are absolutely right about each of us being deserving of the right to handle our own biking lifestyle as we see fit without the fear of ridicule.

Hey, when I was riding back and forth to Milwaukee, when I'd pass anyone who was trailering, I noticed they didn't even want to look me in the eye. It's like they were embarrassed or something. I admit to having nice trailer pussy thoughts. I'm guilty.

But, in reality, did I know that person's circumstances? No. Does that give me the right to judge them? Absolutely not. There are times when trailering/shipping is necessary. I'd guess Willy D knows that. I'd also guess he'd probably rather undergo novocaine free dental work than see his bike on a trailer.

I had to have my new Springer shipped to me from Denver. If it had been the middle of the summer, I may have flown out there and rode her back. On the other hand, I'm sort of glad those miles went on the truck and not my bike. Now I have 'em to go where I want to go, not just to get home.

I hope I never have to ship my scoot somewhere. But, if I did, these tips would be helpful to have. Good post.

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

There was one shipper that stole a bunch of bikes by using uship. Uship did not help anyone either. They took their broker fee and let this person scam and scam.

Don't use uship unless you read through the "ask Mickey" section of the uship community forum. You will have your eyes opened wide about the scams on uship

FLHX_Dave said...

I figure you get to say what you want to say. Knowing WillyD he would applaud Mrs RC for speaking her mind.

Good advice on shipping.

I compeletely understand the point Mrs. RC makes here. True true. I won't hit rally points unless I have the time to ride to the rally. It took me 9 days to travel 4000 miles to Sturgis and back from here. What I really got off on was the journey there and back. It's what I dream about. The rally itself? I have already forgotten much of it.

We all have to survive our addiction to the two wheeled heroin one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Mr M,
You are forgetting...I AM IRISH...I've definitely got it in me! ;-)

(and I know Willy was teasing...guess I'm just not in a mood for jokes right now)

Ann said...

Great advice, Mr. M. I'm sure WillyD was joking. And I also know those days, like Mrs RC, when you're just not in the mood for a joke.

Willy D said...

mrs rc: You go girl! I'd hate to hear what you would say if I was serious!

For the record, I've owned over a dozen bikes. Shipped one across the Pacific Ocean and back and had many in trailers or truck beds.

I promise not to stay out after curfew. My ass is sore from that last spanking, don't want another one:}

TRT said...

good info., thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I guess I won't have to post Mr. Leffler's nice article he sent me.

Big Daddy said...

I must confess I ONCE had my bike on a trailer.
Ok ...so it wasn't a trailer it was the bed of a pickup...same diff.
After my trusty trumpet chopper grenaded herself all over I-17 .
She's still sitting facing the corner of the shop on punishment for that transgression 5 years and counting....:]
Being a mechanic trailering my bike is a shame.
however...to trailer it to Sturgis or wherever to allow more time to ride at the destination is fine.
The backlash against trailer queens is for the wannabes who go and buy a OCC or other overpriced P.O.S.
and show up to look 'Bad'